Full Moon Aries: I Am Alive

Full Moon Aries, live

Full Moon [9 Aries 08] 

October 1, 2020 (22:05 GMT +1)

Moon Lore

There are two Full Moons in October, bookending this most important month in the year. The first falls on October 1st, the Harvest Moon, the closest to the Equinox; the second falls on October 31st, on Samhain & Halloween, a rare Blue Moon.

October’s a big month in the astrological calendar – do read your monthly horoscopes to help you navigate well. Two Full Moons means two times in the month when emotions are heightened and sleep patterns are disrupted.

The Moon’s pull affects the tides and women’s menstrual cycle is in sync with the monthly phase of the Moon. Menses, another term for the menstrual cycle is derived from the word ‘month’ which in turn is derived from the word ‘moon’. The lunar deity is as prevalent in our world today as she ever was.

Moon Goddesses were honoured in ancient times, before the dominance of the more masculine Sun Gods took hold. The astrological qualities associated with the Moon are kind, caring, protective, feminine energies, nurturing the people and the earth. These are excellent qualities for leadership, although not always admired in our current climate.

Moon Goddesses were often huntresses, at home and active in the dark of night. This was their world, witchy and intuitive. You hear more in the silence of the night than the noise of the day.

In the northern hemisphere, the dark of the night world is starting to take precedence over the day. The early morning walks begin in the gloom, the shapes of the trees eerie and life-like. Dusk falls earlier, enveloping us in its protective, yet spooky embrace.

During October, we begin Scorpio season, a time that incorporates Halloween and Day of the Dead. Mercury, the talk planet, is already there diving deep, leading the way.

For now, it’s the Moon’s show and this is the mid-autumn festival in the Chinese Year. They celebrate by eating moon cakes, honouring the Moon as she grows more powerful during this Full Moon phase and heading into the dark of winter.

Aries Energy

This powerful Full Moon is in the sign of individuality, Aries. Aries can be both an explosive and passionate energy, strident and brave. Nature starts to shed its leaves in readiness for winter and yet the Full Moon in Aries shouts out loud ‘I am alive’.

The role of the individual grows more important and the Full Moon in Aries takes you back to you. Full Moons are traditionally about completion, events culminating. Yet, during this Full Moon the Aries spark flicks the switch and wants action, something new.

When the world feels as if it’s out of control, this is when it’s important to take responsibility for your own actions, to return to you.

The Moon in Aries opposes the Sun in Libra, the sign of relationships, during this Full Moon. It’s also conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer.

How you are in the world affects the people around you. Other people’s actions directly impact on you but you can still choose how to respond, how to be.

We’re in this together, side by side, and each one of us can make a choice every day on how we want to be around other people, in the world, but most importantly, with ourself.

During the Aries Full Moon which leads us in to the month of October, ask yourself what you will stand up for in life and take personal responsibility for how you want to be moving forward.

This Full Moon is a reminder to return to you, to shout ‘I’m alive’, to make your own decisions in these unprecedented times.

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