Full Moon in Taurus: Materialising Goals And Desires

Money Tree
Money Tree

The Full Moon is currently building and already looks glorious in the night sky. This month’s Full Moon takes place on Sunday 17th November 2013 and is exact at 15:16 GMT. This feels a positive Full Moon and after a few weeks of intense Scorpio activity, there are many of you/us in need of all the steady and solid benefits that Taurus brings.

Moon Exalted in Taurus
The Moon is said to be exalted in Taurus, which means it’s a sign that it likes and knows well. The Moon, which represents holding and being held, nurture and comfort rests easily in the earth sign of Taurus. One of my favourite phrases for the Moon in Taurus is “a safe harbour”.

Focus on Desire
This weekend is perfect for any activity that grounds you and helps you to stand firm on your own two feet. The earth element represents strong roots and all the factors that are necessary for life to flourish and grow. On a basic level, this is water and food and enough money to provide for our needs. Once these are in place, we can focus on what we want and what makes us happy. Taurus in particular is one of the earth signs that’s sensual and lush with potential and desire.

Sun/Jupiter Trine
For me it’s been a good week and the turning point was when Mercury stationed direct in the heavens last Sunday night (10th November) slap bang on my Scorpio Sun. After a tough few weeks, something has been reawakened and I’m feeling positive about life and starting to focus more on enjoyment and what makes me happy.

Life seems to be in sync with this fresh wave of energy as early in the week I decided I needed more physical exercise to motivate me and shake me out of my slump. I’ve been looking into Zumba and Hot Yoga courses and then on Tuesday I received an email to say I’d won a competition and a mini exercise bike is on it’s way. Thank you, life! I’ll be able to pedal my way to optimum fitness whilst I’m sitting at my desk.

The competition win happened on the day of the Sun/Jupiter trine which often symbolises good news or good fortune. Jupiter remains active this weekend and is the main aspect to the Full Moon, still in trine aspect with the Sun and in sextile aspect with the Moon. Both trines and sextiles are easy and harmonious heavenly connections and another reason why this Full Moon feels supportive.

Money Tree
I love the photo of the “Money Tree” (see above) that I found on Flickr and even though we know money doesn’t grow on trees, this is a positive weekend to focus on what you can do to materialise your goals and desires.

I have my heart set on a weekend of gardening, shopping and lunch out with my daughter, perfect activities for the Taurus Full Moon. Singing, art, massage or good sex would do nicely too.

Anything money-related is also well-starred at this Full Moon whether you’re working out how to save it, invest it, pay it off or earn more. Sit down, make a plan and set yourself some time-specific goals.

Whatever you’re doing though this weekend, on an abundant Full Moon in Taurus, ensure you savour the experience and enjoy yourself.

[photo from flickr.com]

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