French Open Tennis 2019

Update: Correct prediction – Rafa Nadal won his 12th French Open title, the master on clay, beating Dominic Thiem. The chart for the tournament suggested there would be ‘nothing new happening’. In the event, it was the top 4 seeds who competed in the semi-finals and last year’s champion took the trophy. With Nadal, we saw how a Pluto transit doesn’t always have to mean disaster. With Thiem, we saw how a Neptune transit can ‘make dreams come true’ – well, almost. The Sun square Neptune on the day of the final coincided with a defeat. Thank you everyone for your comments – it wouldn’t be anywhere near as entertaining and informative without you. See you at Wimbledon in three weeks time.

We are back with the French Open tennis/astrology predictions for 2019 for all of you who love this forum.

Let me start by saying that I haven’t yet read a prediction anywhere that doesn’t state the no. 1 and no. 2 seeds will meet in the final. If no. 1 seed Djokovic wins, he would hold all four Grand Slam singles titles for the second time. If no. 2 seed Nadal wins, it will be his 12th title at Roland Garros. Yet, does the astrology agree?

What we do know is that this is Gemini season, when the Sun is in Gemini. Many great tennis players are born with the Sun here or they have a key planet/angle in Gemini.

Mercury rules Gemini, the fleet-footed, winged messenger of the Gods, speedy and agile. Gemini rules the hands in astrology and Geminis have great hand/eye coordination. And… Djokovic and Nadal are both Sun Gemini. So far, it’s looking likely that they’ll each have one hand on the trophy.

Tournament Chart

The first thing to note about the tournament chart (see above) is that the planet of the unexpected, Uranus, is not close to the Midheaven (success point), as it has been in the last few years. Uranus is notorious for making prediction tricky and it hasn’t always played out as the outsider/non-favourite doing well, which you would expect.

The next thing to say is that there’s not a lot happening. The ruler of the Leo Ascendant is the Sun in Gemini conjunct Mercury – the two Geminis? Yet, the Sun makes no other planetary aspects until the New Moon at 12 Gemini 34 on June 3rd and then it goes quiet again until the final.

Also, the planet which rules the Midheaven, Mars, is in Cancer and it’s a similar story to the Sun. Nothing happening, no new planetary aspects throughout the fortnight. Which you would have to predict means ‘nothing new to see at this tournament’, i.e. it will play out as expected.

Other factors to note: The Moon is in Pisces applying to Uranus in Taurus in the 10th, so Uranus features in a minor way. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, often plays out well in these tournament predictions but is currently retrograde. So, it may not be as important this time around but always worth noting Jupiter transits for players.

I’ve posted the chart for the final at the bottom of the article. The chart ruler is Venus in Gemini (ruler of the Libra Ascendant) so the Gemini theme is strong. Once again, Venus makes no planetary aspects!

Note Mercury on the Midheaven – again, I feel this gives a nod to the Gemini players – Mercury being Gemini’s ruling planet

Novak Djokovic (1) b. May 22, 1987, 11:25 pm, Belgrade, Yugoslavia – Sun Gemini

Djokovic has been back on form since the progressed Sun was exactly conjunct his natal Mars and career planet last summer. That progression is now starting to fade.

The major transit for Djokovic during the tournament is Jupiter returning to conjunct his natal Saturn at 19 Sagittarius 07. It’s exact on June 13th. Djokovic has a Mercury-Saturn opposition in his horoscope, so it’s an important symbol for his consistency (Saturn) as a tennis player (Mercury in Gemini).

As you would expect during his birthday month, there are a lot of minor transits taking place. They are Mercury Return – May 29th, Mercury conjunct Mars – June 5th and Sun conjunct Mercury – June 9th (the day of the final). Also, Djokovic’ natal Mars at 1 degree Cancer is close to the Midheaven of the chart for the final.

The only tricky planetary aspect is Chiron (the wounded healer) conjunct his Moon Aries – exact June 8th. This may not relate to his career but be about family or a close relationship, perhaps something behind the scenes. It may be a factor in his performance, it may not.

Rafael Nadal (2) b. June 3, 1986, 7:10 pm, Manacor, Spain – Sun Gemini

Nadal also has a Jupiter transit during the tournament as it conjuncts his natal Uranus – exact on May 31st. Nadal has a Mercury-Uranus opposition in his horoscope and Nadal’s Mercury in Gemini is his career ruler (Virgo Midheaven).

Plus, like Djokovic, Nadal has some lovely minor transits. They are Mercury conjunct Sun – May 27th, Mercury Return – June 2nd and the New Moon at 12 Gemini 34 falls on his birthday – June 3rd. Finally, transiting Mars is conjunct Nadal’s natal Venus on the day of the final.

There is another major transit taking place for Nadal, which is Pluto conjunct his natal Mars at 22 Capricorn 56. The transit was exact on May 24th and Pluto is the planet of extremes. It’s all-or-nothing.

This will either turn him into a gladiator exterminator on the court or could flag up injury trouble. Mars is his ruling planet and is linked to the physical body. Nadal just won at Rome on May 21st in storming fashion, so I’m hoping its the former.

Roger Federer (3) b. August 8, 1981, 8:40 am, Basel, Switzerland – Sun Leo

Federer has admitted that he’s unlikely to win the French Open and clay is not his best surface. He won this tournament once back in 2009. In the Australian Open 2019, Sun Leo Federer was eclipsed (during an eclipse in Leo) by the younger Leo contender, Tsitsipas.

No eclipses this time around and to be fair not a lot going on for Federer from an astrological perspective. He has a Gemini Midheaven and the Sun lights up the success point of his horoscope on May 27th, the second day of the tournament. Plus, it’s his Mars Return on June 6th. Mars rules athleticism and your Mars Return occurs once every two years. It’s said that Federer enters this tournament fit and fighting.

Dominic Thiem (4) b. September 3, 1993, 1:26 am, Wiener Neustadt, Austria – Sun Virgo

Thiem is a Sun Virgo, the second sign of the zodiac ruled by Mercury. If his time of birth is correct (can anyone remember where this came from? – I can’t find it online), transiting Neptune at 18 Pisces is conjunct his Pisces Midheaven. As Neptune is co-ruler of his Midheaven, career point, this can pinpoint a time of success, when dreams come true.

Also, Thiem has competitive Mars at 15 Cancer conjunct his Ascendant on the day of the final. Both predictions depend on this being the right birth time!

Alexander Zverev (5) b. April 20, 1997, 3:00 am, Hamburg, Germany – Sun Aries

Zverev has been a bright young tennis player but he doesn’t seem to do well in the Grand Slams. If the time of birth is correct, Zverev’s career planet is Mars in Virgo which suggests a combination of athleticism and agility. However, Mars is virtually unaspected, i.e set apart from the rest of the chart, which isn’t helpful and may be the missing piece for his success.

Also, Zverev has transiting Saturn at 19 Capricorn very close to his Ascendant during the tournament. Saturn is currently in its sign of dignity but it can be a tough transit when it’s going over your Ascendant, ruling your physical body.

(n.b. there are two times of birth for Zverev, which changes his Sun sign from Aries to Taurus. As he wears an Aries zodiac symbol on a chain, I’m leaning towards the earlier birth time of 3:00 am.)

Stefanos Tsitsipas (6) b. August 12, 1998, 12:35 pm, Athens, Greece – Sun Leo

Another bright young contender. At the recent Madrid Open, Tsitsipas beat Nadal in the semi-final but was defeated by Djokovic in the final. Again, I’m unsure where the time of birth is from (let me know if you remember it from the comments in previous forums).

Tsitsipas is another Sun Leo, the same star sign as Roger Federer and Pete Sampras, so he’s in great company. If his time of birth is correct, he has Leo on the Midheaven, which makes the Sun his career planet. Lucky Jupiter is moving steadily back to make a Grand Trine with his Sun at 19 Leo and his Moon at 17 Aries. It almost perfects during the final. Nice astrology.

n.b Karen Khachanov (b. May 21 1996) & Fabio Fognini (b. May 24 1987) are both Sun Gemini. Will the Gemini theme boost their chances? Add to that list, Cristian Garin (b. May 30 1996).

I’ll look more closely at other players’ astrology as the tournament progresses and we find out who the main contenders are. I’ve had a quick look and no-one leaps out as having fantastic astrology.

Prediction: Can we just give the trophy to both Djokovic and Nadal? Even their transits mirror one another during the tournament and it’s hard to split them apart. I’m hoping that Pluto turbo-boosts Nadal to the win but it’s a close call. I look forward to hearing your comments, especially with regard to the astrology. Enjoy the tennis – play nicely in the comments 🙂

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  1. Hi Sally

    Thank you for your time putting this astrology. It looks like there will not be a new winner. We have to see how this pans out.

    Looking forward to reading what others have to say in this.


    Rogers Fan

  2. Hello Sally,

    Good to hear your predictions. Does this below statement in your prediction (next para) mean Djokovic won’t do that well in the second half of the year? If so, then Nadal could have chances of regaining #1 spot by year end, if he stays injury free, I think. Their respective points accrual over the last season is such that Djokovic has a lot to lose if he doesn’t do well in the second half of the season and Nadal has a lot to gain if he continues playing well. Generally, Djokovic does quite well in the 2nd half of the year and Nadal gets a bit weary or finds a way injure himself in that period.

    “Djokovic has been back on form since the progressed Sun was exactly conjunct his natal Mars and career planet last summer. That progression is now starting to fade.”


    1. Sally Kirkman

      Hi Anish, no, I’m not saying that. I am just pointing out that the major progression coincided with Djokovic’ return to the limelight. Such major progressions are active in your life for approximately a year. There’s always other astrology to look at.

    2. Hi Anish – I do not think Nadal will be doing very well in the 2nd half as everything will be on hard courts except the Wimbledon.

      I think he will struggle to defend the points he had last year. He could not defend all his points during the clay season.

      No1 – think could be between Novak and Tsitsitpas or Roger- Just a hunch 🙂

      1. Thanks Amit!

        That’s pretty much what I mentioned. He generally doesn’t do that well in 2nd half of the year owing to fatigue or injuries, although not always. Just wanted an astrological take on that.

        He hasn’t done too well in Wimbledon for a long time too. I suppose that would be harder on his knees.

  3. Looks like Nadal has the astrology, form and obviously it’s Clay and Roland Garros!! Djokovic half of the draw is tougher too.

      1. I have seen that as soon as Nadal moves closer to Federer – Federer moves forward – so if Nadal wins 18 then I can surely say Fed wining 21

        1. You are right. This has been the case in last 2-3 years but wonder how long Federer can keep that up. Sally and other astrologers had mentioned earlier (Australian Open article) that they didn’t see any good astrology for him, for up to 2 years!!

          And not to mention, the last two “new generations “ have been hopeless when it came to Grand Slams.

  4. Thanks a lot for finding enough time for this forecast. We are sure your exemplary track-record of predicting the winner will hold good. Thanks once again.

  5. hello sally thanks for your predictions on the french open let me as usual see what the sidereal chart says .18th degree cancer rises making the moon the ruling planet.the problem is regarding the midheaven.the very last second in pisces falls as midheaven and if the start time is increased by half a second them midheaven falls in such a case it is difficult to say whether jupiter or mars is the lord of success point especially as the geographical coordinates itself may be off by a second or so.this makes prediction tricky.the moon as the ruling planet is unafflicted in the chart for the tournament which means the favourites will do very well. djokovic is the no 1 seed and there are some good minor transits for him during the tournament which sally has already pointed out which means he is going to do very well.nadal is the no 2 seed and he is also one of the favourites as he always is at the french open.apart from the minor favourable transits for him as pointed out by sally the ruling planet moon in the tournament chart is right opposite nadals career point though separating.on the day of the final venus is square nadals natal mc.if the birth time for theim is correct then his career planet is saturn and saturn is not only retrograde but also conjunct south node through out the tournament which does not promise success. moreover the tournament chart suggests a repeat winner and not a new champion. my prediction is rafa and novak to play the final and rafa winning his 12th french open.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Sidereal and tropical astrology in agreement – let’s see how it plays out. Appreciate your thoughts, James. Thank you.

      1. I was hoping there was some disagreement.. just for the sake of discussion. Lol

        Too early to discuss Wimbledon.

        1. Sally Kirkman

          Yes, I know what you mean. I would have liked a bit more controversy, great astrology for some of the younger players, etc. Let’s see what happens 🙂

  6. Hello Sally,

    First of all thanks for doing this again and again and year after year. It is surely going to be exciting.

    Looking forward to see how far Roger can go. Currently I think he may go till the quarters. I believe this is his farewell to the clay courts unless he surprises us again next year.

    Rafa has a comparatively easier draw compared to Novak something similar which we saw at Rome where Novak literally ran out of gas

  7. Hi

    Could someone give me an idea of Roger’s astrology for the second half of the year or at RG?

    I’m just curious that all.

    Thank you

    Rogers Fan

  8. Exciting time started again with Sally’s prediction of Grandslam !! Thank you so much Sally for the prediction and starting the great enlightening discussion for us !! Thank You !!

    Sathiamoorthy N

  9. Hi All

    I have noticed that a lot of seeded players in the women game going out or have nasty injuries. The women side is interesting. Might have a new winner on the women side.

    Rogers Fan

  10. Hi Everybody,
    thank you, Sally, for your Grand Slam prediction of Roland Garros which I enjoy reading. Your choice for the final appears convincing. Personally I still hope for a new face and Dominic Thiem benefit from his clearance in his coach relationship. There’s the Moon conjuct natal Sun in the afternoon of the day of the final for Dominic. In his progressions he has two precise squares with Pr MC natal AC and Pr AC natal Sun, yet.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Hi Patrick, good to hear from you. All the astrology you suggest depends on the correct birth time for Thiem. Same with my predictions for him – transits to the angles of his chart. We shall see.

      1. Thanks Sally. Thiem’s birth time comes from Jannis Okun, he rectified from early career highs and the Sun square natal MC in the last two years at Paris proved right for Thiem, too. I am confident with 1:26 AM.

  11. Sally,

    The Pluto transit for Nadal you mentioned, is that something that lasts for a while (weeks to months) or transient (days)?


    1. Sally Kirkman

      It’s a year-long transit – exact hits on March 26 2019, May 24 2019, Jan 17 2020. Pluto transits are not easy by any means. They may play out differently for Nadal, however, because of his Scorpio Ascendant. Pluto and Mars are co-rulers of Scorpio and the Pluto/Mars combination could bring incredible focus/determination for him. What we are likely to see is extremes of performance and I think that’s already playing out this year? From what I’ve read, he didn’t play well at all in some tournaments but then nailed Rome. As that happened just last week, I’m hoping that he’s currently on a peak of the extreme Pluto transit and it will carry him through this tournament as well.

  12. For now I will just say that in my opinion Nadal will hardly win this RG, because on the day of the final the moon is in a virgin practically perfectly square to his native Sun.
    And as in Melbourne 2019 it happened, someone will remember, Nadal himself had a negative moon on the day of the final, while it was definitely positive for Djokovic. And I had predicted that this already said a lot, if not all.
    True also that, as pointed out by Patrick, the stars are definitely favorable for Thiem on the day of the final. And I am convinced that his ascendant is Cancer.
    Which would probably mean Mars in transit on that point. To be taken into great consideration.

    1. At least, someone predicted not in favour of Nadal. So it’s going to be interesting astrological point of view.

      Sally, James,Patrick are the right persons to comment on this.

  13. Hi All

    This is from Juan on the Spanish Astrology Website. This is what he said for RG. He has been right about Nadal and Djokovic so far. Please read below:

    Comrade Emperor has insisted that I analyze astrologically this new Roland Garros. I did a little while and quickly looked at the letters.

    For a few months now I have been saying that Nadal would have it difficult this year and next for the passage of Pluton for his natal Mars . This same transit , by other astrologers, is considered an extraordinary impulse of energy because Pluto is the co- regent of its ASC. I still believe that this will end up being more negative than positive, but we should not rule out the other hypothesis. If we look at other factors, we see Uranus in opposition to its Pluton radix, this is clearly not positive and we are seeing this in the last few months where he has only won a pre-RG championship when he has always raced in Monte-Carlo, Conde Godo, Madrid, Rome. In the current lunar return will have Mars in very poor condition in the lunar ASC, another negative testimony .

    On Djokovic’s side, while Jupiter has Saturn natal natal trigon Jupiter, it has many other tensions such as Neptune Square Saturn and Saturn Square natal Jupiter. Uranus in Taurus passing through his natal Venus doing trigonoto Neptune will be of great help for the Serbian, but I think this transition will affect more favorably in the coming months.

    To which I put a few chips is the Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas. Because your natal trigon Sun / Mercury- Moon is activated at this time by the transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius : the great benefactor is aspecting your Sun exactly by the end of May and the beginning of June.

    I think that these players do not escape the title. Another player to keep in mind is Thiem, that if his birth time is real and accurate, he has Neptune inconjunction partil to his natal MC what could be “the concretion of his dream”.

    On the side of Del Potro I do not see good aspects of the Argentine, I do not think this is his tournament.

    Master Federer is experiencing the return of Mars to his natal position which is giving him a great boost of energy. To participate without injury is a great step for His Majesty, who will make a correct participation. But without a doubt he will have his best chances since the astrological at Wimbledon, when Jupiter is making trigone partil to his natal Sun. The same thing will happen in the US open but by that time Saturn will be bothering his natal Mars .

    Patrick, Sally and all other astologist what do you all think?

    Rogers Fan

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Thank you for posting this. Always interesting to read from Juan. Some similarities to what I’ve said, although Juan doesn’t like the Pluto transit for Nadal. I had missed Uranus transit opposite Nadal’s Pluto, but it’s a similar story to the Pluto transit to Mars for me. Pluto is Nadal’s planet with his Scorpio Ascendant, so may work in his favour. However, if he does crash and burn this tournament, then I stand corrected! I agree with what Juan says about Djokovic, that there are some influences mitigating his positive Jupiter transit. I still like the astrology for both Djokovic and Nadal, because of all the minor transits backing up the major influences. Yes, I agree that Tsitsipas has a lovely Jupiter transit – very helpful for him. And Federer is boosted by his Mars Return – again mentioned in the article that he’s going into the tournament in super fit form. So, we are kind of on the same page and I think that Juan is tipping one of the three to win – Nadal, Djokovic, Tsitsipas? The english translation is a bit vague, that ‘these players do not escape the title’. As we’ve seen before with the champions, they can sometimes overcome challenging astrology if they also have astrology that boosts their chances. Hope that helps.


    Astrology aside i do feel djokovic and nadal are the two heavy favourites leaning a bit towards nadal because i mean two losses in 13-14 years is amazing. Having said that djokovic is the only kryptonite to nadal on clay in a best of five sets, so i think in the end it will be who comes to the final with more in the tank and more energy…..meanwhile dominic thiem is about to go down 2-1 sets 😯

  15. Hola Sally!

    Thank you again for sharing your predictions !

    The point is that is not sure that Djokovic is capricorn ascendent. There are astrologers that thinks he is Leo ascendent ( 10:35 am) or aries (2:49 am, hour from a Serbian fórum by a suposse close friend of the father). And who knows if he is one of the other 9 ascendents…looking this 3 asc which one do you think he is ? For me leo one or aries one ( with jupiter in the first house) fix more. I did a brief study of this looking why he won Roland Garros in 2016 ( because is the more difficult for him) but is in spanish. I will copy at the end ( hope with the Smart phone can be easy tranlated)

    If he is asc Leo or aries I think he will win , but with capricorn no.
    May be the semifinals can be Djokovic-Thiem and Nadal- Tsitsipas. And May be Tsitsipas will be in the final, but lets wait to see the chart of this semifinal.

    The chart of the final, with the lord of the ascendent in geminis ( over Djokovic sun) and sun in mercury and mars in cancer is very similar to natal chart of Djokovic ( for asc Leo is Amazing). The hour of Tsitsipas was only and aproach of Juan Cruz, but with mars in 15 cáncer and saturn in 19 capricorn at the final I think he can do and Amazing tournament ( even win Nadal) but Djokovic will win.

    This was before australian open 2019 :
    “…para reducir la investigacíon astrológica hay que ir a ver pq ganó Roland Garros en 2016 por primera y unica vez en su carrera hasta ahora( lleva 6 opens de australia, 4 wimbledon y 3 open usa):

    la final fue el 5 de junio de 2016 . No me ha dado tiempo a checar la hora, pero se suele jugar a las 15:10 mas o menos.

    – Para el ASC LEO ( 22-mayo-1987 10:35 am ): venus le rige el MC y para la final había una conjunción aplicativa venus sol ( con ASC libra del partido) llegando a su mercurio natal, que es el dispositor de su sol, y planeta clave en el tenis. El sol y venus estaban en sextil aplicativo a su jupiter natal, y a su vez ambos en sextil separativo al asc natal. No he mirado nada más de ese año ( RS, RL, direcciones, progresiones etc)

    – Para el ASC CAPRICORNIO tb se pone interesante pq siendo Roland Garros en esas fechas el sol siempre se dirige a la oposición con su saturno natal en sagitario, que le rige el supuesto ascendente y explicaria pq le ha costado tanto ganarlo…venus( regente de su 9 ) también estaría opuesto a su saturno. Marte , regente de ese MC no recibía ningún aspecto ( puede que el Mc de la final estuviera cerca de marte, pero creo que ya pasado) y jupiter estaba en trígono aplicativo a ese ASC y sextil cerrado sobre su MC. Si fuera ASC capricornio pluton le tuvo que pegar de pleno sobre finales de 2014, 2015 etc. En 2015 gano todos los grand slam salvo Roland garros.

    No me da tiempo a mirar mas . en 2011 y 2015 ganó el open de Australia, wimbledon y open usa . Este RS lleva dos grand slams y está cerca de poder ganar el tercero. Parece que para ese triunfo en Roland Garros cuadra mas el ASC leo, pero el ASC capricornio tb explicaria pq no triunfado en Roland Garros como en otros torneos.

    faltaria por mirar el ASC en aries …”

    And this a week ago :

    “Va a cumplir años en unos días por lo que podemos levantar su retorno para los tres asc que manejamos y el año que viene por estas fechas ver cual nos cuadra más ( en el caso de que no sea uno de los otros 9 ascendentes ). La cuestión es que esta a un Grand Slam de ganar 4 seguidos y Roland Garros siempre ha sido el que más le ha costado, por lo que me puse a mirar la astrología para la final :


    Si gana sería su cuarto Grand Slam seguido y sería algo que muy pocos han conseguido por lo que, si así fuera, su astrología para esos días debería ser muy significativa. Al igual que la final de 2006 que fue el único Roland Garros que ganó, hay conjunción partil entre los regentes de sus ángulos ( sol-venus) siendo venus, como en 2016, además el asc del partido y urano por transito se sitúa sobre su venus natal, que le rige el MC. Jupiter, que sería el regente de su casa 9 para asc leo, recibe el trigono de jupiter y el sextil del Sol ; parece muy buena astrología para volver a ganar Roland Garros y conseguir algo histórico.

    Para asc capricornio :


    Jupiter le estaría beneficiando mucho al estar sobre el regente del asc ( ambos opuestos al mercurio natal, que siendo un tenista me hace dudar, y al sol del partido)., pero marte, regente de su mc para asc capricornio, está opuesto a su asc natal y a la luna del retorno solar en el 16 de capricornio. Si es asc capricornio veo más complicado que gane y para la final de winblendon la conjunción saturno nodo sur llegaría a su asc natal y luna del retorno.

    Falta por ver de nuevo el asc aries. Gano Tres Grand Slams en 2011, otros tres en 2015 y pienso que con jupiter trigono partil su jupiter y venus de la final partil sobre su sol, va a volver a ganar Roland Garros en 2019. Habra que ver con que carta debuta.


    1. Sally Kirkman

      Thank you for your comment. Really interesting to read (in google translate). I still think Djokovic is Capricorn Ascendant – he has a look of a mountain goat 🙂 and I mean that nicely. He always looked very serious at first (Capricorn) but once he allowed his true Gemini, quirky personality to show, then he became more of a character. It is frustrating, however, when there are different birth times.

    2. No…
      Aries ascendant nole, or even worse Leo, just can’t match.
      Already its physical conformation, and the face in the first place, say that its appearance recalls very “Saturnian” values, the likely ones of a goat, with a very elongated and thin face.
      On the other hand, he won Wimbledon 2018 with transit Jupiter headed almost exactly on MC.
      So I don’t see why we have to go looking for who knows what other versions.

  16. there has been comments regarding djokovics birth time in this forum. i am pretty sure of his birth time that is saggitarius as sidereal ascendent and capricorn as his tropical ascendent. the evenys in his life fit it perfectly. i have slightly rectified his time to 11.29 pm which does not change the ascendent.

  17. Hi Sally during Australian open 2019 prediction for nadal as u said in year 2019 progressed sun will conjuct natal venus .when this will happen. Whether It is powerful transit Sally .

    1. Sally Kirkman

      It’s a progression rather than a transit and yes, very important. It’s exact late 2020 so will influence Nadal’s life next year. It’s not about career though. Venus rules love and his 7th house of relationships. It’s also good for money/investments 🙂

      1. Sally as per sidereal astrology venus is the ruling planet and sun is the career planet for nadal so the sun progression to venus may prove good for career also is it not

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Yes, you can read the chart of the tournament for the women’s tournament too, although it’s often a lot more lively on the women’s side than the men’s.

  18. Sathia (Sathiamoorthy)

    Good to see Federer winning in straight sets 6-3 6-1 7-6 (10-8 Tiebreak) !! Hoping for Rafa – Federer Semi !!

  19. Fellow astrologers,

    Any comments about Wawrinka? He seems to be making deeper run than anyone imagined he would!!

    1. With jupiter in 16 degrees of Leo in 2015 Wawrinka wan RG. Now jupiter is in 20 degrees on sag. Tsitsipas has his natal sun in 19 of leo. Last day , the sun was aplying trine to wawrinka natal jupiter and venus was over his north node in taurus, and he plays very good.
      The point is where is natal moon of tsitsipas , because 30 of May started his lunar return, that has jupiter trine his sun and May be jupiter trine his moon in aries but saturn can square it…

      Sally for the pictures of the charts are you using astrogold? I am thinking to buy it

      1. Sally Kirkman

        Javier, yes – I have a Mac and iPhone so Astrogold is great for me. I’d recommend it. Jupiter transits always play out well in the tennis 🙂

        1. Thank you Sally.

          Amazing game between Tsitsipas and Wawrinka. Do you hace the hour of birthday of Wawrinka?

          1. Sally Kirkman

            Yes: Stanislas Wawrinka – b. March 28 1985, 11:05 am, Lausanne, Switzerland
            and it works well…

        2. Thank you Sally ! Warrinka has mars in his ascendent so he is fighting very good.

          This is a brief study of the charts of the begining of the tournament and the final ( sorry , its again in spanish)

          Good ray!

          Voy a terminar de desarrollar pq pienso que Djokovic va a ganar Roland Garros 2019 ( en el thread de Djokovic esta la primera parte) :

          Esta es la carta del comienzo de Roland Garros :


          Tiene el regente del mc, marte, en sextil a la conjunción urano fortuna en casa 10; esto me hace pensar que puede haber sorpresa. Para ver quien puede ser la ” sorpresa ” el ascendente está en leo, y el sol ( copa) en geminis, aplicando conjunción a mercurio fuerte en su signo; parece que el campeón ” no esperado” es un jugador geminiano.

          Si superponemos la carta de Djokovic con asc Leo a la hora del comienzo oficial de la competición:


          Los ejes prácticamente coinciden y el regente del mc natal de Djokovic se sitúa entre la conjunción urano-fortuna del debut. Mercurio ( planeta muy ligado al tenis) del debut ,dispositor de la copa y que recibe al sol-copa en su signo ,se sitúa sobre fortuna natal de Djokovic,por lo que a mí entender, confirma que a Djokovic va a dar la sorpresa. Además, los 5 planetas personales de la carta del debut y Djokovic coinciden en el mismo signo!!

          Para salir de dudas , esta es la sinastria de Djokovic con la final:


          El regente del ascendente de la final, venus, sobre el sol natal de Djokovic, regente de su asc, con el sol ( copa) de la final sobre su mercurio natal en geminis y en sextil a su júpiter natal. Urano sobre su venus natal , dispositor de su MC le va coronar por segunda vez en su carrera como ganador de los 4 torneos más importantes de forma seguida. El mc de la final coincide con el dispositor del mc del debut, en sextil al regente del mc de Djokovic.

          Si djokovic es ascendente leo, el sol del torneo de Roland Garros se le opone a su saturno natal , pero jupiter en fuego en trigono cerrado a su jupiter natal, regente de su casa 9 le ha favorecido en 2015 y 2011. Además fortuna de la final se sitúa sobre su urano natal, repitiendo el mismo patrón que en la carta del comienzo del torneo.

          Nadal nunca ha perdido una final en Roland Garros, pero hoy cumple años y tiene luna opuesta a jupiter y en su lunar mercurio ( regente de su mc) opuesto a jupiter; eso suele indicar grandes resultados y esperanzas que al final no se materializan, pero vamos a ver que pasa.

          Con toda esta astrologia pienso que gana Djokovic, y si así es el patrón es muy parecido al otro Roland Garros que ganó, por lo que la teoría del asc leo , en principio, funcionaria.

          1. Sally Kirkman

            Thank you, Javier. I’m posting your translation here:
            I’ll finish developing pq I think Djokovic is going to win Roland Garros 2019 (in the thread of Djokovic is the first part):

            This is the letter from the beginning of Roland Garros:

            [IMG] [/ IMG]

            It has the regent of the mc, mars, in sextile to the conjunction urano fortune in house 10; This makes me think that there may be surprise. To see who can be the “surprise” the ascendant is in leo, and the sun (cup) in gemini, applying conjunction to strong mercury in its sign; It seems that the “unexpected” champion is a Geminian player.

            If we superimpose the letter of Djokovic with asc Leo at the time of the official start of the competition:

            [IMG] [/ IMG]

            The axes practically coincide and the regent of Djokovic’s MC is between the urano-fortune conjunction of the debut. Mercurio (planet closely linked to tennis) of the debut, dispositor of the cup and receiving the sun-cup in his sign, is located on Djokovic’s native fortune, so to my understanding, it confirms that Djokovic is going to surprise . In addition, the 5 personal planets of the debut card and Djokovic coincide in the same sign!

            To get rid of doubts, this is Djokovic’s synastry with the final:

            [IMG] [/ IMG]

            The regent of the ascendant of the final, venus, on the natal sun of Djokovic, ruler of his asc, with the sun (cup) of the final on his natal mercury in gemini and in sextile to his native jupiter. Uranus on his natal venus, dispositor of his MC will crown him for the second time in his career as winner of the 4 most important tournaments in a row. The mc of the final matches the dispositor of the mc of the debut, in sextile to the regent of the mc of Djokovic.

            If djokovic is ascendant I read, the sun of the tournament of Roland Garros opposes him to his natal saturno, but jupiter in fire in trigono closed to his natal jupiter, regent of his house 9 has favored him in 2015 and 2011. Besides fortune of the final is placed on his natal urano, repeating the same pattern as in the letter of the beginning of the tournament.

            Nadal has never lost a final at Roland Garros, but today he celebrates his birthday and he has a moon opposite Jupiter and in his mole mercury (ruler of his MC) opposed to Jupiter; that usually indicates great results and hopes that in the end do not materialize, but let’s see what happens.

            With all this astrology I think Djokovic wins, and if that’s the way it is, it’s very similar to the other Roland Garros he won, so the theory of ascleo, in principle, would work.

  20. Dear Sally,

    Simon halep going to be champions in women’s French open 2019?
    Would you please throw some astrology.
    Thank you 🙏

    1. Sally Kirkman

      I don’t look at the women’s astrology – it’s a free astrological service and I prefer to concentrate on the men’s game. Having said that, someone else here might like to comment.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Wow! Great match. Like Tsitsipas, Wawrinka has some great fire trines going on. I felt Jupiter in Sagittarius was a few degrees off which is why I didn’t pick him.

  21. What a win by Stan! It needs to be said that the French Open he won in 2015, he beat Federer in the quarter final – well, he is meeting Federer in the quarter final again and who knows. I am happy to see him and Potro playing again and fit. I am rooting for these guys.

  22. Hi sally now that the quarter finals are approaching iatr there any changes in your prediction federer vs nadal semi seems in evitable now given wawrinka’s fatigue

    1. Sally Kirkman

      So far it’s all been a bit predictable and not very exciting to comment on. No, nothing new to report – I would have given Tsitsipas the edge over Wawrinka but it sounds like it was a tight match and Wawrinka knows how to win, like all the champs! That must give you an advantage, even if only mentally.

  23. Both Saturn and northnode squared tsitsipas natal moon and moon is the career planet for tsitsipas as per sidereal astrology if the birth time given is correct. This is not conductive for success

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Thanks James. Interesting comment because in tropical astrology the Sun is the career planet and I was basing my prediction on Jupiter’s trine aspect to Tsitsipas’ Sun Leo. In this example, sidereal astrology wins 🙂

  24. Lesley Jackson

    Do you have any thoughts on Fabio Fognini Sally? He is a Gemini too and on his day capable of brilliance.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      I mentioned Fognini and Khachanov in the article – both Sun Gemini. Plus, I’ve just discovered that there is a time of birth for Fognini – I hadn’t seen it before. It’s on, an A rating, which is reliable. His birth data: May 24 1987, 4:00 am, San Remo, Italy. He has some great astrology for this tournament. Jupiter at 19 Aries trine Saturn at 19 Sagittarius – Jupiter makes an exact conjunction on his Saturn (career planet – Capricorn MC) on 14th June, not long after the tournament finishes. Also, his Moon at 21 Aries is conjunct the Midheaven of the tournament chart. The planets are backing him! He has to get past Zverev who’s having a fantastic Uranus transit! Should be a close match…

      1. Lesley Jackson

        Thanks for that Sally. He’s losing at the moment but that’s because he’s gone off the boil like he tends to do!!

  25. Road for Djokovic looks much more difficult than Nadal’s. Rafa has to deal with just tired old people in semis!! Lol

    1. Has Sally ever answered the question on Nadal’s luck with the draws? What is it in Nadal’s chart that gives him incredibly cake draws every single time ? It almost makes you want to believe they rig the draws for him.

      1. Sally Kirkman

        Is it a thing? Does Nadal always have an easy draw every tournament of his career? I don’t think so. However, if that’s something which is more true right now, then I can only think it’s his progressed Sun moving towards his natal Venus, one of the luckier planets.

        1. Certainly at 90% of the tournaments, especially slams over the last several years. He always gets the easier half when the top 2 seeds randomly draw players and have equal chances of draw difficulty. So also top 4 seeds and quarters. Lost track of times when Nadal lands with an unbelievably easy quarter while someone like Federer Djokovic even when they were ranked higher than Nadal have got quarters far tougher than him which makes no sense. Google for Nadal and easy draws and you should find some stats on it.

          Wimbledon may be the only exception to this but he has been losing on grass to no names anyway irrespective of the draw.

          He is either the luckiest player ever which is something maybe you could explain or the tennis governing bodies want him to be alive in the slam race to sell the sport.

          1. Sally Kirkman

            No, I can’t explain it through the potential in Nadal’s birth chart. You would expect Jupiter to be a prominent feature in his chart, i.e. on an angle or conjunct his Sun, if he were born lucky, but it’s not. Maybe it’s more of a thing for him since Jupiter has been transiting through his 1st house since mid 2018, but that wouldn’t explain further back if statistically that’s correct for him.

  26. Lol .. … Fed making to into Semi’s of French ….not AO, not Wimbledon, not USO. Astrology working in different way sometimes

  27. Hi Sally and all astrologist

    Roger plays against his rival Nadal on Friday. Who has got the best astrology on the day?

    Thank you

    Kind Regards

    Roger fan

          1. I think Pressure is on Nadal and Fed has nothing to loose since everyone is expecting Nadal to win. This can work out for Fed’s advantage.He also has has big advantage of beating Nadal 5 times.Lets see how Nadal handles this match. But as Nadal fan it bit of uneasy feeling

  28. Federer with the Sun in Gemini as his Leo starsign ruler sextiles his natal Sun Mercury conjunction these days including the Semi. He enjoys further boost by his Mars Return which was conjunct by transitting Cancer Moon against Wawrinka today. At Friday the Moon will approach Roger’s Leo Sun which sextiles transitting Sun. Interesting matchup of the stars for the clash of the two rivals: Federer’s Career planet Mercury in exact sextile to surprise planet Uranus. Uranus in exact Opposition to Nadal’s natal Pluto on that Friday can indicate the stop for the defending champion. One transit supporting Rafa: Leo Moon applying to natal Sun.

    1. Interesting astrology Patrick. Thanks for sharing.The Pluto you mentioned, is it the same which can be super positive as well?? Nadal losing at Roland Garros is the biggest upset in tennis and is there any indication of it in tournament chart?

      1. I think Sally speaks of Pluto on Nadal’s Mars as turboboosting him – the second active Pluto transit. I can follow that Pluto is Co-Ruler of Nadal’s Ascendant and so could be in favor for him. The reason I see it rather inhibiting regarding the Uranus Opposition is the course of the pre clay season which Rafa hasn’t ruled as in the past. At Thursday the Moon square natal Moon possibly makes unease feelings in the upcoming. For Federer the Moon then trines natal Uranus: believing in the surprise? Sally mentions the Moon applying to Uranus in the opening chart which may suppose surprises. Not a new champion yet.

        1. Sally Kirkman

          Nadal’s Pluto transit conjunct his Mars is already playing out this year in unexpected losses followed by incredible wins. Pluto is an extreme planet and for Nadal, particularly powerful, as it is co-ruler of his horoscope. He won his last tournament at Rome. Could this spell defeat in Paris? – yes, it would be unexpected. As mentioned earlier, I hadn’t seen that he also has a Uranus transit opposite his natal Pluto at the same time as the Pluto transit to his natal Mars, which is a trickier influence. Plus, the Uranus transit is exact now. Let’s consider the match chart for the semi-final. If anyone finds out what time it will be played, let me know. Thank you.

    2. Sally Kirkman

      Good analysis, Patrick. I’m expecting the semi-final to be played on Thursday? Although, it looks like heavy rain all day in Paris today. That’s got to favour the ones who are through already – i.e. Nadal, Federer – more rest time. Yes, Federer’s Mars Return is exact on 6th June which is a strong minor aspect. I mentioned it in the article regarding his fitness – he’s meant to be fighting fit right now, which sounds like a Mars Return, Mars ruling your physical strength. Plus, the other minor aspects you mention. When I was looking at Nadal’s chart writing the article, I had missed the Uranus transit opposite his Pluto, which I agree isn’t great. It’s also exact on 6th June and could spell an upset. So, the jury’s out. I’ll hold off making a final prediction until I know what time the match is and we can look at that chart as well.

      1. Hello, the semi finals will be played on friday as usual. Nadal-Federer is expected to be played at 1 pm.

        1. Sally Kirkman

          hi Philippe, thank you for this. I did just see on a betting site that it states 11:45 on Friday? Not sure why they’ve chosen that time.

          1. Hi Sally,

            usually mens semi finals are not played before 13h00p.m. because there is commonly a match from the womans tour before the men’s play;

          2. Sally, in France, the schedule may be a liitle bit weird. Usually, the first semi final always starts at 1pm.

      2. Hola Saĺly!

        I saw it will be in friday at 14h. Moon will be aplying conjunction yo natal mercury of Federer ! Mercury its lord 10 and 1 of federer.
        Also , mercury, l10 of the chart and l10 of nadal will be making and opposition to natal neptune of nadal
        In his lunar return nadal has a ” T Square” between mercury 21 sag- natal uranus 20 sag- jup 20 sag and natal jupiter 20 piscis

        The crowd ( moon in leo) will be with federer and Paris I think its a leo city.
        In 2015 with jupiter in 18 leo Nadal was defeated in seminals.

        I think Mr Federer will defeat Nadal for first time in his career in Roland Garros. If not the públic will give him and outstanding ovation

        1. And also, mercury ( lord 10 of the chart of the semifinal) is making a very close sextil to uranus, so a ” surprise” can be at this Game. And that Mercury making oposition to natal neptune of Nadal and that uranus making oposition to natal Pluto of Nadal suggest that Federer Will be the surprise…

        2. Sally Kirkman

          Thank you, Javier. I’m still in two minds about the semi-final between Nadal and Federer. If they do play at 1pm, the chart has the same ASC & MC as Federer, within 1 degree. Plus, as mentioned the Moon is in Leo, Federer’s star sign. However, when considering the chart for a match, the ruler of the ASC represents the favourite, i.e. Nadal is the Mercury Cancer in the 10th house making an easy sextile aspect to Uranus. Which looks nice for him. Federer would be Jupiter in Sagittarius, retrograde at the base of the horoscope, heading for an opposition with the Sun in Gemini in the 10th house. For me, that gives a slight nod to Nadal. Yet, Nadal still has the tricky Uranus opposition to his natal Pluto, which I don’t like. Hmm… any other thoughts from astrologers, much appreciated.

          1. Thanks Sally. The second Semi at 4 PM shows MC conjunct Federer’s Mars Return an North Node.

          2. Sally Kirkman

            Thanks, Patrick. If they play at 4pm, the chart for the match favours Federer. The favourite, Nadal, is Venus Taurus, ruler of Libra Ascendant. Venus is strong in its sign of rulership but is going nowhere, i.e. makes no more aspects before leaving its sign. Federer is represented by Mars in Cancer, in its sign of fall, but on the Midheaven of the match chart and close to Federer’s natal Mars. Plus, the Moon in Leo is edging ever closer to Federer’s natal Mercury. I like the 1pm chart for Nadal, the 4pm chart for Federer!

          3. Sathia (Sathiamoorthy)

            Currently French Open authorities scheduled Federer Vs Nadal at 12:50 PM Paris time (10:50 AM GMT). Is the time you refer is for Paris Time or GMT?

          4. Sathia (Sathiamoorthy)

            But also, there is a rain forecast for Friday. So start of semifinal may be delayed !!

            Start at
            Men’s SinglesSemifinals

          6. Sally Kirkman

            Hi everyone, I’ve just looked at the weather forecast for Paris for Friday – it looks awful. Rain scheduled and heavy winds from 2pm onwards. You can check out what I’ve said about the astrology for the start of the scheduled matches below: 1pm and 4pm, if they happen on Friday. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ll be delayed until Saturday.

      3. Thank you Sally. You were spot on with Roger’s form. The Semis at Paris are usually set for Friday, usually 1 PM the first pair and 4 PM (or later) the second.

          1. It appears that Thursday is not a good day for Rafa – astrology-wise. Now that semi-finals are pushed back to Friday, with likelihood of a change in time to accommodate matches due to the washout on Wednesday, Rafa-Federer’s astrology relative strengths will change again.

            Maybe even the rain gods are intervening in the outcome of the match between these two tennis legends.

        1. Johny Excellent

          Hi Patrick,
          Thank you for wonderful Astro comments and your efforts. What does “The second Semi at 4 PM shows MC conjunct Federer’s Mars Return an North Node.” it mean practically?

          1. Maybe this is better to answer for Sally, Johny. I am not sure if Roger’s Mars Return conjunct MC (plus NN) can give a hint favoring for the Swiss.

  29. Rafa will surely avenge his losses against Roger in recent times. Keeping astrology apart, unless Rafa gets injured, Rafa will beat Roger in 4 sets and it will be a repeat of last year’s final.

    Rafa will lift his 12th RG trophy on Sunday beating Dominic Thiem in straight sets..

  30. What does Uranus opposite Pluto symbolize for rafa? Can it be positive or only negative?

    Also for Federer does Pluto trine Chiron indicate a chance to overcome past scars (i e losing to rafa so many times at the French open)?

    1. On another note ..this may be a surprise sally.. I have been following your blogs for tennis for many years ..since 2013/14. This is the first time I’m commenting. Keep up the good work, your dedication is inspirational.

      I have seen your blogs and your interpretations and insights have always been so impressive.

    2. Sally Kirkman

      Uranus is a trickster planet and in this case is likely to be more negative than positive. Sometimes, these slower moving transits don’t play out to the date but Uranus often does, due to its nature. Transits to Chiron are more difficult to interpret, especially a trine from Pluto. The symbolism does suggest some kind of personal transformation, but I don’t think you can guess further what it means for him in his tennis career.

  31. I think roger may win the French open 2019 similar to what Steffi Graf did it in 1999. He is the outside favourite definitely considering Nadal dominance at French capital. Something convinces me that this is going to happen which may be federer last victory in grand slam tournaments.

  32. Hi Sally,

    The semi is expected to start local time at 1pm. I’m a Rafa fan so obv want him to win but nervous just like all Rafa fans. The weather doesn’t look great and there might be atleast 1 rain delay around 2pm. Then wind gusts between 40 to 50mph all evening!

  33. Apart from astrology, windy conditions should favor Rafa as he will have more control of the ball than Roger.

    I Have a feeling that the match will start somewhere around 1 pm local time but will have interruptions. I doubt if they can get the second semi done on Friday.

    1. Not sure, Fedal. Federer is known to be an expert with windy conditions – keeping the ball low with speed and his slice. Nadal’s high spin should be more vulnerable to wind. Both are excellent with hand-eye coordination (Mercury in their charts), so I think they can handle it both better than others.

      1. Johny Excellent

        Hi Patrick,
        What’s your take on Federer (in case he advances to final) vs other two semi finalist. Will be interesting to hear…

  34. There are so many things that suggest that tomorrow will be the real final, the one between Nole and Thiem.
    For me they are the real two favorites of the tournament, and looking at their astrology, this is strengthened.
    On the day of the final, if he lands there, Nole has a very close conjunction of the Sun on native Mercury, a trine to the monomer of Mars on his MC, and a Venus almost exactly on the natal Sun, less than one degree.
    They seem to me very good aspects in perspective.
    But the day of the final the moon will be in virgin, and will go to square not so much its Sun but its mercury, and secondly also Chiron.
    Thiem virgin ascendant cancer, Mars has virtually exact ascendant transit, as long as the time is correct. And this amplifies even more the enormous physical energies that derive from the very close natal conjunction between Jupiter and Mars in Libra.
    Furthermore, a positive transit Neptune is almost exactly on the natal MC in Pisces.
    And on the day of the final, as mentioned, the Moon will be just in virgin joined to its Sun … sign of the destiny that is fulfilled for a sample?
    For me, if the two of them play, whoever passes and goes to the final will win the tournament.

  35. We are all eagerly waiting to hear views and analysis from Mr James Green.

    Mr James Green please ventilate your views.


  36. The nadal vs federer semifinal is scheduled to start at 12.50 pm local time weather permitting ofcourse.leo rises at that time and the ruling planet sun is in the 10th house so strong transit mars is in rapt conjunction with federers natal mars which is very beneficial for him as mars is the 9th lord denoting luck in federers horoscope but it is also going towards an opposition to transit Saturn which is exact on 14th june this may prove not so favourable.the ruling planet for the chart of the match denotes the favourite which is nadal due to his higher seeding and sun is strongly placed in the 10th moreover Saturn which denotes the opponent is retrograde and in rapt conjunction with south node does not bode well for federer so nadal will most probably win and go through to the finals.

    1. Thanks a lot Mr James Green for the readiness shown in expressing your views.
      Thanks once again.

      Now waiting for inputs from all.

  37. I missed one very favourable transit of federer. transit sun exactly sextiles his natal sun today as sun is federers ruling planet this is very good for the astrology seems more even for nadal and federer.i think it might be a great match.

  38. Ms Sally Kirkman,

    The Semi Finals will be played soon barring any rain delay. Can we expect your expert comments please ?


    1. Sally Kirkman

      Top 4 seeds vying for the trophy – so far, the tournament chart is playing out – a sense of stasis, the top seeds progressing. Interesting that Mars Cancer is strong for both underdogs today – Federer & Thiem. I do have a question mark around Nadal’s astrology but if the match starts at 1pm, then I favour Nadal to beat Federer. I still think Djokovic will beat Thiem with Jupiter on his side. As James Green said earlier, Nadal-Federer is almost too close to call. I think a lot depends on the weather today too. Still sticking by my original prediction – two Geminis in the final 🙂

  39. Kannan RafaFan

    Rafa – Federer Match started around 01:05 PM Paris Time.

    Does it favor Rafa? Can he taken the revenge?

  40. Its over now. Two breaks down in third set!! Congrats for accurate predictions to Sally, James and Patrick!

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Djokovic-Thiem – 1 set all, Thiem 3-1 up in third set, play interrupted! This is going to be a tense one…

      1. Sally, the match between Djokovic and Thiem is cancelled for today. Would be continued tomorrow.
        Would that affect Djokovic chances ?

        1. Sally Kirkman

          I think it helps Djokovic. If you read my comment earlier, the chart for the 4pm match today favoured the non-favourite. I was talking about it in relation to Nadal-Federer but it would have applied to Djokovic-Thiem too. If the match begins again tomorrow at 1pm?, then I think it favours Djokovic. Also, the Sun in Gemini is within 1 degree orb of Djokovic’ Mercury, the tennis planet. Djokovic does have a Chiron transit to his Moon, exact tomorrow, so I don’t know what that’s about or how it might affect him. I mentioned it in the main article – it’s probably more emotional/personal but could affect his playing. I’m still holding out for a Gemini-Gemini final 🙂

          1. Lesley Jackson

            I’m not holding out for a Gemini Gemini final. Djokovic’s behaviour is so unsportsmanlike. He refused to have the roof open on the 2nd day of the semi final against Rafa at Wimbledon last year even though the weather was good. This because he knows Rafa doesn’t play as well indoors. This year the rumour from the professionals is that he has just left the ground and basically, its all down to him that the rest of play today has been cancelled. They should stop pandering to him. Dominic Thiem should raise an official complaint. Djoko’s a cheat and doesn’t deserve to win.

          2. Sally Kirkman

            Fact or rumours? I’m always very loathe to believe what I read in the media these days. Djokovic’ natal chart shows he has a controlling side to his nature but not excessively so. I guess a lot of great athletes/competitors know how to get what they want.

          3. Sally Kirkman

            It changes the chart to a Leo Ascendant if the match starts at 12pm. I’m still veering towards a Djokovic win!

          4. Lesley Jackson

            Well it was what Jim Courier was saying and all of the commentators were saying they couldn’t believe the match was being restarted as people had spent a lot on tickets, the sun was shining and the wind had died down considerably They were shocked and said “it stinks”. Last year he did refuse to have the roof open when the match restarted at Wimbledon – that is fact as the BBC announced it. I like fair play and I believe if he had been in front he would have come back out to finish the match off today.

          5. Sally Kirkman

            Just having a look online myself and the rumours are that the organisers were the ones to curtail the semi-final when it wasn’t necessary. Whether Djokovic put pressure on them or they bowed to his wishes is hard to tell. Also, a bit of a shocker that the women’s semi-finals weren’t played on the major courts – that is a bad call by the organisers!

          6. Thanks Sally for the answer. However as the match has started at the appointed time, wouldnt that be considered on an astrological note rather than the time of the next start of the game.

          7. Sally Kirkman

            Yes, it’s a good point. I think theoretically you’re right – that we should view the original match chart as the one that will describe the outcome. In which case, you would have to favour Thiem! Venus Taurus – ruler Ascendant – is in its sign of rulership but going nowhere (Djokovic) whereas Mars Cancer – ruler Descendant is in its sign of fall. However, it is on the Midheaven, success point of the chart conjunct the North Node (Thiem).

          8. Hi Lesley ,

            How about Nadal in 2010 Wimbledon match against Phillip Petszner , 2010 FO against Isner ???

            And his serve in 2010 US Open which he learnt just few weeks before the tournament & immediately forgot it ???😂😂😂

          9. Lesley Jackson

            Pagal Babar

            I have no clue to what you refer, sorry. Nadal is known for his sportsmanship. I just say as I see and many commentators on tv are in accord. He even tried to get the umpire to call the score later so he had more time to serve.

            I am not about to get into an argument. It didn’t help him so nothing more to say.

      2. As Venus Taurus – rules Ascendant in its sign of rulership of Thiem going nowhere, could we infer that that there wouldnt be a result that day ? If Thiem wins today, than the second match favouring the non-favourite to win would gain precedence or the Chiron transit to Djokovics moon would play a part needs to be understood.

        1. Sally Kirkman

          Venus in Taurus is the significator for Djokovic in the match chart – the favourite. Venus was going nowhere but it’s a strong significator in its sign of rulership. Maybe luck on Djokovic’ side as he was down in the third set? Let’s see what happens today.

  41. Such a great champion Roger is, still is unable to solve the puzzle of how to beat Rafa on Chattrier!!! Both players are really out of this world.. Loads of respect for both of them…

    I still believe it would be a Nadal vs Thiem final with Nadal winning 12th RG trophy on Sunday.

  42. Great win for Dominic and as I had said it would be a repeat of the last year’s final with same result. Superb display from Thiem to dismantle the world number 1.

    He would be one of the favourites here once Rafa retires and can win 2-3 RG titles..

  43. As I wrote yesterday, in my opinion those who went to the final today between Thiem and Nole, would have won the tournament.
    I also wrote that tomorrow, Sunday, the moon is in Virgo right on Dominic’s Sun, and this might seem like a sign of destiny (and this also means that the Moon will be square instead to the Sun of Nadal).
    So I confirm my prediction, which derives both from a tennis and a technical consideration considering that Thiem has already beaten Nadal on earth in a master’s degree, but above all astrological: Dominic Thiem will win, despite the 4 days in a row and fatigue, while Nadal is very rested.
    And it will be his consecration as a champion.

    1. Nadal will win in 3 sets. At Roland Garros, Nadal is seems to be beyond astrology and as per Sally, he also has good transits. Let’s see what happens.

      1. This is not about cheering for one player or another.
        We talk about astrology applied to tennis.
        For me it has better Thiem astrology for tomorrow, and also considering that now the two players are very close on clay as a balance of power, for which Thiem will win.
        If I’m wrong, I’ll tell you.

        1. Thanks Andreas for your analysis. I am not sure if the Moon will bother Nadal as it squares his Sun in the evening hours. At Melbourne final it was precise at the match start.

          Thiem definitely has interesting astrology as we discussed in the beginning. Mars on AC and the Moon about to join his Sun when the match approaches the end.
          Thiem just left his longterm coach Bresnik who made him since he was 12. I wonder if Neptune conjunct natal MC means the cloudiness of this relationship in the past weeks. Or will it mean more ‘Dreams come true’ as Neptune is Co-Ruler of Thiem’s Midheaven.- see Sally’s prediction? The Sun will square his MC as it did the last two years when Thiem lost to Nadal. Is Neptune in the mix going to change the effect for the Austrian contender? Curious what you think and Sally and James…. Thanks all!

          1. Sally Kirkman

            So it’s not a Gemini-Gemini final as predicted. Instead, we have a Gemini (Nadal) – Virgo (Thiem) final. Both signs ruled by Mercury, the tennis planet. Reading the charts for the semi-finals worked perfectly yesterday – the favourite winning in the 1pm chart, the non-favourite winning in the 4pm chart. Therefore, it’s worth reading the chart for the final in the same way. Libra Ascendant – therefore Nadal is Venus in Gemini. Venus changed star sign since the semi-finals and is now in Gemini, the tennis star sign. I said in the original article that it’s going nowhere. It is, but a way off – Venus’ next aspects pick up the Jupiter-Neptune square. Thiem’s significator is Mars Cancer in the 10th house conjunct the north node. 10th house/north node both spell success but Mars is weak in Cancer and Chiron (wounded healer) is also conjunct the Aries Descendant of the chart. Mars next aspect is trine Neptune. Therefore, swings and roundabouts for both significators. I like that Venus has moved into Gemini and is at 0 degrees of the sign – I favour Nadal.
            Looking at their major transits, two stand out. Pluto transit conjunct Nadal’s Mars and Neptune transit conjunct Thiem’s Midheaven (success point). This is where astrology gets really interesting because if you read any astrology cook-book, it would tell you that both transits are a negative influence. Which is why you have to consider each chart on an individual basis and note that a) Pluto is Nadal’s co-ruler (Scorpio Ascendant) and b) Neptune is Thiem’s Midheaven ruler (Pisces). I have seen this work out as a positive influence in client’s charts time and again. Plus, both men have reached the final so neither transit can be called a disaster.
            On the day of the final, they both have some great minor transits. Mars at 15 Cancer conjunct Nadal’s Venus and Thiem’s Ascendant. Also, the Moon at 9 Virgo is conjunct Thiem’s Sun at 10 Virgo and in Nadal’s 10th house (success). There is one major planetary aspect forming – Sun at 18 Gemini square Neptune at 18 Pisces. Will this help or hinder Thiem’s Neptune transit of the Midheaven – possibly the latter, as the Sun is square to his Midheaven, whereas for Nadal, the Sun is in the thick of his natal Gemini planets.
            So, all in all, you can see this is really intriguing astrology and not an easy one to predict. I’m standing by my original prediction and favour a Nadal win. I hope it’s a great match.

          1. Lesley Jackson

            Thank you Sally.

            I hope Rafa wins and believe he will but I think Thiem would be a worthy successor to Nadal at Roland Garros. Hopefully, not this year but I’m sure he’s a future winner and I wouldn’t be so downhearted if Rafa lost his crown to Thiem.

        2. I believe it’s Dominic’s day. Just see Uranus sextiles the Match MC. Girlfriend Mladenovic took the double championship. Thanks to all the other final predictions

      1. True. And I am sorry, I didn’t mean to belittle your analysis. I was just saying that its the hardest thing in tennis to defeat Rafa at Roland Garros Final and even with good astrology, not sure anyone can do it. We will see. Hope its a good match and not interrupted by weather.

    2. I firmly believe Rafa will thrash Thiem in straight sets or at the max of expense of one set, and win the trophy. As long as his legs are healthy no one, even the great Roger, can beat him on this court, it’s a second home of the Spaniard, Philippe Chatrier.

      I am sure, all astrologers who are predicting a Thiem win, will come tomorrow to analyse why Thiem lost. Best luck guys!!!

      Of course, only Sally and James predicted Nadal victory and I am also going with them.

      Note: This is not to criticize any astrologer here, my opinion is strictly based on the form of both these players and also the conditions in which the final is to be played. I am sure Thiem will win RG at some point of time but not this time.

  44. Tomorrow, for Thiem, Mars is still sextile his Mercury, energizing his mind and stimulating his reactions. Mars squares his natal Jupiter, so he’ll give it all he’s got, but the square of Mars to his Mars is on the wane. Saturn will still be on his Uranus/Neptune, so there could still be a shock to deal with. Neptune still sextiles his Uranus (playing with finesse and complexity). Neptune still sextiles his Neptune, so he is spiritually in tune with himself. Also still in place are: The South Node conjunct his Neptune, a weakness or distraction, possibly karmic in nature. And Pluto sextile his Pluto, which is self-empowering. In addition, Mars is on his Ascendant, providing fighting spirit.

    Will things have moved much in a couple of days for Rafael? He will have Mars on his Venus, so will play to the love of the crowd for him in that venue. He will still have the dangerous transit of Mars on his Pluto. Jupiter will be square his natal Jupiter, so he will feel lucky, even though that may cause him to overreach himself. Chiron trines his Saturn, a measured healing force. Jupiter is still conjunct his natal Uranus (luck and surprise), but on the wane. Uranus opposing his Pluto (great tension) is on the wane (another transposition I made in a hurry yesterday). Uranus trines his Neptune, so his intuition will be strong.

    Perhaps the Jupiter luck is on the wane for Rafael. Though mentally he regards the crown as his in that place, and who knows what his karma with Roland Garros is? It may go back to past lives. But I will say Thiem will win. Bold prediction.

  45. Great performance from Thiem. Chiron exact on Djokovic’s Moon showed astrologically significant. Novak was bothered in his feelings. Tough for Thiem that the organization didn’t play the Semis parallel to avoid the risk of a disadvantage to one finalist. Also it seemed to be stopped too early yesterday when there was enough time left and the Sun came to light.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Agreed that it sounds as if the semi-final was stopped too early, which doesn’t help Thiem having less rest for the final. I would love to know what’s going on personally for Djokovic with Chiron conjunct his natal Moon – I would guess something is disturbing him behind the scenes.

  46. the french open final starts at 3.00pm local paris time.Sidereal 10.55 virgo rises and the mid heaven is 11.51 gemini which makes mercury both the ruling planet and success planet.mercury is well placed in gemini near the mid heaven.this gives a nod towards the favorite which is nadal.The decendent lord showing the underdog is jupiter and is retrograde so it is unlikely theim will come out the winner.i got a birth time for theim which shows 1.30 am on 03.09.1993 in wiener neustadt austria which gives 24.10gemini as ascendent and 27.42 aquarius as mid heaven meaning mercury is the ruling planet and saturn is the career saturn is retrograde and in rapt conjunction with south node which can only show disappointment in career matters.for nadal at the time of the match mars is conjunct his natal venus(his ruling planet) and transit venus squares his MC which can be good for success. my prediction nadal beating theim and winning his 12th rg thereby creating history.

      1. Dear Sally i posted my prediction in greater detail a few hours ago but for some reason it did not appearyour prediction is same as mine

        1. Sally Kirkman

          I posted my astrological analysis of the final earlier today. Re-posting here incase anyone else missed it.

          So it’s not a Gemini-Gemini final as predicted. Instead, we have a Gemini (Nadal) – Virgo (Thiem) final. Both signs ruled by Mercury, the tennis planet. Reading the charts for the semi-finals worked perfectly yesterday – the favourite winning in the 1pm chart, the non-favourite winning in the 4pm chart. Therefore, it’s worth reading the chart for the final in the same way. Libra Ascendant – therefore Nadal is Venus in Gemini. Venus changed star sign since the semi-finals and is now in Gemini, the tennis star sign. I said in the original article that it’s going nowhere. It is, but a way off – Venus’ next aspects pick up the Jupiter-Neptune square. Thiem’s significator is Mars Cancer in the 10th house conjunct the north node. 10th house/north node both spell success but Mars is weak in Cancer and Chiron (wounded healer) is also conjunct the Aries Descendant of the chart. Mars next aspect is trine Neptune. Therefore, swings and roundabouts for both significators. I like that Venus has moved into Gemini and is at 0 degrees of the sign – I favour Nadal.
          Looking at their major transits, two stand out. Pluto transit conjunct Nadal’s Mars and Neptune transit conjunct Thiem’s Midheaven (success point). This is where astrology gets really interesting because if you read any astrology cook-book, it would tell you that both transits are a negative influence. Which is why you have to consider each chart on an individual basis and note that a) Pluto is Nadal’s co-ruler (Scorpio Ascendant) and b) Neptune is Thiem’s Midheaven ruler (Pisces). I have seen this work out as a positive influence in client’s charts time and again. Plus, both men have reached the final so neither transit can be called a disaster.
          On the day of the final, they both have some great minor transits. Mars at 15 Cancer conjunct Nadal’s Venus and Thiem’s Ascendant. Also, the Moon at 9 Virgo is conjunct Thiem’s Sun at 10 Virgo and in Nadal’s 10th house (success). There is one major planetary aspect forming – Sun at 18 Gemini square Neptune at 18 Pisces. Will this help or hinder Thiem’s Neptune transit of the Midheaven – possibly the latter, as the Sun is square to his Midheaven, whereas for Nadal, the Sun is in the thick of his natal Gemini planets.
          So, all in all, you can see this is really intriguing astrology and not an easy one to predict. I’m standing by my original prediction and favour a Nadal win. I hope it’s a great match.

          1. Hi sally
            Yes you are right Nadal won in 4vsets.thanks for your support and lovely predictions as always.three cheers



          2. Just saw the press conference of Thiem. “My biggest dream did not come true” expressing perfectly Neptune conjunct MC square the Sun.

          3. Sally Kirkman

            Thanks for sharing this, Patrick. Yes, a perfect showing of Sun square to Neptune on his MC. I think we can agree on Thiem’s birth time with both the Neptune transit (MC) and Mars transit (ASC) powerful during the tournament. Reaching the final’s a great achievement, even if it’s not the outcome you want.

    1. I absolutely doubt that Thiem is ascending gemini, but quite a lot.
      For me it is absolutely ascendant cancer, and we see it in the first place both in its physical physiognomy, and in its attitudes.
      I understand this from observation experience …
      Then, more importantly, I don’t understand how Gemini asc can turn out to you, calculating the birth of 1.30 am, because it turns out to be exactly 16 degrees of Cancer …
      I don’t know what ephemeris you use or what computer program, but I believe there is some problem.
      So, if it is and it is, Mars is in very close transit on its ascendant Cancer. And this also makes him think of his extreme vitality and enegy of the moment, which already in itself is enormous with that conjunction with the monomer Jupiter Mars.
      My prediction, I repeat, is that Dominic Thiem will win.
      Let’s see.

  47. Thank you Sally for continuing the tradition of prediction and providing this forum for discussion. Thanks to fellow astrologers too for their contribution.

    Can’t wait till Wimbledon.

    P.S. Would love any teasers for Wimbledon!!

  48. Kudos to Sally, James and Patrick for amazing prediction. Well done again. I wonder how astrology plays out so well time and again.

  49. Ok, I missed the forecast.
    I was convinced that Thiem could do it for technical and astrological questions, as mentioned.
    But I guessed that he could go to the final 🙂 … a little better than Sally 🙂
    Nadal on earth is obviously unbeatable, and he is right who says that with him astrological predictions are of little importance, given the enormous margin he has on this surface.
    That is, with a not exceptional astrology, he also has the chance to win quietly.
    But only on land in Paris, on the rest is another story.

    1. Andreas – Could your analysis be off in some aspects ? Not insulting your knowledge, but it would be interesting to find out what caused the different conclusion you had relative to what Sally and James predicted.

      Rafa is good, but he is certainly not as sharp in 2019 as he was against Stan W. in 2017, so the ‘Rafa triumph astrology” factor is not as strong here.

      1. Sally said Pluto transit can turn him into an exterminator and gladiator!! And the transit will last until end of 2020!! Overtake Federer??

        1. Sally Kirkman

          I do want to clarify about the Pluto transit – it is likely to bring extremes of success, i.e. some wins, some losses. Rafa had a bad start to 2019 but he turned things around in Rome, a week before the French Open. That’s why I thought the Pluto transit could bring a positive outcome for the French Open as the momentum was on the up. It’s unlikely to keep him at the top, as Pluto is rarely an easy planetary transit.

    2. Andreas, I like to read your analysis which are very good. Thiem was strong as the astrology has shown. I disagree that Rafa is beyond astrology, Sally made the right predictions about him, especially in the last two rounds matches.

  50. Congrats to Nadal for the Championship and also big kudos to Thiem for a spectacular match. The first two sets have been one of the best matches on clay.

    Some occasions let you think if players were treated same at this tournament. Thiem’s Semi match wasn’t played parallel to the first Semi and then stopped in spite of bettering weather conditions that allowed 1-2 more hours to play. A beg from Thiem’s coach Massu to postpone for Monday was abandoned. So Thiem had to play 3 consecutive days against the World’s Number 1 and 2.
    Djokovic receives repeated time warnings and today nothing happened with Nadal. Thiem on court during Set 1: “It takes so long to be played one ball.” For me these happenings cloud an exciting final.

    1. The most funny incident I have ever seen on a tennis court is when Leonardo Mayer was warned for time violation during his match against Nadal in 2017 US open 2nd round. Mayer was shocked , couldn’t believe it. He was leading by a set & a break that time.

      Even in today’s match match, the clock showed 0 seconds & Nadal was not in service motion , still the chair umpire didn’t warn him !!!!!

    2. You are absolutely right Patrick. The way the women SF were treated was also not good.

      And if the umpires do their job and be fair to all the players.

    3. So now we are going to sit and grudge nadal his victory ? Let us be assured that even if thiem had a day off, he was not going to beat nadal…the match postponed on Friday had nothing to do with nadal..both djokovic n thiem agreed to play next day..they should have refused..there was 1 hour clear sky after it was postponed…

      Did we read these complaints when wimby 18 was denied to nadal when his semi was played under the roof though it was bright n sunny outside. It’s an outdoor tournament. Djokovic would not have won that semi under bright sun as Rafa’s shots get different venom under the sun rather indoors. Subscribing to fair play djokovic could have agreed to keep roof open next day but he did not..did ee complain then ? The tournament changed its rules later that if it’s sunny roof will stay open irrespective of how match was poayed previous day.

      1. Sanju it’s obvious that no one is perfect. Did people complain about Fed getting frustrated and hitting the ball in the public. Has Nadal ever done that?

        Maybe umpires also like Nadal because he is nice and respectful to them but Djokovic and sometime Fed is always arguing with umpires.

        People who love Federer they always see issues with Nadal and that’s not goona change.

        1. Rinku..I don’t like it when people apply selective bias. Nadal has won this tourney 11 times before today…are we still going to lament whether thiem would have beaten him had he got a day rest…and massu may have asked for final on Monday but should the final be postponed as massu asked…people have paid for tickets on Sunday..not monday…there is TV and the weather forecast is all rain monday..

          My point is simple…why were all these points not made when rafa was dealt with unfairly at wimby 18 and the slam snatched away from him ?

          And whether people like it or not..karma came n bit djokovic hard in RG just for what he did in wimby 18…mother nature hit back at him with greater ferocity . He wanted this slam even more than rafa wanted wimby 18 as he was going for second 4 in a row and double career slam..but karma denied it to him. Play it fair djokovic and learn your lesson from this.

        2. Is nadal responsible for djoKovic getting time violation ? No right…who stopped the umpire from giving it to rafa today…this time violation is a grey area…it has a human aspect…after players play a lung busting rally…some umpires mat just not choose to look at clock…some umpires play by the book…it’s always at discretion of umpires…people should stop grudging rafa all the time.

          1. Sanju – No one is grudging – Its only that when the umpire told Rafa in the 1st set that he was slow in his service games. Rafa said to the umpire that he should be given more time. You can understand what could have happened if the umpire had gone ahead and given him a time violation.

      2. Does anyone know if Rafa’s astrology gives him.a chance to touch 20. I would love both rafa and fed to close with same number of slams. That will be poetic justice to both fanbases and also to the 2 biggest ambassadors of the sport.

      3. Amado Bustamante

        @ Sanju
        I totally agree with you !! It’s been almost a year since Wimbledon , 2018 but I still feel the hurt and pain for Rafa . HE WAS ROBBED OF WIMBLEDON , 2018 .
        But as the saying goes : What goes around comes around !!

        1. How are you Mr Amado Bustamante ?

          If my memory serves me right, the last time your wrote was during U S Open 2017. Nice to read your post again.

          Will meet again during Wimbledon 2019.

          Thanks and regards,


          1. Amado Bustamante

            @Raman I’m fine , thank you !
            Although I’m not posting comments, I follow Sally’s blog and predictions when a GS comes around. It’s been amazing how astrology plays out so well in predicting the outcome of a GS .
            See you in Wimbledon, 2019 .

  51. Thank you very much Sally for all your efforts these two weeks! Congratulations for picking the champion right once again! 👍 Awesome predictions you offered picking the winners right in the final rounds. See you all soon for Wimbledon ☺

  52. Sathia (Sathia moorthy)

    Thank You Sally for the presictionn and all the analysis you shared. Very interesting to read and watch the matches. As I always mention your prediction and the blog discussion is a great value add to Grandsams !!!! In fact I do not get to follow slams until your prediction is shared 🙏

    Thanks to all the other astro experts James Green, Patrick, Andrea and others for all your contributions to the discussion and it was a great learning for a layman like me.

  53. Another round of great insights sally..the overall theme is just like you said..nothing new to see this tournaments terms of matchups this was certainly true..being Nadal fan I’m amazed at his intensity & talent but let’s spare a thought for Dominic who gave it his honest feel was fatigue wasn’t a factor for him given how he played. This was also the closest final for Rafa in my opinion even tho score line suggests otherwise..the way that first set went in terms of intensity, whoever lost was going to be physically affected big time

  54. sally congratulations once again for correctly predicting the winner. your statement pluto transiting over his natal mars will turbo boost him to the title was spot on when other astrologers said that will result in injury. actually he was injured when he came on to the court to play his 2nd round match and hit his head on a camera and there was blood.but fortunately for him it was not serious and he went on to make your words come true.keep going sally wimbledon is round the corner and looking forward to your predictions on it.

    1. Hello James,

      Thanks to Sally and you for predicting the winners correctly!!

      What are Rafa’s chances for Wimbledon 2019, please respond.


    2. Dear Mr James Green,

      Congratulations to you as well for the accurate prediction from Day 1.

      Your analysis based on surreal astrology made very interesting reading.

      Looking forward to your views during Wimbledon 2019.

      Thanks once again.

      1. Thanks raman shall give my views on Wimbledon when sally writes her blog on Wimbledon which is in 3 weeks time

    3. Sally Kirkman

      I didn’t realise Nadal got an injury during the tournament – it fits the symbolism too. I don’t think the Pluto transit will be an easy one for Nadal in the long-term but he used it well this time around 🙂

  55. Hello Sally,

    Congratulations Sally on predicting the right winner of RG2019 🙂 I love your forum for having 360 degrees perspective of tropical astrology and sidereal astrology, though charts look different here in India. I love tennis and it is always interesting to read the comments here, though i don’t understand the technical details.

    I know little bit of numerology. With that knowledge, i had this intuition for the final. Finals on 9-6-2019 ie. 9 and sum of all numbers is also 9. Before the finals, i had this feeling that, irrespective of Thiem or Novak in the final, Nadal is going to win the trophy, as 9,9 favours Nadal absolutely, as his birth date is 3,6 and 6 loves 9. Any opinions on this?


    1. Sally Kirkman

      Thank you for sharing – I don’t work with numerology but always interesting to read about other forms of divination 🙂

  56. I think, Nadal should skip wimby to protect his knees and stay healthy for US open, ATP Finals and it also means the world No.! and not to mention a good start at aus open.

    Last year he played wimby , no doubt he was an inch closer to title, but his physical body could not play to his real potential till Rome open, right?

  57. Congratulations Ms Sally for the yet another perfect prediction of Men’s Grand Slam Finals.

    Once again thanking you for the time spent and the alacrity shown to keep this forum kicking !!!

    Wonderful !!!

    Best wishes

    Until we interact once again during Wimbledon 2019,


  58. Sally Kirkman

    Thank you everyone for all the comments – too many to reply to separately. Your congratulations on the correct prediction are always much appreciated 🙂 I look forward to seeing you in three weeks time at Wimbledon. For those of you who take the time and bring your expertise to the astrology, your contribution is invaluable. Thank you 🙂

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