French Open Tennis 2018

French Open astrology chartUpdate: Rafa Nadal won his 11th French Open title and in the end, no player could get near him. Which makes the Uranus signature of the tournament chart and Nadal’s astrology intriguing. If anything, it seemed to bamboozle the astrologers (myself included) as I didn’t hear one astrologer predict a Nadal win. Ignoring Uranus in the tournament chart and the north node conjunct the Ascendant (favourite) and the Moon heading to a conjunction with lucky Jupiter was perhaps enough to favour the favourite. This time, both no. 1 seeds won – Nadal in the mens and Halep in the womens. Jupiter transits were key for Djokovic and Dominic Thiem, who made the final. As in previous tournaments, Jupiter retrograde doesn’t seem to highlight complete success although both players did well. My pick, Alexander Zverev had a good tournament and won some key 5-setters, but injury finally caught him out. The best astrology came from the individual charts for some of the later matches, keeping it simple. See you next time, at Wimbledon.

French Open – May 27th to June 10th 2018

So… the last five Grand Slam wins go like this: Federer – Nadal – Federer – Nadal – Federer. Follow the sequence and Nadal wins the French Open and Federer wins Wimbledon 2018. It’s certainly possible.

Let’s have a closer look at what the astrology tells us about the second Grand Slam of 2018, the French Open.

Tournament Chart (see left):

The planet of surprises, Uranus, dominates the tournament chart, as it often does during the French Open. The tournament chart is a map of the heavens taken at the exact moment the tournament begins. It’s a snapshot in time that symbolises what is to unfold during the subsequent two weeks.

What’s different this year, however, is the fact that on May 15, 2018, Uranus moved into earth sign, Taurus, and as Uranus only changes star sign once every seven years, this is a big deal. Uranus has been in fire sign, Aries, since 2011.

Plus, at the same time, the planet of athleticism, Mars, entered Aquarius, which is Uranus’ star sign. The two are intricately linked together and they are currently in square aspect as the tournament begins. Neither planet is exactly conjunct an angle but notice the rulership of the Descendant – Aquarius – and the Midheaven – Aries.

Mars rules Aries; Uranus rules Aquarius and this brings together the non-favourite (Descendant) and the winner (Midheaven). This planetary symbol on its own indicates upsets and some uber-competitive tennis.

There are other factors to consider, namely the north node conjunct the Ascendant, the point in the tournament chart which represents the favourite. The north node is often a nod to destiny and a positive astrological symbol. Leo on the Ascendant means that the Sun in Gemini is the chart ruler and it’s heading towards a Full Moon cutting across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis of the zodiac on May 29th.

Also, note the Moon/Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio, also relevant. This too would give a nod to the favourite as it is the Moon’s next exact planetary aspect. However, Jupiter is retrograde, i.e. in retreat and, as we’ve seen before in the tennis tournaments, this means that Jupiter isn’t as favourable as usual.

Note: Uranus seems to be the planet to note because it’s coming up time and again in players’ charts (see below) and there are a lot of Sun Taurus players moving up the rankings. This isn’t a surprise with Uranus, the planet that’s all about highs or lows and nothing in between, moving into Taurus.

Stan Wawrinka won two of his Grand Slam victories over the last seven years during Uranus transits to his Sun Aries and Mercury Aries respectively.

The Players:

First, it’s important to note that the UK’s favourite Andy Murray is out injured and Roger Federer, at the grand old age of 36, is avoiding the clay season and sensibly waiting to compete at his favourite tennis ground, Wimbledon. He’ll be back.

Here’s the best of the rest. Please note, I’ve looked at all the top seeds and only write about the ones where the astrology leaps out.

Rafael Nadal, b. June 3, 1986, 7:10pm, Manacor, Spain, no. 1 seed

Rafael Nadal is the hot favourite to take the title at his favourite tennis venue. He’s already achieved ‘La Decima’, 10 Grand Slam wins at the French Open and he’s bidding for his 11th. 2018 was a tricky start for him as he had to withdraw from the Australian Open with an injury but recently he’s been in winning form at Monte Carlo, Barcelona and the Italian Open. (This coincided with his progressed Moon at 26 Gemini conjunct his natal Mercury, career planet. That progression is beginning to separate).

As is often the case, Nadal’s birthday falls during the French Open and, as this is Gemini season, this Sun Gemini is always in the swing of things. Plus, on the day of the final (see chart below), it’s Nadal’s Mercury Return. Mercury is Nadal’s career planet, strong in Gemini, and although the Mercury Return happens once a year, it’s a lovely nod to victory. The Sun/Mercury conjunction in Gemini sits atop a Gemini Midheaven, compellingly simple astrology to predict a Nadal win.

However, before racing ahead, Nadal has a major transit taking place which may not be comfortable. His Moon is 00 Taurus 42 so he will have an exact Uranus conjunction on May 29th, the day of the Full Moon. The Moon rules your emotions and this can be an unsettling transit. It’s not directly linked to his career and yet, it feels volatile.

He does have a key Jupiter transit trine his Venus at 15 Cancer, exact the following day, May 30th, but this seems more about relationships and an outpouring of love, again Jupiter is retrograde. The first week, therefore, will be crucial for him.

Alexander Zverev, b. April 20, 1997, (11:00pm or 3am), Hamburg, Germany, no. 2 seed

Young Alexander Zverev is a brilliant tennis player but the best he’s achieved at a Grand Slam is the fourth round. He is on something of a roll, however, and recently reached the final of the Italian Open against Nadal. He’s also the no. 2 seed going into the competition.

His astrology is amazing at the moment because he has a significant Uranus transit conjunct his Sun. Uranus conjunct the Sun is very different to Uranus conjunct the Moon (see Nadal) because the Sun is your essence and who you are becoming in your lifetime. It brings out your potential. Either that or you have a mid-life crisis and he’s rather young to be having one!

What’s frustrating about Zverev’s astrology is that he has two potential birth-times. If he’s born at 3am, he has the Sun at 29 Aries. If he’s born at 11pm, he has the Sun at 0 Taurus – it changes Sun signs depending on his time of birth. What it doesn’t change though is the fact that Uranus is going back and forth over his Sun this year and next as Uranus goes back and forth between Aries and Taurus (key months – May & November 2018, March 2019). Exciting times.

Uranus transits are often date-specific and personally I prefer the 11pm time. If this is correct, the date to note will be May 31st which is when Uranus will be conjunct his Sun Taurus. If he reaches the final, Mars at 7 Aquarius will be conjunct his natal Uranus at 8 Aquarius. He’s in the vibe of the current planetary set-up that’s causing a storm.

Grigor Dimitrov, b. May 16 1991, 5:30 am unconfirmed, Haskovo, Bulgaria, no. 4 seed

Another Sun Taurus, but Dimitrov’s Sun is at 24 Taurus, so he will get the Uranus transit in a few year’s time. What Dimitrov does have, however, is Mercury, often a key planet in tennis, at 29 Aries, so Uranus will be going back and forth over his natal Mercury this year and next.

If his time of birth is correct, Saturn is his career planet, and he has the Mars transit conjunct Saturn on the day of the final: Mars at 7 Aquarius, his natal Saturn in the 10th house of career at 6 Aquarius. It’s a competitive and fighting combination.

Kevin Anderson, b. May 18, 1986, no time, Johannesburg, South Africa, no. 6 seed

I’m liking these Sun Taurus players. Again, Anderson’s Sun is at 27 Taurus conjunct Mercury at 21 Taurus, so not electrifying for a few years yet. He does, however, have Venus at 26 Gemini so close to the Mercury/Midheaven combination on the day of the final. As an aside, Pluto is almost exactly conjunct his natal Mars at 20 Capricorn, which can indicate injury.

David Goffin, b. December 7 1990, 2:35pm, Liege, Belgium, no. 8 seed

A Sun Sagittarius, Goffin will have key Jupiter transits next year, 2019, when Jupiter moves into his star sign, Sagittarius. He has some big transits coming up as his Ascendant is 3 Taurus 34 so Uranus is honing in on his Ascendant. Plus, his Midheaven is 14 Capricorn and his career planet Saturn is at 22 Capricorn. That could prove interesting when Saturn is at those degrees next year.

Lucas Pouille, b. February 23 1994, 4:00 pm, Grand, Lorraine, France, no. 15 seed

Another confirmed birthtime – hoorah! Pouille is a Sun Pisces but what I like about his chart is the fact that his Jupiter is at 14 Scorpio 37 so he’s having his Jupiter Return during the tournament. Admittedly, it’s the retrograde phase, exact on June 10th, but nonetheless only one of a few players where Jupiter is strong.

Kyle Edmund, b. January 8 1995, time unknown, Beverley, UK, no. 16 seed

I really wanted Kyle Edmund’s astrology to be amazing. He’s a Brit; he made the semi-finals at the Australian Open earlier this year, he defeated Djokovic at the Madrid Open and he’s made the top 16. Without a time of birth, it’s hard to see what ‘s propelled him forwards.

He’s a Sun Capricorn and Pluto was conjunct his natal Sun last year. Sometimes, Pluto acts as turbo-fuel rather than wipes you out. I look forward to seeing how he progresses and with two lovely planets, Venus and Jupiter, in early degrees Sagittarius, it looks as if his winning streak will continue into 2019.

Hyeon Chung, b.May 19 1996, time unknown, Suwon, South Korea, no. 19 seed

This is where it gets really interesting, so I hope you’re still reading. Chung is yet another Sun Taurus, albeit at later degrees, 28 Taurus. He also has Mars at 12 Taurus and Mercury 22 Taurus so he’s entering an interesting phase in his life, thanks to Uranus, although nothing exact at this tournament, without a time of birth.

I was surfing the net earlier and came across the name, Sean Calvert. Some of you may have heard of him. He’s a red-hot punter who’s had many amazing tennis predictions over the last few years. One of the most recent was predicting John Isner to win the Miami Open at 100-1.

If you want to find out the top 5 he’s predicting for the French Open 2018, I believe you’re going to have to subscribe to Sportsline, a paid subscription. I know that he’s not predicting Nadal to win and one of his punts in the top 5 is Hyeon Chung. I wonder if he knows Chung is a Sun Taurus? Doubt it.

Kei Nishikori, b. December 29 1989, 5:30am unconfirmed, Matsue, Japan, no. 20 seed

Nishikori is back from injury. He’s a Sun Capricorn with a stellium of planets (in his case, 6) in this hard-working earth sign. What I like about his astrology chart is that he was born on a Sun/Uranus conjunction, so he’s not your normal Capricorn.

Plus, he has Saturn, Capricorn’s planet, going back and forth over his natal Sun at 7 Capricorn. This means he’ll be working harder than ever to achieve. Let’s hope Saturn’s kind to him and not injurious.

Novak Djokovic, b. May 22 1987, 11:25 pm, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, no. 21 seed

Blimey, can you believe it? Djokovic the no. 21 seed. Anyway, after a difficult year, he seems to be returning to form and this year is when his progressed Sun will be conjunct his natal Mars, his career planet (exact August 16th). So this should be firing him up.

Also, his Midheaven, the success point in his chart is 14 Scorpio so he has lucky Jupiter wafting success his way. Let’s not forget Jupiter is currently retrograde and he might have to wait for the direct conjunction, exact August 3rd, to be back to top potential.

Nick Kyrgios, b. April 27 1995, time unknown, Canberra, Australia, no. 22 seed

Kyrgios is yet another Sun Taurus. His Sun is at 6 Taurus so Uranus will be there in a year or so’s time. What intrigued me about his astrology is the fact that he was born on a Sun-Uranus square: Sun 6 Taurus square Uranus at 0 Aquarius.

Therefore, he’s having a Uranus transit square his natal Uranus. He already has something of a reputation as the bad boy of tennis, but I wonder whether this volatile configuration will kick in during the tournament. Next year is his Jupiter Return, when success beckons.

Serena Williams, b. September 26 1991, 8:28 pm, Saginaw, Michigan, USA

I thought I’d take a quick look at Serena William’s astrology as she’s coming back to Grand Slam tennis after giving birth last year. She won the Australian Open at 8 weeks pregnant and took a break from April 2017.

I was reading an article recently where the journalist told Roger Federer that he was the GOAT of tennis, i.e. greatest of all time. Federer immediately picked up on Serena Williams as the tennis player he admired and felt was deserving of the accolade. The two of them were born the same year, 1981, and basically they are both awesome.

Interesting astrology for last year, Serena had a Pluto transit conjunct her Midheaven at 17 Capricorn. So pregnancy/birth, the transformation of life, took her out of the game. Right now, she has a stunning Jupiter transit as her Venus is at 16 degrees Scorpio and all eyes are on her once again. The planet Venus isn’t linked to her career, but it does rule her Libra stellium (5 planets in Libra).

Her Ascendant is 3 degrees Taurus so Uranus is honing in and my suspicion is that this could bring her career to a halt. The Ascendant rules the physical body and Uranus conjunct the Ascendant is often a time when you reassess what’s important to you. I might be wrong and she could continue while Saturn moves over her Capricorn Midheaven. That’s potentially successful if she continues playing top-level tennis into 2019.


Enjoy the tournament – my labour of love writing these tennis predictions will hopefully give you tennis/astrology fans food for thought and I look forward to reading your comments about the astrology and your tennis predictions. Remember to play nicely, otherwise referee Sally will have to step in.

French Open Prediction

My gut instinct is that even though Nadal is the hot favourite on paper, there’s going to be an upset this year. I’m rooting for the no. 2 seed, Alexander Zverev.

The astrological chart for the final:

[n.b. I have been reliably informed that the final is at 3pm, not 2:30pm as originally stated. Leaving both charts up for now but that does change the situation radically. Mercury Gemini is nowhere near as dominant as it is no longer the ruling planet nor conjunct the Midheaven. Will discuss more nearer to the date.]

French Open final astrology




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  1. Hi

    Happy to read the Astrology for French Open Tennis 2018. Thanks a lot.

    You must be having compelling astrological reason to predict Alexander Zverev as the winner.

    I am sure your prediction will prove right.

    Thanks once again.


  2. Hi Sally. Thanks a lot for your work and prediction. I hope it will turn out right that Federer will be back on 1st position soon.

    I hoped that you will have a look on Stanislas Wawrinka astrology too. The formal french open winner is another one who tries to get back on track after an injury. In the first round he already faces a quite good clay player, G. Garcia-Lopez. What do you think? Is it possible that Stan the man goes further in this tournament or will GGL will be a too high hurdle?

    1. Sally Kirkman

      I do look at the astrology for all the players but not for individual matches, until later in the tournament. I only have so many hours in the day! If nothing leaps out astrologically, a player doesn’t get a mention, which was the case for Wawrinka.

  3. Many Thanks Sally for your prediction, I was eagerly waiting for this.

    After watching Rome final , my gut instinct said that Sasha will win the FO 2018.

    His biggest weapon, the backhand, neutralises Nadal lethal top spin forehand.

    And remember, Sasha consistently fires down serve at 215 kmph.

  4. Hi sally

    With Uranus at the highest point in the chart i think there will could be a shock win too 😊

  5. It seems to me that the exact conjunction of the return to MC for Djokovic is exactly the day of the final 10 June.
    Jupiter is still retrograde, ok, but it is a path that has started from a long time ago, being his transit Jupiter in tenth house for many months.
    This, in my opinion, is a sign of slow but constant recovery even in a “difficult” phase, as in fact it has been so far.
    Then on the day of the final the transit moon is exactly on its native Venus, and the transit sun is almost exactly on its native mercury.
    It seems to me that it is a very promising astrology for him.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Agreed, some compelling astrology for Djokovic and the prediction was always that this would be the year he returned to his best, thanks to the Sun/Mars progression. I didn’t favour him more because of Jupiter being retrograde and in the past, this hasn’t shown as strongly in the tennis as Jupiter direct by transit. I try to go on what’s worked before so to remain consistent with the astrology. Thank you for your comment.

      1. The only real negative aspect that I see for him in this period, is surely Saturn that squares his native Moon.
        Here we have to understand if this can affect his “outward” or only “inner” side, in the sense that he can still have, or not, good sporting performances even in the context of a certain gloom of soul (on the other hand for him it is a constant lately).
        I am of the idea that the two can not be separated into a complete and reliable analysis, but it is also true that it can happen, and it happened, that there can be career triumphs and a failure for example in life marriage.
        Tell me what you think of this, thank you.

        1. Sally Kirkman

          I guess you’re talking about Djokovic with his Moon at 5 Aries? Sorry, the comments come in thick and fast so it’s really helpful to state the name of the player you’re talking abut. The Saturn square only kicks in at the end of June for Djokovic so I don’t think it’s relevant now.

        2. Sally Kirkman

          Hi Andreas, sorry I was replying quickly last night. Yes, the Moon tends to be your inner confidence, your emotional balance. Saturn square the Moon can therefore indicate a lack of confidence or feeling down. Also for Djokovic, his Moon is in the 2nd (money) and rules his Descendant (relationships), so it might be something else in his life that has an effect on him.

  6. Hi Sally,

    Takes guts to bet against Nadal at the FO but well done!

    However, I can’t believe you have missed out 3rd favourite Thiem who has already beaten Nadal this year. Coric is another good prospect.


    1. Sally Kirkman

      It’s not really about guts, more about wanting to remain true to the astrology and I can’t back Nadal because of the Uranus transit to his Moon which feels volatile. Other astrological factors admittedly are good for him, if he can side-step Uranus. If the astrology doesn’t leap out for me, a player doesn’t get a mention and that’s the case for Thiem and Coric. The issue we have with these predictions is that for a lot of the players there isn’t a time of birth so some information is missing. Even so, the astrology often plays out and we learn a lot throughout the tournaments.

  7. Dear sally thanks for your insightful and masterly analysis of the astrology for the french open. let me give my two bits worth of the astrology for the french open as per sidereal system.cancer 18 degrees and 14 minutes rises at the time of the start of the french open. the mc falls on 1degree 19minutes in aries making moon the ruling planet and mars the the ruler of sucess point.moon is in almost exact square to the ascendant point and going towards a conjunction to jupiter.this is a positive thing for the favourite but mars who is lord of mc is going towards a conjunction with south node which can derail the based upon the sidereal chart i have to say if the favourite does not win then it could be the second favourite. that is nadal who is the top seed and the favourite or the second seed zverev who is the second among those two will most probably the champion.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Thank you, James. Always great to hear your sidereal astrological take on the tournament. It backs up what I’m saying too.

  8. dear sally can you please give me the geographical coordinates of hamberg in germany so that i can cast the horoscope of zverev. the software that i am having gives 4 to 5 choices witha difference of 3 to 4 degrees between them.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Interesting. That was one of Sean Calvert’s bets. I’ll be interested to see how Chung gets on with three planets in Taurus over the next few years when the Uranus transits are exact. I’d love to find out who else Sean Calvert is backing, if anyone has that information to hand 🙂

  9. Thanks Sally for your prediction. I hope Fed finishes this year as world number 1 . I was absolutely gutted for Fed after Indian wells final. According to this article there is a possibility of Fed winning Wimbledon so I hope Fed wins it.

  10. Hi Sally,
    Thanks for taking time out again for your press. I was eagerly awaiting it. Reading your analysis on Nadal, I have one question. You mention only one difficult transit which is happening early in the tournament. Is it possible that even though it’s significant astrologically, it’s not meaningful in context of the slam as it’s only first round?

    He does not face a real threat until semis and by then good transits are in full swing?


    1. Sally Kirkman

      From my experience, Uranus transits are often date-specific, so yes, it’s the start of the tourament that Nadal has to get through before the other astrology kicks in. May 29th/30th are the key dates to note. The Uranus transit may not affect his playing (he might be moving home as it’s Uranus conjunct the Moon!) but it doesn’t suggest an easy time emotionally.

  11. Hi Sally,

    I’m a great Rafa he finished as a champion in Rome, Barcelona and Monte Carlo , quarter finalist in Madrid, which is unimaginable in clay and non of the present player did that, also 11 times in Barcelona, Monte Carlo, 8 times in Rome is again unimaginable, but Sascha and Dominic theim were two player shake Rafa confidence in this clay season.

    I’m a big fan of Rafa this Rafa wins in French open its a big surprise, but Sascha never step in to Quarter final in grand slam level, Dominic theim Will be stopped by someone, Noel not in form, FedEx is absence for some reason.

    At this point no big challenge for Rafa in clay court but there should be a surprise winner in Roland Garros, I’m happy if Rafa should achieve third tiene once in front of French crowd, God knows the best. Sascha is the best player to deserve to win French open.

    G Saravanan

  12. Dear sally taking the time of birth as 11.00 pm for zverev 5 degrees scorpio rises and 1degree virgo is mc so the ruling planet is mars and career planet is mercury. on the day of the final transit mars exactly aspects natal mercury of zverev. this is a very good transit for career success and achievement.the only doubt is mars is too close to south node on that day and may be responsible for dissapointment.let us see how it unfolds.

    1. Hi James, good to see you! Thanks for your astrology! I noticed Saturn triggering Zverev‘s natal Uranus Moon trine in the last weeks. It is seperating now slowly and leaving the 1 degree gap in the second week. Seemed to have stabilized his performance recently. Kind regards!

      1. thanks patrick the one thing i noticed is zverevs natal sun is exactly on nadals natal moon.mars is transiting the 10th from natal sun of zverev and natal moon of nadal though by the final day 6 to 7 degrees seperated from exact.on the day of the rome final mars was transiting exactly square to moon of nadal and sun of zverev.makes me wonder is this going to be a nadal vs zverev final.on the day of the final zverev has got the better transit to nadal as mars exactly aspects zverevs mercury and mars is the ruling planet for zverev and mercury is the career planet.

        1. Mars in aspect to Mercury (0,6) I don’t necessarily expect helpful for Zverev at final, James, as the square might bring tension.

  13. Sally,

    Thank you for this forum. It is always fun to come to your site and read your analysis and I always come back for more. It is unfortunate not to see Federer play but I understand his reasons – it is hard on his body. With that being said, I wish him success on grass. Aside from being a fan of Federer, I also admire Del Portro and Shapovalov and I hope they do well in this tournament. I am curious to know what you think of their play and chances in this tournament.

    Again, thank you for sharing your talent.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Del Potro’s chart I would have looked at during my match preliminaries. Shapovalov I checked now – Sun Aries – but no time of birth, so nothing leaps out. Sorry. Thank you for your kind comments.

  14. Hi Sally,

    It’s wonderful to come here and see your analysis for the tournament and the players who have the most compelling astrology. You provide us so much information and insight. Thank you for “sharing your talent” as Mac says, spot on.

    I can’t imagine a tennis slam anymore without your beginning-of-the-tournament analysis. Please keep doing it forever!

      1. Thanks, Patrick. It’s good to see you here, too! I look forward to your detailed and insightful astrological posts.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Thank you, AstroTennis. It is possible that I may never give up! However, having said that the astrology has to grab me and once again it has proved so. Thank you, astrology too!

    2. Hi

      How are you?

      On the women side, will have a new champion.

      Mens, not sure. Djokovic is winning. Wawrinka is through.

      Lets wait and see.


  15. Hi everybody! Thank you very much, Sally, for your exciting prediction. Also I wanna congratulate you to your amazing Oscar Awards sweep!

    In your recent article you suggest Uranus switching into Taurus as the start of a New Age for the Royal Family. Sharing Uranus conjunct natal Sun at 0 degrees Taurus with the Queen, the revolutionary astrology is also nicely shown in Men’s tennis with Sasha Zverev reaching a new career level as the Youngster in the leading role for the transition from the glorious age of the Big 4. With the goal of overtaking the two legends in the rankings in the near future, it looks good that he will improve his forth round record at Paris.

    The Rome Masters Final presented the Uranus theme by both Zverev and Rafael Nadal with the planet of change approaching Nadal’s Moon. Uranus Moon exact at Round 2/3 comes with limelight Venus fulfilling it’s Natal Return and Ruling Planet Mars square natal Pluto. As we don’t hope unpredictable Uranus will play out physical as Nadal‘s first GS of the year, there could be a skillful player wait with Shapovalov in Round 4. In the Opener, the Sun is in Opposition to Nadal’s Saturn and the final chart shows Career Ruler Mercury unfinish it’s Return to the birth chart position by 1 degree – indicating an incomplete tournament for the defending champion?

    While Harry’s Royal wedding with Meghan (born Leo – four days before Roger Federer) showed retrograde Jupiter hit his Scorpio Midheaven, Jupiter often shows not at his best for athletes when retrograde. Novak’s recent rise in form suits Sally’s prediction for the Serb of one year ago to return to old strength with the progressed Sun conjunct natal Mars (0,5).

    Sally, you mention Kei Nishikori’s Capricorn stellium in his natal chart: among Cap‘s Ruling planet Saturn, the Sun and Career Ruler Mercury. I expect Saturn conjunct natal Sun (House 1) positive for Kei as ending up exact at final – in Opposition to natal Jupiter – which is exactly hit by the final‘s MC. Then, there’s also Mars precisely sextile Mars while transits are accompanied by excellent progressions, among pr Mars sextile pr MC/MC (exact) and pr. Sun conjunct Venus 0,15.

    Maren Cilic starts with the Sun conjunct natal Jupiter and Mars trigger his natal Sun Mars Opposition trine (trigger natal Jupiter) in the first week. At final, Ruling Planet Mercury precisely hits his Midheaven. My pickswould mean Kei taking revanche for the 2014 US Open upset against Maren. One Saturn cycle after Michael Chang’s triumph at Paris in Nishikori’s birth year 1989, Kei would follow his coaches footsteps to win RG.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Hey Patrick, so lovely to see you back. My Oscar predictions were good this year – thank you – not to brag, but I was pleased too! I love that we’re learning about astrology through the tennis and we now know that Jupiter retrograde seems not to be good for tennis players (but lovely for royals). We may be proved wrong, e.g. if Djokovic wins the French Open, but usually it’s not as helpful as Jupiter direct. I agree that Saturn can be helpful for players when they are Saturn ruled or Capricorn is strong, i.e Nishikori, so I will be eager to see how that plays out. Here’s to a great tournament.

      1. Thank you Sally for your nice remark! Foremost it is us who learn from your offered insights! Let’s see what the coming days bring. Definitely exciting astrology….

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Thanks for the heads-up, James. I find it quite difficult getting hold of the accurate time for the finals, for some reason. It’s not that easy to locate on the website. If it is 3pm, then it definitely changes the picture as Mercury in Gemini is much less dominant and the Midheaven is Cancer. I’ll take a look again nearer the time.

  16. Dear Sally,

    What could be in store for Nadal in the first few days of the championship ? Nadal has his 1st round today. If Nadal wins today his 2nd round would be on 30th. And if Nadal makes it to the 3rd round it could happen on 1st or 2nd.

    Is Nadal likely to suffer any injury before any match or during any match ? And will be forced to return home ?

    Please throw light.

    Thank you.


    1. Sally Kirkman

      Hi Raman, what I’ve said on the page and in the comments here. A Uranus transit to the Moon doesn’t initially indicate injury, you’d be looking for Saturn/Pluto themes for injury. Yet, it’s volatile and uncertain and the Moon rules your emotions, how comfortable you feel.

  17. Hi All,

    I hope you all are well.

    Had a look at Roland Garros website, the final does start at 3pm.


  18. Thank You Sally for Yet another Grand Slam Prediction !! I thank all the forum members for sharing your views too. Very interesting to read all the views and predictions.

  19. Well done Sally indeed Nadal struggled a bit today.I hope your final prediction will also come true.

      1. I agree he has the best astrology. Maybe he had a bad day yesterday.I don’t see anyone beating him .

  20. Hi Sally and James, their first performance yesterday seem to confirm our prediction that a possible 3rd Round of Richard Gasquet vs Rafa Nadal can become a crucial match when Uranus is exact on Nadal‘s Moon and Venus returns to it’s birth position. Both Gemini players are born 15 days apart, so Mercury as their star sign ruling planet (plus Career planet for Nadal) trine Mars (Ruler for Nadal) will trigger both players’ natal Saturn with natal Pluto in the mix.

    Richard‘s great start comes with Pluto igniting his natal Jupiter Mercury trine which could propel him into the second week. There’s a birth time 9.00 AM at which I suppose is not precise. 8.28 AM works very well for several of Gasquet‘s career highs and puts Venus on his AC in the final. Sally, do you think, Saturn square natal Midheaven could play out beneficial for Richard? Coach Fabrice Santoro with a precise Jupiter Jupiter sextile at final. As I am not confident with Cilic‘s astrology in the Semis, maybe we will see a local matador in the final this year.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      hi Patrick, thank you for your analysis. I’m not sure about Saturn transit square natal Midheaven as being beneficial. Saturn is only usually helpful if it’s strong in your natal chart, you’re a Sun Capricorn, you have a Capricorn Midheaven, etc. Otherwise it can be a struggle.
      I think the Uranus transit to Nadal’s Moon is exact today, May 29th. It could still kick in throughout the tournament, although I often find Uranus transits are very date-specific.

      1. Thanks Sally for your info! I am aware that Saturn square Sun mostly is hindering – Stan Wawrinka suffered from it yesterday. So this speaks against my rectified time for Gasquet as he won the first round convincing. My question was because I once read that tensioning Saturn transits in rare cases can bring rewards, too. Gasquet has a natal Saturn Venus trine.
        Why I focus on the third Round is the Venus Return of Nadal which often indicates meaningful events and the complex transits of Nadal and Gasquet on this day. We will see how it goes on.

    2. hi patrick saturn square mid heaven is not good for success. Nadal lost to djokovic in the quaterfinals at rg in 2015 when saturn was square his mid heaven.nadal struggled very much in the 1st round and we have to wait to see if he crosses the first week successfully. if he does then the astrology improves for him.venus return of nadal in my opinion should be good for nadal as venus is his ruling planet (sidereal).djokovic too has some very good astrology except that jupiter is retrograde.I expect djokovic to reach atleast the semis.let us see how it pans out.

      1. Thanks James. Nadal had success and failure previously with his Venus Saturn. I agree with the Djoker.

      2. Sally Kirkman

        I also agree about Djokovic. If Jupiter wasn’t retrograde, I would have favoured Djokovic over Nadal definitely. The Sun progressed conjunct Mars exact later this year has got to be good for his performance on the courts.
        Re. Nadal – the Uranus transit is the question mark for me. Otherwise, he does have some lovely ‘minor’ astrology, i.e. Venus return, Mercury return, Solar return! The way he plays, that may well be enough. I agree the first week is crucial for Nadal.

        1. Hi Sally,

          I think you hit the nail on the head with the statement “The way he plays, that may well be enough.” It may not work on the other surfaces but on clay and with his form and draw, it will take Robin Soderling like performance to beat Nadal.

  21. Dear Rafafan, please let me remind you that here are many participants who want to know about players who have promising astrology to reach the final – it’s the main subject of this blog. So please be tolerant to all the other fans who support different players or who want to know what are the chances for their favorite from an astrological view. As Rafa Nadal has a challenging transit at the third Round, you will understand that I won’t avoid to discuss favoring astrology for a seeded opponent of your favored player.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      The whole point of this astrology blog is to analyse the astrology before the games take place in the first instance! Then we can start looking at what happened. Prediction first, retrodiction next.

  22. Hi Sally.. Thanks for the prediction.

    Nadal really struggled to play his game in 1R. Not sure how good he can manage to move futher in the next round games due to uranus transit conjucting his moon.

    He WON 3 titles on clay this year .. Really he deserves to WIN 11 FO in my view behind all struggle.. Even GOD may want him to WIN, I hope.

    Lets wait and see.. Nice to see your prediction for all grandslam.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      I did watch the first day of the Nadal match and I’m not surprised Nadal had a hard time, Bolleli played out of his skin. They were talking about the average speed of Bolleli’s shots being 92 mph (I think it’s mph). Either way, they said it was unbelievable how hard Bolleli was hitting the ball and tough for Nadal to deal with. He did though, deal with it.

      1. Yes I agree bolleli was hit very hard.. nadal dealt it well….

        one doubt sally.. As per indian astrology i have generated nadal chart.. Moon was coming under aries but in ur chart it cming under taurus. i am not good in astrology just generated the chart using epanchag site tool.

        In that case uranus will not conject right..
        Correct me if i am wrong

  23. Everyone who played today seems to be struggling. Zvreav,Dimitrov, Nishikori and Thiem. Anything related to astrology today that caused so much struggles to these players.

    1. Everyone struggles usually in the initial rounds at French open except probably Nadal. The court is slow and very tough to keep your serve.

  24. Rafa rolls into the third round with an easy win in second round. Sally, he will be playing Gasquet in 3rd round who has never beaten Rafa on the tour and more importantly he plays him on June 2nd. Could you please check if the Uranus effect is still there? Can astrology start favoring him now?

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Nadal seems cool as a cucumber. I watched his match today and Pella played well in the first set. When Nadal’s on form on clay, he does seem unbeatable. Whatever might be going on personally for him (Uranus conjunct Moon), it doesn’t seem to be bothering him at all. Such a major transit may still play out but for now he seems to be cruising. I can’t see anyone beating him, I can only see him losing, if that makes sense.

      1. Sally, are you still going with Zverev? He did look off during his second round 5 setter. Rather Djokovic is playing much better now.

          1. Sally Kirkman

            Well spotted! With the Uranus factor strong in the tournament chart, it often springs surprises. Zverev has some very exciting Uranus transits right now and I would love for him to start performing well at Grand Slams. I agree with James (I think it was James) who suggested it’s a mental block. Uranus can break through problems/issues and that’s what I was hoping for Zverev. He’s probably knackered now but winning 5 setters has got to boost your confidence, knowing you can come out on top.

  25. What about Federer’s astrology. I know he isn’t playing but I have a feeling that he is going to retire after Swiss open this year . He has been skipping so many tournaments and been showing more interest on charities lately.What do you think about this Sally.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      I haven’t looked at Federer’s astrology this tournament. I’ll check it out more during Wimbledon – not long to wait.

  26. Dear All,

    Well, Roland Garros will have a new Women Champion.

    The mens side is more predictable than the women’s. We have to wait and see what the Astrology says for the final. It can change.

  27. when wawrinka won the australian open in 2014 jupiter was in an exact trine to his mid heaven but a retrograde jupiter did not stop stan from winning. now on the day of the french open final jupiter is conjunct novaks mid heaven. so i do not rule out djokovics chances of winning this year rg.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Just had a look back at the predictions for Aus Open 2014 and Wawrinka’s natal Uranus at 17 Sagittarius was conjunct the Midheaven of the tournament chart at 18 Sagittarius, which is why I picked him as a wild card. Good notice that Jupiter was retrograde and trine Wawrinka’s natal Midheaven.

      1. hi sally at the time of australian open 2014 we did not have the time of birth for wawrinka.later only we got it and his birth time was confirmed by his later success and failures.

  28. If there is a French open final between Nadal and Djokovic who does astrology favour. I think one one who could stop this is Thiem

  29. Sally and James, Zverev was in severe trouble today with the match chart‘s MC conjunct Uranus and Uranus 0,04 precise on his Sun. Rafa Nadal versus Richard Gasquet is scheduled also 11:00 AM tomorrow and has MC on Uranus even more precise. Uranus conjunct Nadal‘s Moon 0,1.

    When you watch the astrology for the tournament’s final for Gasquet‘s coaches, French Tennis Officials or even transits of President Macron and the horoscope of France (5th Republic 1953), grand astrology runs through all the charts. Fabrice Santoro with Jupiter sextile Jupiter, Tournament director‘s Grand Water Trine ignited by Jupiter. Head of France’s Men’s Tennis, Thierry Champion, Pluto on MC. Tomorrow’s match puts AC directly on France‘s Uranus squaring France’s Jupiter precisely. Carlos Moya with Mars square NN tomorrow, Toni Nadal with Venus square Venus, Rafa Venus Return. It seems not very promising for Gasquet with 0-15 Head-to-Head, but there’s exciting astrology and a lot of Uranus in the mix this time.

    North Node on the Ascendants may indicate Roland Garros‘ downfall from the heaven 100 years ago. Or is it even more – involving a French player?

    1. Hi Patrick,

      Thanks for the detailed analysis on the match up between Nadal and Gasquet tomorrow. I have a question – you mentioned Uranus was precise on Zverev’s Sun, whereas Uranus will conjunct Nadal’s Moon. I have no astrology knowledge, so would appreciate if you could explain what different impact the Uranus conjunction will have on “Sun” vs. “Moon”. It appears that it is bad for Zverev when it conjunct’s his Sun, so is it good or bad for Nadal when Uranus conjunct’s his Moon?


      1. Hi Timmy. Welcome! Sally as the expert gives explanations above to your question. As the Moon is connected to our emotions, Uranus – the erratic planet which brings change and new things, often in aprubt manner – can shake up our feelings and emotions, bring nervousness. Uranus on the Sun, standing for what we are about to become, might bring greater change in our personal development. It brings out our potential, Sally mentions. That‘s to see with Zverev that Spring with Uranus precise on his Sun and we will see how far it will bring him at Paris. What I am not sure about is, if Uranus conjunct Moon also can mean external effects to bring surprising circumstances into one‘s life – which again can shake up emotions.

    2. Patrick, which time do you use for your Zverev analysis for the match today? Do you share the opinion of Sally?

      1. Pitsch, MC conjunct Uranus today was neant for the match chart 11.00 AM. Birth time I use 10.55 PM for Zverev. My favorite for the lower draw is Nishikori.

    3. hi patrick saturn in an exact square to zverevs natal moon is making zverev work very hard for his victories.this saturn square can give a lot of mental pressure and may prevent zverev from actually winning the tournament.the more i think about it the more i feel djokovic has the best chance astrologically to win rg.nadal does not have any exceptional astrology this year unlike last year when jupiter turned direct in an exact trine to his natal sun(career planer sidereal).but i do not rule out nadal completely.

      1. Don’t you think that Saturn rather boosts his performance as natsl Moon tribes natsl Uranus? It was already active on his winning stretch before Paris. I believe with Zverev, it is still hus mental blockade at Grand Slams which bothers him. He dictated yesterday 1,5 sets, before he totally went passive and only survived with the help of Dzumhur’s shakiness to ckose the match. I guess he feels to match pressure at Slams still. His parents demand a lot from him, I suppose, too. He just turned 21. Either he skips this mental hurdle at Paris or he soon goes out. I rather expect the latter.

        1. saturn square moon can give dissapointments unless saturn is a favourable planet in the birth chart like it being a ruling planet or lord of midheaven. anyway let us wait and see what happens.i also second your thought that he may soon go out.

          1. Just see that Uranus trine Moon also picks up Mercury in Zverev‘s natal chart. I believe Saturn is positive for him stabilizing/triggering this natal pattern.

          2. Natal Aquarius Uranus in it’s own sign (Aquarius for Starsign Taurus = House 10) conjunct natal Jupiter and natal Libra Moon (House 10 in natal chart) all connect with Career for Taurus Zverev. Mercury is the tennis planet, bringing special coordination skills – it‘s conjunct natal Sun. As Saturn can open doors, too, he might bring this natal Career Pattern to flourish. Together with Uranus conjunct Sun. Zverev‘s run began at Munich when Saturn entered the 1 degree orb for the square to natal moon.

  30. Serena vs Sharapova astrology please. I think if this happens it will be the biggest attraction of the tournament. Please can anyone do it in this forum.

      1. Sally Kirkman

        Hi guys, sorry I’m away for a christening this weekend so tennis comes second. Will be back looking at the astrology Monday afternoon. Lots of interesting comments/analysis coming in, so thank you.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Serena is out before hitting a ball. I think Uranus heading towards her Ascendant might be a complete change of direction for her.

  31. The way Nadal is playing from now I can’t see anyone beating him. Tomorrow is his birthday and his astrology will only get stronger and stronger.

  32. I don’t mean to be dramatic or condescending to other players, but in clay court tournaments, Nadal should start playing at semifinal stage. Its not fair what he does to other players before those stages.

  33. Here are the thoughts from Lana Wooster. THANK YOU LANA!

    Firstly, Nadal himself. He isn’t playing well at the moment, but it is his birthday and he has a Solar Return and also a Venus Return today. Mars is sextile his Saturn, which is not unhelpful. The most difficult transit at the moment is Mars squaring his Pluto, an injury-influenced transit. Jupiter trines his Venus, which is favourable. Uranus is on his Moon and trines his Midheaven, so there is an element of the unexpected. Neptune trines his Venus, which may bring benefits in his personal life. Pluto is sextile his Jupiter and Ascendant, giving him some strength. So he has some transits going for him. And he has a lot going on, which as we saw with Wawrinka didn’t necessarily help.

    His opponent today, Richard Gasquet, also has Mars sextile his Saturn (maintaining strength), but his Neptune squares his Chiron, so his health may not be tip top. And Pluto opposes his Mercury, so he could be under mental strain (possibly in his personal life). So for today, Nadal has the better transits, and Richard Gasquet not much going for him. Which was the pattern for Wawrinka the other day, when he lost. I would plump though for Nadal getting through this match. The two of them have strong connections between their charts, including Marses exactly conjunct, so they may understand each other’s energies.

    As for the final day, Nadal has lost the Mars aspects (including the very dangerous one), but he retains both the Uranian ones (the power of surprise), plus Neptune trine Venus, and the strengthening Pluto ones. That is not a bad picture. Maybe he recovers from this point, or maybe if he goes out today he has a chance to recover!
    Gasquet loses the strengthening Mars transit, and retains the troublesome Neptune square Chiron and Pluto opposite his Mercury. So he is not likely to win the tournament, and you have not included him among your favourites.

    Novak Djokovic currently has Neptune squaring his Mercury, a lack of clear thought, although the Guardian this morning reported that he does show a passion for the tournament. He has transiting Uranus sextile his Mars, which can be electrifying, Saturn on his Neptune, which at the moment can be dampening (maybe his performance is patchy?). Saturn sextiles his Pluto, which is strengthening, but the Nodal Axis is square his Pluto, which loses him karmic points.
    At the end of the tournament, he still has Neptune square his Mercury, Uranus sextile his Mars, Saturn on his Neptune, Saturn sextile his Pluto and Nodal Axis square his Pluto. But added to that is Mars square his Pluto, which I think would preclude a win at that time. Maybe he will get to the semi-finals.

    The Guardian this morning were very enthusiastic about Zverev. He is currently Electric, with Uranus on his Sun. We have his Ascendant (27 degrees Scorpio), and his exact Moon position, so we also know that Saturn is square his Moon, and the North Node is sextile his Moon, so his emotions are quite varied at the moment. Saturn trines his Mercury now, so his concentration is good, though the North Node squares his Mercury (the Guardian caption reads “Zverev wins Paris hearts but has little love for critics”). He has a passionate square from Mars to his Venus at the moment, but an opposition to his Mars from Neptune (possibly some wrong judgements). The South Node is on his Uranus, so there is a strong element of the unexpected in his life at the moment. Finally, Mars sextiles his Pluto, conferring great strength (both physical and psychological). That all looks pretty good for him.

    Looking ahead at the time of the final, Uranus is still on his Sun, Mars trines his Moon (so his emotions are more straightforward), North Node still sextiles his Moon, Mars squares his Mercury (there could be minor errors) and the North Node squares his Mercury still. Neptune still opposes his Mars, and Mars transits his Uranus in an explosive conjunction. The South Node will still be on his Uranus, but he loses the sextile of Mars to his Pluto. I think that whole picture still looks good for him.

    Kei Nishikori currently has a dampening transit of Saturn on his Sun in Capricorn, though he has a very Capricornian chart and Saturn is his ruling planet, so he may be able to use that in the best way. Mars is on his Venus, so again he may be displaying some passion right now. The North Node supports him karmically with a trine to his Mars, which relates to his physical performance. Jupiter sextiles his Saturn, lifting his confidence, and Neptune trines his Pluto. An average set of transits, but I certainly wouldn’t rule him out.

    For the final, he still has Saturn on his Sun; he also has Mars sextile his Mars (energetic flow), still has North Node trine his Mars and Jupiter sextile his Saturn, plus the Neptune trine Pluto. That is even a slight improvement on his present transits, and he keeps all the beneficial ones.

    For Marin Cilic, he has Mars trine his Sun at the moment, giving him plenty of energy and athletic prowess. Mars also sextiles his Mars (energetic flow) and trines his Jupiter (enthusiasm and success). The only fly in the ointment is Saturn on his Neptune (which Djokovic also has) and that may hold him back. By the end of the tournament somehow he has lost all the beneficial transits, and is left with the difficult one (Saturn on his Neptune) so sometime between now and the final he could go out, maybe sooner rather than later. But with a flourish!

    So I would go for Zverev, ideally. We’ll see how all that pans out!

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Thanks for posting this. A lot to take in transit-wise! Sometimes simple is best. Ultimately, Lana plumps for Zverev, which is interesting because he’s my pick and another astrologer I respect also opts for Zverez. So, the astrology is there for Zverev, but can he rise to the occasion and overcome the formidable Rafael Nadal who has dominated the clay tennis for years! It’s a conundrum but one which I will enjoy to watch.

  34. Patrick you are using a birth time of 10.55pm for zverev whereas Sally had given 11pm are you sure about his birth time because as per sidereal astrology with 11pm birth time mercury is the career planet whereas with 10.55pm birth time sun is the career planet this changes the whole thing please confirm his birth time

    1. 22.55 and 23.00 PM both give Zverev a Virgo Midheaven, James. I can’t tell you why I use 22.55 PM, maybe I rectified once.. 🤔

  35. If Richard won against Rafa patrick essay writing is completely different

    Any how thanks for your time and analysis and the article Patrick.

    Waiting for further prediction about Rafa and is opponent,

    So far every one is struggling, Rafa also struggle in first, today is real good test for Djokovic and D theim.

    Waiting for today’s result and Sharapova Vs Williams.

    G Saravanan

  36. Rafa absolutely thrashed Gasquet, so happy to see this kind of performance from him, vintage Rafa is slowly charging up…irrespective of astrology, he is playing fine at the moment.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      I didn’t see the match. Was it a complete thrashing? The scores don’t always indicate what happens throughout the match. Any wobbles from Rafa or not?

  37. Patrick, can u please check for Rafa vs Marterer match astrology? Also what saved Rafa from the Gasquet threat?

    1. The astrology for Rafa Nadal was already discussed. Marterer is a Sun Gemini plus having Gemini’s ruling planet Mercury, the tennis planet, in it‘s own sign. This excellent combination he shares with Nadal. I guess Marterer already had his best astrology against Shapovalov when the Sun was conjunct Mercury that day. Hope that helps 😉

  38. I reiterate, as I said the first day of the French Open, which for me will win Nole Djokovic, because he has an astrology of perfect return in many aspects, but especially Jupiter that returns exactly joint the day of the final on his MC.
    It does not matter that Jupiter is retrograde, because the retrogradation Djokovic has already served with months and months of suffering, recovery with this Jupiter in X ° house.
    So, how to say, the planet has already been “exorcised”.
    And on the day of the final itself, June 10th, he has the moon right on his Venus, and Sun on his Mercury. In addition of course to Jupiter MC.

    1. Ahah, what are you saying … Cecchinato has passed, not Goffin …
      Then we see who is right between you and me. But we talk about astrology. not cheering, since you have as nick “rafafan” …

    2. Sally Kirkman

      Thank you, Andreas. Convincing astrology, I agree. My only proviso is the Jupiter retrograde as it’s not always worked out in the past, although sometimes it has!

  39. For the Women, Wozniacki (at final: Uranus Saturn exact, Jupiter Pluto, MC/AC conjunct MC/AC, Mars NN, Sun Venus) looks good to turn over her match against Kasatkina and continue her Grand Slam Run prevailing against Kerber (Moon conjunct Jupiter, Venus trine NN, Mars sextile Mars, Pluto possibly conjunct MC).

    1. Hi Patrick. Do you mean Kerber will go further against Garcia and Wozniacki against Kasatkina? Have you checked all four astrology? Thank you for a quick answer.

  40. Garcia has multiple planets in Scorpio with Jupiter currently in between natal Mercury and natal Mars. As you can see with Wozniacki or Nishikori, Saturn square my Mars these days doesn’t necessarily help my predictions 😂 So let’s see with Kerber…

  41. Why is Thiem not a favourite too in your opinion? He’s transits are all good at the moment: Jupiter sextile his Mercury and trine his Ascendant. He also has Uranus trine his Chiron and Neptune trine his Ascendant. At the end of the tournament he has Mars opposite his Venus and sextile his North Node, Jupiter still sextile his Mercury, and Neptune still trine his Ascendant.

    1. Agree with Thiem. A lot of interesting astrology you mention. I decided for Nishikori in my pre-tournament prediction in the lower half.

    2. Sally Kirkman

      hi Pitsch, thank you for pointing out the astrology for Thiem. Some of it is great, especially the Jupiter transits because his Midheaven, career point, is Pisces, and therefore Jupiter-ruled. I’m not sure any transit to Chiron is actually going to help your performance? and the Neptune transit is debatable. Yes, it’s co-ruler of his Pisces Midheaven, but often dreamy and not very focused. It is important to be specific about what each transit means to a player rather than saying he has lots of transits and therefore he’s going to do well. Astrology is a complex subject which is why you need to focus in on each individual transit. I shall be watching Thiem with interest. Thank you.

  42. Sally,

    Now that Nadal has reached the quarter final, can it be assumed that the possible adverse impact of Uranus transit to the moon is no longer there.



    1. Sally Kirkman

      hi Raman, my experience is that Uranus transits are often date-specific so if it was going to kick in, I would have expected a shock defeat in the first week. That’s not happened, so as long as he keeps his mental side calm moving forward, he should be fine.

  43. When an analysis is done using only transits, one must look at the four fundamental issues of the theme: Sun, Moon, MC, As. And how these 4 focal points are affected by the planets transiting in their orbits.
    In turn, the Transit Sun and Moon “activate” certain points and planets at certain times.
    Only in this way is there a precise idea of the fundamental focus of the subject at that particular moment.
    Obviously a connecting transit will have more value than any other aspect.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Hi Andreas, sorry but I don’t understand what you mean by this comment. Can you elaborate at all? Thank you.

  44. Sally/Patrick – There is not much written about Del Potro’s chances. Looks like he is starting to play better and better. He can be a handful to many highly seeded players. What are his chances?

    1. Sally Kirkman

      I don’t have a time of birth for del Potro which would make a huge difference. Otherwise, nothing major going on astrologically.

  45. I think Uranus is still noticeable with Nadal. He had a passionate opponent today and made lotd of unforced errors. Commentators mentiones his ongoing nervousness in the first set. So it seems it is still an underlying uncertainty going on which an opponent has to light by breaking Nadal’s mental stability/confidence. This surely affords a lot.

    Venus Opposition Saturn in the opening chart: almost no Woman posting this time here and now even Sally is gone. Where are you girls? 😊

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Hello, I’m back! Sorry, went off to a family do, rather lovely. I will try and watch the Nadal matches from now on. Agreed, he was wobbly for a short time during some of his previous matches. He’s still a strong contender on clay though, you have to agree, gods on your side or not! I still think there might be an upset, having said that 🙂

      1. Hope you had a great weekend Sally. Good to hear from you! Would be nice to hear from our female members Sathia, Astrotennis, Lesley, Lucy or Sathia and others! 😀

        Short note to Dominic Thiem: his coach, Gunther Bresnik, 21.04.1961/Vienna, with the same Uranus transit as opponent Zverev. Born one day after Sasha, Uranus could hit his natal Sun at the final rounds. P

        1. Sally, just noticed that I added a “P” by accident at the end of my post above. Hope you don’t read as ‘toung out’ smiley which was certainly not my intention. Just added
          a pre match observation. Zverev was a good pick from you as he seemed to have crashed his mental block at Slams these days. I am sure he will go deep from now on at GSs continually. Kind regards!

          1. Sally Kirkman

            Thanks Patrick. I didn’t notice, no worries! I too think that Zverev will have had a confidence boost from his performance. He went out to injury but won some amazing matches.

  46. Hi Sally ………….. since you have revised the chart for the finals do you still bet on Zverev or things change?

  47. Zverev will go out today, having played 3 successive 5 setters, he may be running out of fuel. With Thiem spending lesser time on court, he has a great chance to beat the number 2 seed.

    1. Till now Everyone one is struggling to play in their level either in upper half or in bottom half.

      In the bottom half all the players plays either four sets or five sets matches and no consistent performance.

      This will give edge to Nadal to overcome all the players in straight set to win the French Open crown 11 th time, No one could touch his nail in his feet in this flow.

      The world is waiting and watching Nadal’s third 11th crown in front of French crowd.

      G Saravanan

  48. Hi Sally!
    It was a great surprise to find this web; thank you for your work!
    In the past i used a litle horary and the chart for the event for Roland Garros , and never worked with the natal chart of the players, So i had been one week studying a litle bit the chart of the players. in my understanding the main technique should be primary directions, later secondary progressions and solar returns, and at the end the transits. the point is that is not easy to know the real hour of the birth of the players and i dont have practice with rectified the charts.
    For the game of today Thiem doesnt have a good solar return ( mars mercury and the north node of the solar return oposite his natal saturn; not good for the health of his year) but the transits are very good ( sun and mercurry trine his natal mars and jupiter).
    If the game star around 14:15 the ascendant of the event its close to the north node of Zverev and the M.C conjuncts the part of fortune oz Zverev ( if the hour of his birthday its ok…)
    with the solar return of Thiem i think he cant be the winner of roland garros but for today ( and this is why he has played very good this days) his transits to his mars and jupiter are very powerful
    i hope it will not rain
    what do you think for this game?

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Sorry for the late reply and thank you for your astrological input. I know Zverev was injured today, which isn’t surprising considering how many 5 setters he’s played so far. Thiem does have strong transits but interesting that his Solar Return doesn’t seem strong. This competition is throwing up lots of surprises, which is often the case when Uranus dominates the tournament chart. I still think we may see more over the next few days.

  49. Among Nadal, Djokovic or Thiem will win RG. Astrology chart doesn’t mention new champion so Thiem is ruled out . So currently Nadal or Djokovic will win RG.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Why do you say the astrology chart doesn’t mention a new champion? Uranus is all about the new, which is why I picked Zverev originally as he had a great Uranus transit during the tournament. Sadly not enough for him.

  50. So I stand true, Zverev is out now, the first choice of astrologers is done. To be honest, he never looked comfortable throughout the championship. Now it will be an interesting match up between Thiem and Djokovic. A tough one but Djokovic surely has an edge because of his experience. I would love to see Thiem coming through though, played so well in Madrid and here as well.

  51. Hi all! congrats sally for another stunning astrology and presentation for the tournament.

    Regarding quarter finals…well Uranus Theme rolling so far…(surprises)

    Zverev out

    Djokovic loosing 1st set and down a break in the second…

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Thank you 🙂 It’s been fun if not a surprising tournament and I guess there might be more surprises to come.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      I’m glad to see Djokovic playing well again. I think this is his year for a come-back but I didn’t think it would be his turn this tournament.

  52. Marko !!!what a tournament for him . Never won a grandslam match to five in a row!!!! I know Nadal has the best astrology now but this guys performance was awesome..

  53. Zverev lost in straight sets. Zverev was certainly not in show room condition.

    Djokovic lost in four sets. One of the best matches I have ever seen.

    What is in store now ?

    Sally, you alone have the answers.

    Its time you reviewed.



  54. Okay, I’m wrong about Djokovic, but here I see a little bit wrong … on Zverev, on Nishikori etc.
    Then, if even a player like Cecchinato, who at this moment has Saturn of square transit exactly to the native Sun, accurate to 0 ° in the monomer, and lives its greatest joy of life, then either we are nobody competent or the astrology does not work …

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Andreas, a really interesting point. One thing I think it’s always important to remember is that astrology is not a science and therefore it works in mysterious ways. You think you’ve got hold of it and then it eludes you, which is important, otherwise we’d all be playing God and getting arrogant and that’s wrong. Having said that, astrology works time and again and I’m often amazed by its accuracy. I do think the tournament chart is playing out – the Uranus factor promised surprises and today proves that – Djokovic out to a non-seed and the no. 2 seed Zverev lost because he was injured. I agree what you say about Cecchinato though – Saturn square the Sun is not a winning transit! and look at him go. We must also remember that we don’t have a time of birth so he could have some other sensational astrology that over-rides the Saturn factor. best, Sally

      1. Yes ok sally, but here we are talking about “joy” in a general sense, not just sports, as it can be that of an unknown boy who suddenly goes even to the semifinals in Paris and risks going to the final, if not beyond, to this point. Already now it has become n. 27 of the world from beyond the 100th …
        How can we conceive of such a great exploit astrologically, an inner joy precisely, with a Saturn that squares at 0 ° its Sun, that is the conscious part of its and our personality?? !! This already goes beyond knowing eventually its birth time, because this is not recoverable through possible transits favoring them, and is astrologically incomprehensible.
        If there had been a conjunction of Saturn, or at least an opposition to the Sun, then obviously things could be different.
        But a square, and of Saturn, can never bring exceptional joy as in this case …
        But maybe the date of birth, September 30 1993, is wrong, the parents have given a wrong date, ahah ​​…

        1. Then I started to look at his native paper, Cecchinato, 30-09-1993 in Palermo, and I guarantee you that there is not a transit that only one interesting on some planet from this point of view, regardless of the date of birth that we do not know. Above all, no conjunction.
          I do not know if you’ve checked too.

        2. Is it possible that natal Mars building a T-Square with Saturn and natal Sun makes an overall positive effect for Checcinato?

          1. Sally Kirkman

            Yes, I believe it can. He has a Sun-Mars square aspect natally, which is a fighting, competitive combination but not in strong signs traditionally. Sun Libra, Mars Cancer, both in their signs of detriment. Therefore, perhaps, you could say he needs the Saturn transit to strengthen and hold steady the natal potential. Fear too (Saturn) can be a strong driver in competitive situations.

        3. Sally Kirkman

          You need to know the exact birth chart for the full picture, Andreas, and that we don’t have. Plus, yes, it does sometimes happen that the wrong date of birth is given in public. What Saturn squares can give you, however, is grit and determination and as he is a ‘lazy Libra’ (only one aspect of Sun Libra), then perhaps he needs to be tough on himself to perform well. I have seen that before, not with tennis players necessarily, but with personal clients. Sometimes they do their best work when Saturn kicks in.

  55. Hi Sally,

    Thanks for the great work you have been doing for so long but we must agree that everyone was way off in their predictions for this tournament.

    Do you think it’s unpredictable uranian effect in this year Rolland Garros which is kind of showing up now.. Specially in today’s matches- After Serena’s pull out yesterday, First it was Zverev’s hamstring which stopped him from giving his 100% today, then Novak’s shoulder gave him some problems( Retrograde Jupiter actually derailed his campaign); Cecchinato played unbelievable though

    So who do think is a favorite now to lift the trophy out of remaining 6 players?.. I know it’s a lengthy task to check everyone’s chart. But I think Rafa and Thiem are 2 front runners now.
    Thanks for sharing your predictions.


    1. Sally Kirkman

      hi Parveen, thank you for your comment. Obviously, it’s how you interpret the astrology which is important but I’m quite happy with some of my predictions for the French Open and yes, the Uranus factor has played out a lot. I didn’t think Serena would win as Uranus moved closer to her Taurus Ascendant; I didn’t think Djokovic would win – an amazing Jupiter transit but retrograde and in the past that has proved troublesome. He is coming back to his best though as shown by his amazing Sun/Mars progression. Zverev, I hoped the amazing Uranus transit to his Sun Taurus would help him break through his Grand Slam struggles. I actually think he’ll come away from this tournament feeling confident as he won some tough 5 set matches and that’s got to boost your confidence. The one trickster prediction is Nadal with Uranus exactly on his Moon and still he continues seemingly unperturbed. Admittedly, we have two more semi-finals and the final to go and I do think we might see more surprises. If Nadal can stay focused on his tennis and his Mercury is currently strong – his career planet in Gemini, the tennis sign, and it’s his annual Mercury return – then good on him. I would guess it’s not that easy for him behind the scenes with Uranus conjunct his Moon, it may be an inner confidence crisis or a personal issue perhaps and that we can’t know about.

  56. Hi Sally,

    I am a massive Rafa fan and certainly want him picking up #11 on Sunday.

    Match v Diego will be a street fight, Diego is a fantastic hitter of the tennis ball and will engage Rafa in long rallies, but I think Rafa will pull through.

    I am not sure between Cilic v DelPo yet, even though I adore DelPo, I am not sure about this match up at all!

    Fingers crossed, that the Uranian surprises are for all other players such as Djok, Sascha and perhaps even Thiem, but eventually Rafa prevails. 😀

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Yes, interesting matches today, Priya. The battle of the Sun Libras between Cilic (Sept 28 1988) and del Potro (Sept 23 1988) and that’s not something you see normally. Also, they are born only 5 days apart so some similar astrology for both. No time of birth for del Potro but there is for Cilic (5:00 am), although I’m not sure that’s a verified time. If the time is correct, the current vibe favours Cilic, as it gives him a Gemini Midheaven, but little to separate them astrologically.
      Nadal v. Schwartzman is a Sun Gemini-Sun Leo face-off. Schwartzman’s date of birth is August 16 1992. We don’t know exactly what time the match will begin as it’s after the womens’ match. It’s likely, however, that it will be a Libra Ascendant so the favourite (Nadal) is symbolised by Venus in Cancer separating from a tight opposition to Pluto – can be troublesome – but the non-favourite (Schwartzman) is symbolised by Mars, the ruler of the Aries Descendant and Mars is currently conjunct the south node – also troublesome astrologically! Also, Schwartzman has Mars at 13 Gemini conjunct Nadal’s Sun at 12 Gemini, so hopefully it will be a competitive match. You have to favour Nadal, but I’m still looking out for Uranus upsets 🙂

        1. Thank you Sally for your detailed analysis to the next matches. Cilic’s birth time 5.00 AM I have noticed to play out precisely on multiple occasions.

          Yes, James. Cilic has this brilliant transit Career Ruler Mercury precise on his MC at final, but also the Moon square natal Mars then. More important, in a possible Semis against Nadal, the beneficial transit of Mars trigger the natal Sun-Jupiter trine would have faided.

  57. hi everybody saturn square natal moon for both djokovic and zverev has proved a stumbling block for them in this years french open.moreover saturn trining and mars squaring djokovics career planet simultaneously and zverevs mercury has led to their defeats.

    1. Yes, I think so too. The problem for Nole was not the retrograde Jupiter that r perfectly combined with the MC, but this very hard quadrature, which leads to lack of trust and depression.
      The mystery remains on Cecchinato, on how a subject can have the highest professional and personal peak with Saturn that squares exactly the Sun, and no other interesting side-effect in his horoscope.
      Mysteries of astrology, or the date of birth of the subject is wrong, even these things happen …

      1. Sally and Andreas, calculating from his Challenger Tour finals, I received 3-4 options for a rectified birth time for Cecchinato. The most probable time regarding the House for the Sun and the Axis’ signs is 6:04 PM. Sun House 6 typical for athletes, this time may give an answer to our question: Saturn 7 Capricorn currently bang on Midheaven activating a square to natal Sun. Also the Sun Mercury conjunction from yesterday against Djokovic would have sextiled an Aries Ascendant.

        Cecchinato won his first ATP title in Bukarest recently when Saturn was at 9 Capricorn. That means Saturn was conjunct MC 8 degree Cap within a 1 degree orb both at Bukarest and at Paris. The birth time Minute precise, Saturn would leave this orb at the Semis at Friday together with Mars trine Sun also over. Not confirmed, but makes sense this time, right?

        1. Sally Kirkman

          Yes, that time of birth would make sense. I was thinking that Saturn would probably be his career planet (Capricorn or Aquarius MC) to be strengthening his performance. Saturn can be a strong planet for you, the planet of achievement and hard work, when you are a Sun Capricorn or you have Capricorn strong in your birth chart.

    2. Sally Kirkman

      Hi James. Interesting about the Saturn transits to the Moon for both Zverev and Djokovic. The Moon ruling your emotions, your inner confidence. Which makes it even more remarkable that Nadal continues to make progress with Uranus exactly conjunct his Moon last week and still within orb. That too feels destabilising emotionally, with regard to confidence, but perhaps Nadal is able to overcome that more than the others? He has incredible focus, as does Djokovic when he’s at his best. The Scorpio/Capricorn strength in both their astrology charts. You need a steely resilience to be a champion time and again.

  58. @Patrick: Did you check Cilic’s chart for today? You wrote that you are not confident with his semi chart. I see chances against Delpo.

    1. Cilic has an excellent transit which is still active today: Mars trigger his natal Sun-Jupiter trine involving natal Mars, too. Also the current Sun Mercury conjunction trined by Jupiter may be to his favor with Mercury his Career Ruler. Both Sun Libra players born 1988 with Saturn conjunct natal Neptune precisely. We have no birth time for Del Potro to make an overall assessment.

        1. Del Potro has Jupiter trine Destiny Point North Node and North Node trine natal Mars. I am curious how far it can go for him.

  59. As per vedic astrology Saturn in square transit to moon is not good. In the beginning i had picked zverev as the astrological favourite but even after the 2nd round i knew he will not win. For djokovic Saturn turns a benefic planet as he is powerfully aspected by the ruling planet jupiter in his chart so i thought Saturn square moon will not be bad but his natal career planet venus was squared by Mars and the two nodes and trined by retrograde Saturn all at the same time during yesterday’s match which led to his defeat i don’t blame retrograde jupiter for his defeat.

    1. Hi James and Patrick,

      I can see you think Uranus conjunct moon is going somehow to affect Nadal´s action. Usually this is more related to his private life.
      However what is of concern here for me is that it may affect his professional life too since 6th house where is his moon and now Uranus is the house of work and health.

      He has some benefic transits going on, as posted here previously, but minor transits…one that has not been mentioned here is mars sextile Saturn, Saturn in his first house of personality and body, mars acting positively might give him some resilience, Venus/jupiter should be acting positively too apart from mercury and Venus return. So, the truth is unless his opponents do not have a good astrology going on too, and somehow he manages to handle the transits, I would not expect him to win this time around. nothing is really shinning. I would not rule out either cilic to beat him in semifinals or even before.

      I might be wrong but I would say a Thiem/Cilic final is more prone to happen this time…

      we shall see soon.


      1. Thanks for your insights, Sandro. Good note that Uranus Moon is in natal House 6. Mars sextile Saturn we haven’t noticed yet, true. It’s befinning to fade away. We will see how it goes on. What I still don’t like for Nadal is the incomplete Mercury return – usually decisive planet conjunctions are within an 1 degree orb at final. Also the Jupiter Venus trine is gone at final. Would be nice to see a new Champion!

        1. @Patrick

          Thanks for your reply. so far Nadal not looking at his best. the same can’t be said about Schwartzman 😉 as sally pointed out so well, is more about Nadal loosing himself, as he does not look in championship form.

          lost 1sr set down a break in the second…

          regarding your last comment. yes it would be nice to see a new champion. even if it costs a bit because RG is Nadal´s domaine, but it cannot last forever. and it seems so with Uranus moving on his 6th house…

      2. Sally Kirkman

        Thanks for your comment, Sandro. I agree that the Moon is usually about your private life but it’s also your emotional balance which can affect your performance. Good pick up on it being in the 6th house, basically what you do for a living! Also health. The Mars transit sextile Saturn is starting to separate as Patrick says above but was certainly in the mix during the tournament. Will be interesting to see what happens after the rain break. The re-match will begin with a swap around of ruling planets for Nadal/Schwartzman. The Ascendant is now Scorpio, the Descendant Taurus, so Nadal is the Mars, Schwartzman is the Venus. Mars is often more competitive, which favoured Schwartzman in the first set. I guess it depends when they get back on. Storms forecast for the finals weekend too!

        1. @Sally
          Thanks for your comment Sally.

          It is interesting your analysis about the rematch. it will definitely depend on the time they return to action 😉
          we shall see soon.

  60. Rain interruption is the good sign for Rafa to come up in this match, Always rain interruption provides advantage for the lagging player to win the match,

    Vamos Rafa for 11th championship

  61. So far, schwartzman has been excellent and Rafa not looking in good form also looks tired.
    Can we have another upset today? Rafa can bounce back though with 2 sets down, just like in RG 2011 I think against John Isner.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Nadal was so lucky with the first rain break. It gave him a chance to get his strength back and refocus. It also played out for the favourite/non-favourite using the chart for the start of the match and the chart for the start of the match after the rain break. Schwartzman was Mars in the first set and a half and strong; Nadal was Mars when he came back out to turn the score around to 5-3 in the second set and strong. If they start bang on 12pm tomorrow, Leo is the Ascendant making the favourite (for both matches) the Sun in Gemini; the non-favourite Saturn in Capricorn. With the Sun in the 10th house, you have to fancy the favourite in both matches. I do think there are going to be more rain delays yet too in Paris, which is disruptive to the game.

  62. Refferring the transits until the end of the tournament my prediction:

    Cilic – Del Potro: Cilic in 4
    Nadal – Schwartzman: Nadal in 5

    Thiem – Cecchinato: Thiem in 4
    Nadal – Cilic: Nadal in 3

    Thiem – Nadal: THIEM in 4

    I really would appreciate if some of you would predict yours too, including Patrick, Sally and the other astrologer. Thank you!

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Hi Philippe, thank you for your prediction. How do you use astrology to determine the number of sets a player wins by?

      1. Hi Sally

        There must be a misunterstanding. Sorry for that. I do not believe that astrology can determine the number of sets. It is hardly to predict a winner. The sets are just a guess how hard it will be to win.

        1. Sally Kirkman

          That’s fine, Philippe. I was just intrigued whether you had an astrology format you used to predict the number of sets.

    2. Pitsch, I think the tournament got very foggy now. When I thought Nadal could survive his Uranus transit, now he struggles again and it seems a Top 10 opponent could manage him. With the uncertain weather, we could well end in the next week and that would shake all the predictions up. I like Thiem, too, with his North Node trine and Jupiter transit next to his coaches Uranus Sun conjunction. He will go over Cecchinato I agree, then we maybe should see the schedule first.

      1. Patrick definitely agree with you. but is not this an Uranus uncertainty too? the weather in June at RG is not at all like this… so even the skies are favoring change.
        everyone knows Nadal game becomes perfect when the weather is hot and clay is dry because it makes his ball bounce higher and with more effect (topspin) so with the weather foggy and dry it makes his game much less efective… and hence an opportunity for guys like Schwartzan/Cilic/Thiem to pull an upset.

        1. Sally Kirkman

          A good point re. Nadal and the weather. Wet courts are going to play differently and yes, I agree, this is all very Uranus – unpredictable, bringing the unexpected. Unless the forecast changes, both finals may be delayed.

      2. Sally Kirkman

        Patrick, I agree that the weather is going to bring the unexpected to the mix. Stopping and starting the matches feels very Uranian. It’s going to favour certain players more than others and gets much harder to predict.

  63. Hasn’t the screaming – it has few to do with groaning anymore – achieved a ridiculous stage with some Women these days!? I thaught the WTA wanted to do something agsinst a few years ago. The purpose of many players, it’s not only Sharapova, is cleary to intimidate the opponent, so the argument players aren’t able to change their breathing pattern is nonsense. Can’t watch Sharapova versus Muguruza with tone and Halep is similiar in meantime. Watching tennis and listening music in the background- a new experience 😝

  64. Hi sally,

    I have noticed here most of the Rafa fans comments were deleted and encouraging the comments which is not favour to Rafa either Astro based or non astrology opinion.

    This could be addressed in this forum, please do encourage all the comments which make this blog very interesting.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Thank you for your comment. I have deleted some of the comments this time around but not targeted one person in particular! This is following on from previous tournaments when I had some people unhappy with the number of comments that didn’t relate either to the astrology or the tennis in a constructive way. There were a few comments this time that were simply… ‘my player is the best, whatever’ and other people obviously getting annoyed at this. That’s all. I have to try and decide what’s best for everyone.

  65. north node in close conjunction to the ascendent in the tournament start chart usually shows a new champion that is who has not won before. moreover the lord of midheaven in the tournament chart is in the nodal axis reinforcing the probability of a new champion emerging.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Thank you, James. Interesting what you say about the nodes. I didn’t notice that the Midheaven ruler (Mars) of the tournament chart was close to the south node. Also square Uranus does suggest an upset.

  66. Since I also follow numerology, there are some observations which I made.

    No 2 is ruled by moon

    1. It is 2018 (which is number 2 if you add up digits of the year)

    2. Rafa is aiming for 11th title- which is again no. 2(1+1). That’s the reason that he has been nervy in many moments in this french open as Moon controls emotions due to ketu(south) aspect

    3. He is playing against no. 11 seed , again no. 2

    As per this year chart for Nadal, moon is aspected by ketu(south node) and mars in his 10th house( career) in Capricorn which is also house of exaltation for mar Although he will be nervy but he will definitely fight back to victory due to exalted mars. Tomorrow is going to be crucial for him but if he makes to Sunday, his chances are real good for 11th title.
    P.S. I am analyzing his charts based on vedic astrology (sidereal)

    Meanwhile, Rafa has levelled the match and up by 2 breaks now in 3rd set.


    1. Sally Kirkman

      Thank you, Praveen. Always interesting to read different predictions. I didn’t realise they’d started play already – I guess they’re on early incase of rain delays. Yes, it looks as if Nadal is back in his stride after a shaky start yesterday. They would have started playing when the Ascendant was in Leo, as I mentioned yesterday, which is back to favouring the favourite. It’s been interesting to see how this match has shifted power with the new chart each time.

      1. Hi Sally, any idea who is gonna win women’s semi finals today. Haley – Muguruza and Keys vs Sloane

      2. You could well have seen Del Potro as favorite today, too, Sally with the ATP 6 having a 10-2 H2H against ATP 4 Cilic.

        1. Sally Kirkman

          Thanks, Patrick. That would make sense for the astrology chart for the re-start of the match earlier today. We don’t know what time they’ll start tomorrow yet, do we? It would be interesting to look at the astrology for the start of the semis, as it worked so well for the quarter-finals.

          1. Hi Sally, definitely! It is scheduled for same Time as today! So 12.00 pm in france.
            But it might change…

          2. Sally Kirkman

            I just went on the site and it says Nadal v. Del Potro not before 3:30pm (they play after Thiem/Cecchinato), which would give a Libra Ascendant to the match. Moon at 8 Aries directly conjunct the Descendant, the other. If that’s the time, I would fancy the non-favourite, Del Potro, to be in with a shot. No doubt, it’s going to be rain-dependent though.

          3. Sally, 1:05 PM rectified time would give Delpo a Cap AC with Pluto direct on these weeks. I think he looks a bit like the mountain goat. The Sun sextiles his starsign ruling planet Venus precisely. You mention the Moon conjunct DC (3.30 PM scheduled start) – it’s conjunct natal Mars which still sextiles Mars triggering natal Jupiter. Mars trine natal Jupiter is gone tomorrow. The match’s MC trines natal Pluto. Nadal with Career Ruler Mercury in a precise T-Square with natal Jupiter/Uranus. See also last year’s final with the Sun in the same place. Does Moon on DC override the match’s ruler Venus in the tenth? Thanks for your opinion 😃

          4. Sally Kirkman

            Sorry for late reply. I think players need super-astrology to get within striking distance of Nadal at the moment. The only upset may come from the weather, but we’ve been saying that for a while now 🙂

  67. Instead of checking Nadal score , I am just checking Paris weather.
    If Weather is good, Nadal will fire.

  68. Nadal showed a good performance today. In the same time, Schwartzman couldn’t take up his performance of yesterday. I think the weather was of minor influence, from the point of being ahead 1 set plus break up, Diego’s play collapsed – already before rain. He didn’t appear comfortable mentally with the idea of beating the Grand favorite. We will see what Potro can deliver who is mentally very strong.

  69. If Nadal vs Del Potro was taking place on hard courts, then there was a chance for the JMDP…a small one as Nadal comprehensively beat him in US Open last year. On clay, I expect a straight set win. Uranus may make Nadal a little apprehensive in the starting games, but the Bull is too pwerful in best of 5!!

    1. Bold prediction. When Argentina’s short No. 2 almost takes 2 sets from Nadal, you think Argentina’s Giant No. 1 will go under? Del Potro 2018 also is not Del Potro 2017 – he now swings through with his backhand as in early days and fueled enormous confidence winning Miami. At New York, Delpo wa already physically through after illness and the historical 5 setter against Thiem. What we learned from Nadal in 5 matches is that he struggles enormously when an opponent keeps score open. When he feels safe, he delivers. So open match for tomorrow.

      1. I sense 1st set to be competitive between Rafa and Delpo but once Rafa wins the 1st set, it’s a routine victory for Nadal. Patrick, you cannot compare like Argentina ‘s number 2 can take a set off Nadal then how come number 1 cannot. Let me remind you an instance where Federer won Wimbledon. He was down 2 sets against Julien benneatue in 3rd round ( unable to recall Julien’ s ranking that time) , Federer somehow escaped that, but later he went on to win the championship without dropping a set!!!

      2. Hi Patrick,

        My bold prediction – not astrology based: DEL Potro’s weakness is his movement. If Nadal’s acute angle cross court backhand is firing, he will pull Potro to one side of the court and follow up with a backhand down the line on the return. Rinse repeat a few games and Nadal will break Potro down physically.

        1. With this form, experience, preparation and temparment , luck, mental and physical strength, Rafa will be the champion,

          But all the match will be four setter, no matter how the first goes and who won the first set against Rafa, the king of clay will produce class tennis and write his name in history.

  70. when the quaterfinals resumed today at 12.11 hrs paris time the ascendent point rising at that time was close to nadals natal mid heaven and the mid heaven ot the match resumption chart was opposite nadals point ascendent.

  71. Del Potro won in 4 Sets against Marin Cilic. While I expected Del Potro to make it to second week, did not really expect him to reach Semis based on his form in Preparatory tournaments. Best Wishes to Him against the King Nadal !!

  72. Halep into the finals. Could she finally win a slam. Chart says new champion I hope she wiñs it after all the disappointments she has faced in slam finals.

      1. Sally Kirkman

        Here’s Calvert on the womens’ final. He thinks Halep if she can overcome her mental demons. Interesting final astrologically. No time for either player. Halep is a Sun Libra b. Sept 27 1991; Stephens is a Sun Aries if born after 10am (Sun Pisces if born before 10am) b. March 20 1993. So they are opposite star signs. If the match begins at 3pm, the Ascendant (favourite) is 3 Libra, the Descendant (non-favourite) is 3 Aries. Halep’s Sun is 3 degrees Libra, Stephen’s Sun is 0 degrees Aries. In the tournament chart, Venus, Libra’s planet, representing the favourite is at 24 Cancer moving away from the opposition to Pluto. Mars, Aries’ planet, is at 7 Aquarius and remains on the troublesome south node. With that combination, you have to favour Halep, although Aries is theoretically the more agressive player.

  73. Just thinking loudly – Uranus triggers surprises..So, everybody is expecting Nadal not to win. Probably, the surprise of the surprises is Nadal lifting the trophy, even at this age, despite such young and energetic French Open lineup!! So, are we heading there??

      1. Sally Kirkman

        Watched some of Nadal’s last two matches – quarter-final and semi-final. Quite extraordinary. Both players, Schwartzman and Del Potro played well in the first set and then went to pieces. It was like Nadal was playing a beginner he was so good and they floundered! As a tennis match, it wasn’t entertaining because it was so one-sided. I can’t make him out right now – he is incredible, almost with magical powers! I cannot imagine Thiem being a threat to him, unless something extraordinary happens. Maybe the weather will play a part, maybe not. Will check out the astrology nearer the final but just wanted to say what I saw.

        1. Weather helped Nadal regroup against Swartzmann, so I am not sure. Before the interruption, Swartzmann was on fire and then it was all over for him. I somehow felt that heavens favored Nadal to win, at least in match against Swartzmann. Nadal has no parallel on clay- his game and his luck both are super super extra ordinary 😊

    1. Sally Kirkman

      I’ll look at the astrology again tomorrow once we know when the final begins. It seems more helpful at the moment looking at the astrology chart for each individual match rather than the players’ astrology. I see where you’re coming from and yes, both Nadal and Federer have surprised us over the last year dominating the Grand Slams. The jury is still out on what the Uranus theme means at this Grand Slam. It is a trickster planet, like Mercury, which makes predicting harder. The Moon also represents the people, the public in astrology, so Uranus transit on Nadal’s Moon may have a wider theme. Just talking out loud here to see whether we can make sense of what’s happening.

  74. You are right James. Only the astrologers are not placing money on Nadal. The rest firmly behind Nadal.

    what is your re-evaluation of the chances of the remaining four players ?


    1. As per the tournament chart it should be a new winner theim is already in the final i don’t find any astrology that leaps out in his chart i don’t have delpotro birth time let us see what happens

  75. If the big surprise has to happen, I believe it will be Marco Cechinato (Conqueror of Djokovic). This guy was trailing Thiem in their Semifinal match first set, and all of a sudden, he broke back and got the lead to 5-4. Thiem under pressure in the first set !!

  76. OK. Its not going to be the biggest Surprise (unseeded guy winning it) as Dominic Thiem won the semifinals and is into maiden Grandslam Final !! Its going to be one of the Top 10 Seeds who will become the Champion.

  77. Nadal won against Delpo. Nothing new. New winner is from women and Uranus could be seeds withdrawing from the tournament and rain delays.By the end of next year Nadal could break Federer’s record of 20 .

  78. I again stand true, i predicted 1st set to be competitive between Rafa and Delpo and later it will be a routine victory for Nadal.

    So for final, what do astrologers have to say? Sally, do you still bet against Nadal?

    I feel it’s again a routine victory for Nadal, the way he routed Federer in 2011 french open final in straight sets.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      No, I wouldn’t bet against Nadal right now. He’s beyond astrology. The only surprise element could be the weather as storms are forecast on final’s day for the men. Once we know what time the final will start, I’ll look at the astrology chart for the match. That seems to be working better than the transits at the moment.

  79. Nadal deserves to win in straight sets today ad some of you were right to predict. Sad for Potro he couldn’t leverage his dominance in the first set. Not to take anything from Nadal, it was the same as with Schwartzmann today. Potro was mentally blocked as he became clearly passive on his 6 break points to take the score lead in first set – even made an air ball. Sun square MC as last year against Nadal won’t help Thiem at Sunday. The only hope he can have is rain delay to Monday, as Sally mentions.

  80. Thanks all the astrologers for your work. I didn’t have high hope for Rafa after reading all of your predictions. Almost no one here predicted Rafa except Praveen. As a Rafa fan, I hope Praveen will be right. I just looked up Paris’s weather. Paris will be raining (scattered showers or thunderstorm) from 2 PM on Sunday all the way through Tuesday. If they want to finish this before Wednesday, they’ll have to start the game in the morning of Sunday, maybe at 10AM. Had any GS final been moved to that early for weather?

  81. Hi Sally,

    For the finals, I see you mention 3 pm start changes things radically. Does this mean it favors one player over the other? Looking forward to your thoughts, thanks for your time..

  82. Hi sally today astrologer lakshmi shankar shukla from varanasi which is in india came to my hometown and i met him he is the good friend of astrologer adam smith from london .we have nice discussion about u and u checked u r vedic chart reading from him soonly ur satrun mahadasha is finishing by 2018 year end and ur entering into mercury mahadasha.just we have a chat about french open yes when nadal is born he is aswini star ruler of this star is south node (ketu) his moon is in aries according to vedic chart during australian open 2018 and 2017 year end why he is injured is asthma shani means transiting satrun is in 8th house from aries house means is in saggiratius since vedic astrology house calculate from moon his ascendant is libra .now nadal is under moon mahadasha northnode antardasha since moon and rahu is in same house this also cause him injury problems so shukla ji told me his bad period is over his transits and dasha antardasha is looking good for french open since i dont have dominic thiem birthtime so we unable to check his dasha and antardasha and his transits. if thiem have better astrology than nadal then thiem will win french open .

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Lovely to read your comment. Yes, I know Adam well and highly respect his astrology. I love that astrologers are talking about me and yes, I am so happy to be leaving Saturn mahadasha and entering Mercury later this year. Saturn has been all about responsibility and I’m looking forward to feeling lighter moving forward. I don’t understand all that you write about Nadal, but it sounds as if according to vedic astrology his injury worries are behind him for now. It’s been an intriguing tournament. I would love to come to India one day to meet some respected astrologers. Maybe my Mercury mahadasha will be good for travel as well as my astrology writing 🙂

      1. Thank u sally regarding nadal just i told his vedic chart since in vedic astrology we have 27 stars so each star is alloted ruler of particular planet . So each star is approximately 24 to 27 hours they will divided into 4 divisions means padams.we use to calculate about moon position and western astrology uses sun position so sally u use sun position and uranus ,neptune and pluto also where as in india our astrologers dont check that planets they use dasha and antardasha system. But i know both western and vedic astrology r valid if we check both readings almost all readings is similar.

        1. hi J C it means nadal is running moon dasha and jupiter bhukthi till the end of september and then saturn bhukthi in moon dasha will statr then.

          1. Hi James,

            Thanks for the reply. Since I’m not an astrologer, I still don’t understand what all mean. Does it mean good or bad for Rafa? IIRC, you said last year that he would win two more GS this year. So this is a good sign?

            Sorry for all the questions.

  83. Sally according to vedic astrology astama shani means transiting satrun is in 8th house where natal moon is there when person is born similarly arthaastami shani transiting satrun in 4th house from natal moon and elina nati shani this is very trouble period .transiting satrun will be in 12th house from natal moon it is 7 and half years period means for finishing elina nati shani satrun have comeplete 12th house ,1st house and 2 nd house from natal moon .In vedic astrology this periods will cause troubles if other planets r favorable then it is good any way since satrun is lord of karma we all aware about that .

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Hi James, why do you think that without knowing my date of birth? My Mercury dasha starts in November 2018, I’m pretty sure of that.

      1. hi sally that is a fair question i took my clue from the posting of krishna where he had mentioned that he had discussed your horoscope with a varanasi astrologer and he had mentioned that you are entering mercury dasha end of 2018.actually two things affect the calculation of the running is ayanamsa and the other is the duration of a year in dasha system.ayanamsa is the value that has to be deducted from the tropica position of planets to get the sidereal position of planets.there are a no of ayanamsa values in vogue in india among which lahiri ayanamsa is the most widely followed in my research i found thar raman ayanamsa gives the best fit while timing events according to the dasa system. the balance of dasa at birth will be less by raman ayanamsa as compared to lahiri ayanamsa from 295 days to 782 days depending on the birth star you are a dasa will end earlier by raman as compared to lahiri. moreover in the dasa system a year is only 360 days and not 365 this difference will be 5 days per year and 21 days for every 4 years(leap year). i assume the varanasi astrologer would have calculated your chart by lahiri ayanamsa and 365 days year. so i came to the conclusion you will already running mercury dasha. if yo give me your birth particulars i can tell you exactly when you entered mercury dasha.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      I was more impressed with the chart for the women’s final. Halep’s Sun Libra exactly on the Ascendant, clinching her role as favourite.

  84. Hi Sally, Patrick and James,

    Does any of you have an ideia of thiem birth time so I can check astrology please?


  85. I’m sorry for s Stephen And the umpire error cause major trouble for her in third game of second set served by Halep,

    But Halep the number one with good experience player deserve to win the match.

    Tommorow the number one player will win the Grand Slam equals FedEx record reach 11 his finals in Wimbledon, will win the match and create the new record in French open history.

  86. So Sally any final thoughts the weather is suppose to be overcast 30-40% chance of rain throughout the duration of the final. Is there any way this match can be competitive can thiem find a way or will nadal blast past him

    1. I’ve been looking at the astrology charts for individual matches over the last few days and they’re working well. The final starts at 3pm, so similar astrology to yesterday’s final, the women’s, when the favourite won. Libra Ascendant so Nadal is Venus Cancer 10th house of success, which is lovely. Aries Descendant so Thiem is Mars Aquarius on the south node (troublesome). Also Chiron close to the Descendant and that’s not usually helpful. Favourable for Nadal.
      There is a Moon/Uranus conjunction as the final begins in Taurus so once again highlighting Nadal’s natal Moon. The Moon is the success planet in the final chart, ruler of the Midheaven/10th house. As Uranus seems to have brought Nadal luck rather than misfortune so far (rain breaks, etc), I can’t see it playing out disruptively.
      The weather remains a factor for sure and I think the organisers are crazy not to start the final earlier with rain forecast from 4-5pm and it might not cease for some time! So maybe the organisers will prove to be Uranus throwing a wildcard into the mix.
      Either way, I hope it’s a good competitive match, although the Moon/Uranus doesn’t suggest it will be. The last couple of Nadal matches have been very one-sided apart from the first set. I’d love to see some exciting tennis 🙂

  87. I was just looking at some astrological factors in effect for Rafa and Dominic.

    Using the 1:26 a.m. time of birth for Dominic, (thanks Patrick!), there are some secondary progressions to consider. His progressed Sun and progressed Ascendant are in a nice sextile aspect. This could bring good things in seeking his goals. It could put him in the spotlight. Of course, reaching the RG final in itself achieves these things. His progressed Midheaven is almost precisely exact opposite his Jupiter. I’ve read that this can bring difficulty in one’s career, though I wonder if it would necessarily express in this way. Perhaps it could express in bringing feelings of optimism from within, as the point opposite one’s Midheaven represents the innermost self, and Jupiter can bring optimism. His progressed Midheaven square his Ascendant could bring challenges to deal with in his career.

    He has a nice transit for the final, Jupiter sextile his Mercury. The planet of success in nice aspect to his Mercury, an important planet in tennis as it rules strategy and dexterity. Transiting Mercury makes a nice trine to his Saturn, and this should help him to concentrate.

    Rafa has interesting progressed factors to consider. His progressed Ascendant is within range of the opposition to his Chiron, though separating from exact. This may have expressed through injury in January when it was nearly exact. His progressed MIdheaven is within range of the square to his progressed Neptune, though this is also separated well from exact. This was also much stronger in January and may have expressed also in injury and disappointment.

    Rafa’s progressed Moon conjunct his Mercury seems to have brought him recent tournament victories, lighting up Mercury, important planet for tennis and ruler of his Midheaven career point. This factor is also well separated from exact now. But this will be interesting. I have read that Moon progressions can bring significant results, and maybe we should give them a wider range of effect than other progressions. However, the other progressions, the difficult ones, are now closer to exact than is the Moon progression, which is moving away quickly. Will they take over, or will the favorable Moon progression be stronger? I will be very interested to see how things turn out!

    Rafa has transiting Pluto, planet of power, making a nice sextile to his Jupiter, planet of luck and success.

    So, both players have both favorable and potentially challenging factors in effect. Sorry, I’m not brave enough to predict a winner, but I always like to look at some factors and then see whose astrology wins!

    1. hi astro tennis if the birth time of 1.26 is correct for thiem then his career planet saturn is retrogade and so his jupiter which happens to be his 7th and 10th lord (sidereal astrology)this will not give him success and nadal will win his 11th rg.

      1. Hi James green,

        Thanks for this information and your interpretation.

        This supports the idea that Thiem’s progressed Midheaven opposite his Jupiter will express in a loss in his career, the standard interpretation of this factor. It is almost precisely exact, at its most powerful. It is therefore the most important progression for either player, and it tends to be difficult.

        It will be interesting to see how things go.

    2. Thank you, Astrotennis. Really interesting to get a look at all the progressions. I have to say I love Thiem’s progressed Midheaven exactly opposite Jupiter, his career planet (if 1:26am time is correct). I think that’s a positive progression personally as Jupiter is the greater benefic in astrology. Jupiter oppositions can sometimes be about arrogance or over-optimism but on the whole I like them for good fortune. As you say, however, he’s reached a Grand Slam final for the first time in his career and that’s a highlight in itself.
      I always think you have to consider the progressions and transits together. The Jupiter transit sextile his natal Mercury (tennis planet) is a good sign too, although retrograde Jupiter doesn’t play out as strongly as direct Jupiter in my experience.
      I do think the progressed Moon conjunct natal Mercury, career planet, has been great for Nadal and still within orb. Plus, his Mercury is highlighted today because his Mercury Return (transiting Mercury) is still within orb. Hopefully, that means he will play skilfully. As long as Uranus behaves… it’s got to be Nadal’s title. I think he’s too good.

      1. Thanks, Sally.

        You were spot on. Thiem’s progression involving Jupiter did bring a highlight for him, and that was reaching a GS final. The transit of Jupiter, retrograde, for the final wasn’t enough for the victory.

        When it came down to the final, Nadal had some excellent factors going for him, transits and progressions, and he was just too good.

        1. Sally Kirkman

          Thank you 🙂 I loved the simplicity of the astrology for the individual matches. That’s what worked well for me this time. About to write my usual update. See you at Wimbledon – only a couple of weeks to go.

  88. I read all astrological predictions here and thanks to all of you for taking out your time to share that with us. I somehow feel that people like Nadal and to some extent Federer are. Eyond astrology 😊. They work so hard that they have beaten their own planetary combinations so many times that astrology sometimes look unreal. I am a believer of astrology, and Nadal on clay makes me believe that if one keeps working hard, the destiny follows you not stars 😊💪🏼🙏🏼.. Absolute champion..

      1. There is a free will in addition to planetary combinations, all great players have those skills to go beyond planetary combinations by their hard work and passion.

  89. Astrology aside lets hope thiem makes it a competitive match, you can argue its sorta his best chance in the 2 previous times they have met here. Nadal not as dominant as last year and the weather looks cloudy with a 40% chance of rain and getting higher into the afternoon. Its set up for thiem to atleast push nadal but i think number 11 looks pretty inevitable at this point unless Rafa starts nervous, the conditions reduce the bounce of his balls and thiem plays like a 6’1 shwartzmen its pretty much Nadal even if he plays 90% of his capability.

  90. Grand Slams are entirely different than Masters 1000 or any best-of- three sets tournaments. . Thiem has not won a Masters 1000 event, even on clay. This is his very first GS finals , & most first- timers are overwhelmed by the occasion .

    Nerves will play a HUGE role in the outcome of the match. Even veterans & experienced players have suffered from it.

  91. I just checked the FO site and confirmed the match will be held no earlier than 3 PM. They’re not moving the match to an earlier time out of consideration for the weather. I also checked the weather forecast for Paris. It will be cloudy between 3-5 PM and the temperature will be 78 F. Thunderstorms will start at 5 PM and won’t let up until 8 PM when it will turn into “scattered thunderstorms”. It will be thunderstorms all Monday. So if the match doesn’t end in less than 2 hours, they may have some gaps after 8 PM.

    They really really should move all the matches an hour earlier to ensure the match will finish before thunderstorms. I know TV schedule is important but finishing the match is more important IMO.

    1. I agree. Looking at the forecast again, they could have rain by 4pm which means a stop-start final. I think if the storms kick in, they’ll be lucky to finish it today. Crazy, they couldn’t begin a couple of hours earlier. It must add another dimension to the players’ nerves too wondering whether they’ll complete the final.

  92. We have not heard from Dr Dhairya Roy this time. Where are you ?

    Looking forward to your contribution on the ” Finals ” day !!!

    1. Pitsch, Bresnik could have Jupiter trine Moon and Uranus exact on his Sun. We have no birth time yet. Moon square Jupiter suits the astrology for the players. Sun square MC already knocked out Thiem last year. Mladenovic Mars Mars Opposition. Thiem will have to try again next year I guess.

  93. Don’t know about Nadal, Them will surely in “storm” throughout!! Gravity created by his spinning forehand dwarfed at least the Uranus.

  94. Wow rumors that Federer left Nike for Uniqlo. I am waiting to know about Federer’s astrology.I didn’t see thàt comming.Is Fed really interested in tennis seems like tennis or he just wants to retire after Wimbledon.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Interesting. Thanks for the update. Will look at Federer’s astrology for Wimbledone – coming soon.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Yay! Agreed. Amazing achievement and once he started playing, never in doubt. Incredible. I hope he’s super proud tonight.

  95. The only sports astrologer whose predictions are bang on target 90% of the time is Greenstone Lobo .

    When Federer was going on a lean period, he had predicted that the King of Grass would return with a bang for the final time and he would win that many slams which no one can break .

    1. Sally Kirkman

      I doubt he’s 90% correct. I have come across a few of his predictions recently that didn’t play out. However, he is most definitely better than your average and quite often unbelievably accurate. My favourite prediction of his was that Federer would keep winning. He made the prediction in 2013 and it played out in 2018.

  96. Congratulations to Rafa.. definitely his achievements are beyond superlatives. Thanks Sally and fellow astrologers for another great blog. I hope this continues.

    I know Sally you like to give predictions just before slams, can we pleaseee have a teaser!!! Thanks

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Thank you! Wimbledon is whizzing around. I can’t promise anything much before the event. That’s just the way I roll 🙂

  97. Congrats to Rafa Nadal for another title. Also to Thiem who made a big fight. Thank you very much, Sally, for answering all the questions and giving your insights throughout the tournament!! We appreciate!

    You had a very good pick with Sasha Zverev who crashed his mental block at Slams with the help of Uranus on his Sun. Also your match chart predictions proved amazingly right. Wish you a nice summer! Kind regards, Patrick

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Thank you, Patrick. Well, I’ll be seeing you again soon hopefully. Wimbledon isn’t far away. Yes, the match predictions were where the accurate astrology was in the end. Uranus bamboozled all the astrologers 🙂

  98. Congrats Rafa!!!! Undecima!!!

    I was very nervous with her finger cramp toward the end and the darkening sky. I was so afraid they couldn’t finish the match before the thunderstorm arrives. Nadal was too good. 6-4, 6-3, 6-2. The heir apparent is not assuming the throne anytime soon.

    So no one got it right at the winner right at the beginning of the tournament but everyone got it right for the final. Praveen’s numerology did get it right before anyone else did. I think this comes back to a thought I’ve had quite sometime: Astrology has to work with the talent. I suspect many lesser players may have good astrology but they’re not winning because their talents are not enough to get them there. A good astrology for a lesser talent may mean an appearance in the 2nd week of a GS but it means a win for the top talents.

    Thanks everyone for the efforts. It’s been entertaining reading all of your predictions!

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Thank you, J. C. I think the astrology works most of the time. However, Uranus continues to bamboozle and confound. It is the trickster planet, after all.

  99. Thanks you Sally and everyone else for sharing your thoughts loved hearing what you had to say. I think next year they will call it the Rafeal Nadal open based on what we are seeing. Hope to hear from you at wimbledon

    Thanks again