Full Moon Capricorn: Creating Strong Roots

Full Moon, tree

Full Moon [11 Capricorn 19] 

July 3, 2023 (12:39 GMT +1) – London

July 3, 2023 (07:39 GMT -4) – New York

July 3, 202 (21:39 GMT +10) – Sydney

Full Moon Vibes

The Full Moon takes place this week cutting across the Cancer/Capricorn axis of the zodiac. These two star signs are the foundations of the horoscope representing your past and your future. 

They represent where you come from, your home and family, your heritage and your ancestry, also where you’re heading, your career and vocation, your long-term goals and your legacy.

We are all born into this life and at some point we must leave it. The point at the base of the horoscope, the IC, is sometimes referred to as ‘the womb & the tomb’ – it’s where we emerge from and where we return to. 

If you’re lucky, the days in-between will be filled with more joy than sorrow, but part of life’s path is to experience all of life, to take and learn from it what you can, to dig deep to uncover hidden riches.

In the zodiac wheel that’s linked to the seasons, the star sign Cancer is at the base. Whereas Capricorn is at the opposite end of the axis, the peak or culmination.

Full Moons are often a time of heightened emotions when important matters culminate and big events peak. The Full Moon invites you to stop, listen and make decisions that resonate with both your head and your heart. Sometimes, the pull will be stronger in one direction. Ideally, aim for balance and seek a way to reconcile opposing forces.

Super Moon

This month’s Full Moon will be wonderful to behold. This is because it’s the first of four Super Moons which means that it may appear brighter than usual. The Full Moon is always a spectacular sight to witness but this Full Moon could be even more glorious.

It will be most spectacular on July 2nd and July 3rd. I’ll be heading out for a Full Moon swim – an ideal way to ‘wash away’ and release any tension or issues that you no longer want to hold on to. 

It’s a good idea during the Full Moon to literally let go of something, e.g. write down limiting beliefs and flush them away/burn them. Or, hold on to a pebble, think about what you’re overly attached to and let it go into the sea, a river or lake.

The Moon influences the tides in the sea and you can expect higher tides during the Full Moon period. It’s often a time when sleep is elusive or rich with dreams, life events can be more dramatic and emotions are heightened. 

Full Moon Aspects

I chose the image for this Full Moon for this article for a reason. There are some supportive planetary aspects linking in to this Full Moon and the Moon is in Capricorn one of the earth signs. This feels like a network of support, solidity and strength.

It’s not a Full Moon to lose yourself in or get disconnected from your body, your soul, your roots. Instead, stand firm on the ground and conjure up dreams that are realistic, so you can make them happen. This is about slow and steady growth. Remember that solid success comes from being persistent and putting one foot in front of the other.

This Full Moon pulls in Jupiter in earth sign Taurus and Saturn in water sign Pisces, reconnecting you back to the earth, both the land and the sea. When you dive deep into astrology, you not only reconnect with yourself but the universe as well.

Take it one step further and you are a microcosm of the greater macrocosm, the universe, and there is much evidence to prove this. If this is a wild concept for you to understand, keep coming back to the phrase ‘the stars are within you and you are in the stars‘.

Do something special on this Full Moon – be in nature, surround yourself with like-minded souls, practise a ritual, howl at the Moon and release and let go of emotions and tensions that no longer serve you.

Become a child of the cosmos and deeply connect and interweave yourself into its core, so you feel connected, supported and held.

Wishing you a Very Happy & Magical Full Moon Experience

Where Does It Fall?

Here are the areas highlighted by this Full Moon. Read both your Sun sign & your Ascendant sign:

  • Aries – home, family, past  career, status, responsibility
  • Taurus – communication, neighbours, siblings, community  travel, study, beliefs, purpose
  • Gemini – finances, values, self-worth  other peoples’ money, taboo issues, esotericism
  • Cancer – image, self-identity, personal goals  relationships, other people, contracts
  • Leo – retreat, secrets, self-undoing  work, service, health
  • Virgo – friends, groups, society, associations  children, creativity, entertainment, romance
  • Libra – career, status, responsibility  home, family, past
  • Scorpio – travel, study, beliefs, purpose  communication, neighbours, siblings, community
  • Sagittarius – other peoples’ money, taboo issues, esotericism  finances, values, self-worth
  • Capricorn – relationships, other people, contracts  image, self-identity, personal goals
  • Aquarius – work, service, health  retreat, secrets, self-undoing
  • Pisces – children, creativity, entertainment, romance  friends, groups, society, associations

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