Full Moon Sagittarius: Be Lucky

Full Moon, black cat

Full Moon [02 Sagittarius 55] 

London – May 23, 2024 (14:53 GMT +1)

New York – May 23, 2024 (09:53 GMT -4)

Sydney – May 23, 2024 (23:53 GMT + 10)

This week, there’s a powerful Full Moon in Sagittarius, the star sign of the traveller and explorer. If you’re not visiting distant places, use the Full Moon energy to dream, explore and plan ahead.

This week’s Full Moon on May 23rd is part of the moon cycle which began with the New Moon two weeks ago on May 8th. The fortnight between the New and Full Moon favours growth, action, new plans and ideas.

Once the Full Moon culminates in the night sky, there’s time to pause and contemplate how far you’ve come. What is complete in your life, where is praise and acknowledgement due and what have you achieved? 

Then, the waning cycle of the moon begins, a time to release and let go of what’s no longer needed in readiness for the New Moon in Gemini on June 6th.

Gemini/Sagittarius Axis

During this week’s Full Moon, the Sun and Moon oppose each other across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis. Both star signs are youthful and spirited, linked to education, knowledge and travel. 

Therefore, be informed during this Full Moon, expand your learning, seek meaning and purpose in life. Gemini’s curiosity stirs Sagittarius’ vision, the ability to look ahead, see the bigger picture and make future plans.

The light of the Full Moon shines brightly. It’s an ideal time to align head and heart to make an intuitive decision with clarity. This Full Moon is powerful for celebration, as Sagittarius is a star sign that knows how to live life to the full.

Jupiter’s Calling

The ruler of this week’s Full Moon is Jupiter, the biggest planet and Sagittarius is an entrepreneurial star sign. Notice where in life you’re feeling enthusiastic, where you’re willing to take a risk or a leap of faith. Be visionary in your life, optimistic, and believe in luck. 

This is a powerful time to trust where life is leading you. It’s not the time to play small or stay put if you want to spread your wings. Plus, the luck factor is emphasised during this week’s Full Moon as Jupiter is involved with two key planets on the exact same day as the Full Moon, May 23rd.

Firstly, there’s a gorgeous Venus-Jupiter conjunction at 29° Taurus. Venus rules love and money, art and beauty and Jupiter expands what it touches. The Venus-Jupiter connection is seen as the second best conjunction of the year – the first being the Sun-Jupiter conjunction which took place on May 18th.

Make the most of this loving vibe and be open to giving and receiving love and abundance. At its best, this is joyful, lucky and inspires the feel-good factor. Together, Venus and Jupiter represent big (Jupiter) love (Venus).

Secondly, there’s a glorious Jupiter-Neptune sextile aspect, Jupiter at 29° Taurus and Neptune at 29° Pisces. Jupiter is God of the Sky and represents expansion, opportunity and foreign connections. Neptune is God of the Sea, a cosmic, illusionary and dreamlike planet.
Jupiter and Neptune want to inspire you to go further and see beyond what’s possible. These two planets urge you to connect with your deeper purpose and be inspired by feelings such as compassion, nurture, kindness and caring.
If you have planets or angles at 29° of the earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) or water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) signs, you are currently in flow and can pick up on these inspirational planetary combinations.

Turning Dreams Into Reality

As Jupiter remains in Taurus and one of the earth signs on the day of the Full Moon, this is about anchoring your dreams and making them real. Bring your hopes and visions down to earth, get practical with your ideas, hear what’s calling you and plan accordingly.

There’s a finale and a flourish as Jupiter’s getting ready to leave Taurus at the weekend – May 25th/26th. Jupiter’s leaving Taurus in style as it connects with both Venus and Neptune.

What dreams have become manifest in reality? What are you grateful for? Can you open your heart to love, abundance, happiness and prosperity?

This week’s Full Moon is extra special – here’s hoping it brings something beautiful or miraculous your way.

What Does It Mean For You?

Here are the areas of your life under the cosmic radar during this weekend’s powerful Full Moon:

  • Sagittarius – image, self-identity, personal goals – relationships, partnership, contracts
  • Capricorn – retreat, secrets, caring – work, volunteering, health, lifestyle
  • Aquarius – friends, groups, society, politics – children, creativity, entertainment, love affairs
  • Pisces – work, status, responsibilities, future goals – home, family, the past
  • Aries – travel, study, beliefs, higher purpose – communication, neighbours, siblings
  • Taurus – joint finances, mysteries, taboo issues – personal finances, possessions, values
  • Gemini – relationships, partnership, contracts – image, self-identity, personal goals
  • Cancer – work, volunteering, health, lifestyle – retreat, secrets, caring
  • Leo – children, creativity, entertainment, love affairs – friends, groups, society, politics
  • Virgo – home, family, the past – work, status, responsibilities, future goals
  • Libra – communication, neighbours, siblings – travel, study, beliefs, higher purpose
  • Scorpio – personal finances, possessions, values – joint finances, mysteries, taboo issues

Happy Full Moon – may it be joyful and meaningful for you

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