Full Moon Alert: Hunter’s Moon

FULL MOON [20 Aries 14]

London – Sunday 13th October, 2019 (22:08 GMT+1)

New York – Sunday 13th October, 2019 (17:08 GMT-4)

Sydney – Monday 14th October, 2019 (08:08 GMT+11)

This weekend, there is a Full Moon taking place in the sky, a time of culmination, completion and fulfilment. Emotions are heightened during the Full Moon phase and this Full Moon falls in feisty, fiery Aries.

We are currently in Libra territory with the Sun and Mars both in diplomatic, harmonious Libra. This weekend’s Full Moon, however, could create tension and bring matters to a head. Yes, the Full Moon symbolises fruition and growth but there are other factors pulled in to this marriage of opposites.

Pluto Squares

As you can see in the chart below, the planet most closely connected to the Full Moon is Pluto, God of the Underworld. It squares both Sun and Moon, all three planetary bodies at 20 degrees of the cardinal signs, Aries, Libra & Capricorn.

Pluto is the planet linked to self-transformation and power, corruption and death. In square aspect, there can be a theme of endings or loss. This adds extra punch and intensity to this weekend’s Full Moon.

Plus, expansive Jupiter is the other planet at 20 degrees Sagittarius. Admittedly, it’s in a good aspect to the Sun and Moon. Yet, there’s a possibility that it too is fanning the flames of this powerful Full Moon. Or perhaps, it’s where you find hope and faith in the midst of crisis or pain.

Venus opposite Uranus

The other planetary aspect to note is Venus in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus, which is exact on Saturday 12th October (23:07 GMT+1). This is a classic symbol of love (Venus) splits (Uranus).

Plus, the Full Moon cutting across the Libra/Aries axis of the zodiac is also about relationships. Pluto adds the theme of power games & control.

This week, I’ve already heard of two ‘out-of-the-blue’ events ending relationships, one sent by text (Uranus rules technology), the other ending a 20 year marriage which came unexpectedly.

Drama & Celebration

There’s drama in the air for some people. Personally, I feel very connected and pulled in to this Full Moon because of major transits being triggered. I too experienced a painful loss this week.

So, tread carefully. Use this Full Moon to celebrate your wins and release and let go of any losses. In Aries, this Full Moon is a positive time to assert yourself, stand up against your enemies and refuse to accept bad behaviour. There’s power and vitality in the air; ensure you grasp it with both hands and use it to good effect.

Full Moon Glory

As always, do ensure you take a moment to gaze in wonder at the glory of the Full Moon – it should be stunning in the night sky.

Hunter’s Moon is a fitting name for the Full Moon in Aries, as its ruling planet is Mars.

And, in a moment of pure synchronicity, this song came on while I was writing this blog with the apt lyrics: I don’t want to know about evil, Only want to know about love by John Martyn. You could say it fits this weekend’s Full Moon theme perfectly.

2 thoughts on “Full Moon Alert: Hunter’s Moon”

  1. Thank you Sally! May I ask what you think about a person who has birthday at Sunday’s Full Moon and the Sun currently squared by Pluto shows current health issues which seem in control at the moment. Venus Mars in mutual reception, the partner is a Scorpio and a split by Uranus is unlikely. Are there hopeful times of change possible, too? In terms of Pluto challenging personal development and connected opportunites for the relationship, maybe? Thank you very much!!

    1. Hi Patrick, it’s too difficult to say without having a clearer idea of specific birthdates. Uranus transits are currently strong for October Scorpio birthdays, not so much for November Scorpio birthdays. Does the Libra person have any planets/angles at 20 degrees Cancer/Capricorn? The theme of the current Full Moon is endings, letting go of the past, challenges around home/family. Whatever happens during this Full Moon is likely to be decisive/final. Hope that helps a bit…

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