French Open Tennis 2016

French Open 2016Update: Super pleased with another correct prediction. Gemini Novak Djokovic won his 12th Grand Slam on a day when there was a New Moon in Gemini, crowning him winner.

Yet this was no ‘ordinary’ Grand Slam win. The French Open was the one Grand Slam title that had eluded Djokovic in 3 previous finals. Winning it means he joins an elite team of tennis players who’ve won all four Grand Slam titles. Even more extraordinary, Djokovic is the first tennis player to hold all four Grand Slam titles at the same time since Rod Laver in 1969! An incredible achievement.

From an astrology perspective, I loved the fact that Novak, a Sun Gemini, accepted his award and spoke to the crowd in French & English. Dual-natured Gemini is the sign of communication and Novak showed he is a competent linguist as well as a phenomenal tennis player. 

Plus the Uranus signature conjunct the Midheaven proved disruptive with regard to both the weather (10 days of rain, no sunshine, many delayed matches) and three top tennis players ruled out because of injury – Federer, Nadal & Tsonga. Next stop… Wimbledon. Can’t wait!

There’s a strange feeling of deja-vu when you consult the chart which pinpoints the start of the second tennis Grand Slam of the season, the French Open in Roland Garros, France.

This is because, like last year, the planet which represents surprises, Uranus, is conjunct the Aries Midheaven. Last year Uranus was at 18 Aries, this year it’s at 22 Aries.

Stanislas Wawrinka was the surprise winner in 2015 beating Novak Djokovic in the final. A Sun Aries, Stanislas was loving the Uranus transits which picked him out from the crowd.

One year later and there’s a record waiting to be broken. Sun Gemini, Novak Djokovic, has dominated the Grand Slams over the last year and a half winning the last three Grand Slams, Wimbledon & the US Open in 2015 and the Australian Open earlier this year.

If he wins the French Open, which he has never won before, he will be the first tennis player since Rod Laver in 1969 to hold all 4 Grand Slam titles. No pressure then!

Here’s a look at the astrology for the coming event:

Roger Federer (b. August 8 1981, 8:40 am, Basel, Switzerland)

Uranus is the planet of the unexpected, the unpredictable and in true Uranus style, we have the first surprise of this Grand Slam. Roger Federer will not be a contender as he misses his first Grand Slam in the 21st Century due to minor knee and back injuries. A sad loss especially for all the Federer fans and of course Roger. Clay is perhaps his least favourite surface so perhaps the best option for him in the long run if he has his sights set on Wimbledon.

In astrology, Saturn rules bones and joints and the Sun is linked to the back and the spine. Saturn has been square Roger’s Virgo Ascendant since the end of last year and the Ascendant is the gateway to the physical body, the 1st house of the astrology chart.

Saturn is currently retrograde at 13 Sagittarius and will retreat back square to his Ascendant early July, turn direct mid-August and make one final square aspect in late September 2016. It’s not brilliant timing for Wimbledon or the US Open but no doubt his team is on it. Astrologically he does have the bonus of Jupiter in Virgo and his 1st house and where Saturn restricts and limits, Jupiter believes anything is possible.

Rafael Nadal (b. June 3 1986, 7:10pm, Manacor, Spain)

Rafael Nadal is another tennis player who’s struggled with injuries over the last few years, especially to his knees. He has Saturn in his 1st house in his natal chart and opposing his Sun, which rules energy and vitality. This is not an easy signature for a sportsperson but if anyone has proved his resilience and determination, key factors of a Sun-Saturn opposition, it’s Rafael Nadal.

Rafael has been back to winning form recently although he’s still been beaten by both Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic in the lead up to this tournament. This is of course his favourite playground and he’s sometimes referred to as the King of Clay. He’s won the French Open a record nine times. It’s not going to be an easy route to the final as he’s likely to face Novak in the semi-finals and he is one year older than both Andy & Novak. In fact, Rafael turns 30 during the tournament.

Like Roger, he has Saturn transits all year as Saturn is opposing his Sun at 12 Gemini. The middle transit is exact on June 7th 2016 so once again he’s going to have dig deep if he’s to dominate. It will be a big ask. On the day of the final, June 5th 2016, there is a lovely New Moon at 14 Gemini so close to Rafael’s natal Sun. The chart for the final has the Moon, Sun and Venus all close to the Gemini Midheaven, so this does lean towards a Sun Gemini winner if he can stay free of injury.

Stanislas Wawrinka (b. March 28 1985, 11:05am, Lausanne, Switzerland)

Stanislas Wawrinka is the title holder and when he won the French Open 2015, the planet of surprises, Uranus, was at 18 Aries and conjunct his natal Mercury/Venus Aries. Uranus is often date specific so with Uranus now at 22 Aries, this isn’t as close to Stanislas’ natal planets and he might not be able to spring a surprise second time around. Uranus does pick out his natal Moon at 23 Gemini in a sextile aspect but the Moon rules his Cancer Ascendant, so this is more about him personally than his tennis/career.

Andy Murray (b. May 15 1987, 2:10pm, Glasgow, UK)

Many people believe that the French Open is going to be decided between Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic. Andy beat Novak last week on his birthday to win the tennis tournament in Rome although at the previous tournament, Novak defeated Andy. Either way, these seem to be the two to watch if all goes to plan.

Andy is born only one week before Novak so they have similar planetary positions. The main difference is that Andy is a Sun Taurus and Novak is a Sun Gemini.

Plus Andy has a similar Ascendant/Midheaven combination to Roger Federer. Andy’s Ascendant is 14 Virgo and Roger’s is 11 Virgo. This is important with regard to the Jupiter-Saturn combination which is currently tricky for Roger. Saturn is again in close square to Andy’s Ascendant, in fact on the day the French Open starts, Saturn is at 13 Sagittarius 59 so in an almost exact square. However Jupiter turned direct on May 9th at 13 Virgo 15 and is slowly moving closer to Andy’s Ascendant. It will be exact on his Ascendant on June 1st, the Wednesday of the final week. If he remains fit, astrologically it’s down to Jupiter.

As the tournament begins, the Sun is moving towards a conjunction with Andy’s natal Mercury in Gemini, the tennis planet and his career ruler. On the day of the final, his natal Mars in Gemini is close to the Moon on the Midheaven of the Final chart. He’s got to be in there with a shout.

Novak Djokovic (b. May 22 1987, 11:25pm, Belgrade, Yugoslavia)

The tournament begins on Novak’s birthday so it’s the day of his Solar Return. There’s always debate about Novak’s time of birth but I’m sticking with this one which has worked for me so far. This means that Jupiter is also important for Novak because it turned direct at 13 Virgo and remains sextile Novak’s Midheaven, career point, at 14 Scorpio. This influence lasts from April to June 2016.

If the time of birth is correct, he has Pluto going back and forth over his Ascendant and when he won at the Australian Open in January 2016, it was almost exactly conjunct his Ascendant at 16 Capricorn. This isn’t an easy transit but in Novak’s chart, Pluto is close to his Scorpio Midheaven and this is what gives him his relentless determination. Pluto at its best will not give up.

This is obviously going to be a huge tournament for Novak, his missing Grand Slam and his chance to break records. On the day of the final, the New Moon falls close to Novak’s natal Mercury in Gemini, the tennis planet and it’s a glorious line up of Gemini planets conjunct the Gemini Midheaven on the Final chart. Unless something goes massively wrong, astrologically this elusive Grand Slam is there for the taking.


This prediction has been written in super-fast time and although I’ve glanced at the charts of the Best of the Rest, there’s no astrology leaping out at me at present. I will take another look this week when I get time as the Uranus signature does suggest there could be surprises but I couldn’t find it close enough to another player’s key planets.

Below is the chart for the French Open final for those of you who love to check out the astrology. I’ve gone for a 2:30pm time which I’m not completely sure is accurate. I hope so. The New Moon in Gemini has got to favour Novak Djokovic and he’s my pick for the tournament and an epic win.


Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 09.24.43

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  1. Dear Sally,

    You have indicated
    ” The chart for the final has the Moon, Sun and Venus all close to the Gemini Midheaven, so this does perhaps lean towards a Sun Gemini winner.”

    How does it impact Nadal’s chances of winning the French Open for the 10th time ?

    1. Helpful for Nadal too although unlike Djokovic, Nadal has Saturn transits which tend to make everything harder work. Hence my favouring Djokovic. best, Sally

  2. I doubt Novak will win. It is not clear since it is hard to look overall–some other players might come through with superior astrology. Novak hasn’t won this tournament in many tries. I have concerns–specially the birth time for Novak is not accurate.

    1. hi Mac, thanks for your comment. There is divided opinion about the different birth times and until I get confirmation from Djokovic’ family of the correct birth time I will continue to use the 11:25pm which is quoted from the birth certificate on Novak is going to be up for this tournament more than ever because of his potential to hold all four Grand Slams at once but that is a lot of extra pressure. We will see whether he rises to the challenge or not. best, Sally

  3. Hi Sally,

    Thank you for your analysis for Roland Garros, interesting reading. It’s a shame that Roger is not playing at all.

    I speak to a lady on who does the astrology. She that Roger has got progressed Ascendant conjunct his Saturn by the time Wimbledon comes it will be separating by quarter of degree. My question is will the effect of this tranist leason up when it is past exactness by quarter or half degree? What do you think Sally?

    Another thing during your analysis will Jupiter reduce the effect of that transit by the time Wimbledon and USO comes around?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Trina, progressions and transits are different. Astrologers read them both together for a full interpretation. It’s not an easy progression when the Ascendant is conjunct Saturn, it flags up potential injury or hard times. Separating it is less strong than when it is applying. The fact that this coincides with the Saturn transit square his Ascendant isn’t easy for Roger. I hope he can overcome his injury problems this year but the astrology suggests it will be hard work to stay fully fit. best, Sally

      1. Hi Sally,

        Thank you for answering my question.

        My question will jupiter in Virgo help to leason the effect of the Saturn transit? And do you know what Roger Solar Return is for 2016 to 2017?

        Kind Regards

        1. hi Trina, yes, Jupiter in Virgo will help to lesson the effect of Roger’s Saturn transit, although right now it’s not exact his Ascendant or his 1st house Venus. The Jupiter transit is currently more dynamic in Andy Murray’s chart. I haven’t looked at any Solar Returns. Sticking to the transits mainly for prediction. best, Sally

  4. I hope you are right. I wanted rafa and Roger to complete their histories and want to see this happen for Nole too!!

      1. They both have Saturn transits this year so you have to work extra hard to achieve when this is the case. I tend not to look too far ahead with the astrology but I don’t think it will be easy this year because of Saturn. best, Sally

    1. Thanks for your comment, Gloria. The astrology of the chart does indicate an outsider will pull a surprise. best, Sally

  5. hi sally thanks for the prediction on the french open. please give me the latitude and longitude of rolland garros where the french open is played. also the time of the start of the final is usually 2.00 pm

    1. hi James, 48N52, 02E20 – that’s Paris at least, not sure exactly where Roland Garros is. A 2pm final puts the New Moon even closer to the Gemini Midheaven so I still think Gemini is the sign that’s going to shine. best, Sally

      1. hi sally thanks for the information of the coordinates of paris. i want to see what sidereal astrology has to say about the french open. will come back here after i have the time to see it.

  6. are dates during qfinals, semis being considered here? theres a potential semis between nadal and djokovic….

    1. hi, yes I noted the potential semi-final clash between Nadal/Djokovic in my article. I use astrology symbolically to try and predict the winner of the tournament. I look at the astrology for the tournament in conjunction with the timed astrology for the top players. So no, I don’t tend to predict individual matches, dates, etc. Hope that helps. best, Sally

  7. hi sally the french open mens final usually starts at 3.00 pm on the final sunday and not at 2.00 pm as i had given in my previous post. sorry for the mistake.

    1. hi James… and I know sometimes the time of the final does change. A 3pm chart gives a Cancer Midheaven (1 degree 54) but as Cancer is still ruled by the Moon and there is a New Moon in Gemini on the day of the final, it still leads back to the importance of that New Moon. best, Sally

  8. Hi Sally,

    thank you very much for your new Grand Slam prediction. Great to have you back.

    Regarding the final’s start at 3 P.M. the Midheaven directly hits Novak’s natal Mars.

    Kind regards,


    1. Hi Patrick,

      How are you? It is nice to see you back on here. I love reading your post on here.

      It’s a shame that Roger is not playing. Anyway can you do your input who do you think might got a chance to win.

      I would love to read it.


    2. Thanks Patrick. Nice to have you back too. Yes, Novak has Mars at 1 Cancer – the astrology continues to point his way. best, Sally

    1. Thanks for your prediction, Samarjeet. I like the look of Dominic Thiem too, because of the Jupiter Virgo connection. Will add my Best of the Rest this week when I get a chance. best, Sally

  9. Hi Sally, wonderful analysis as always. Uranus is already creating delays and causing havoc as the rain has slowed play down. Looks like the weather conditions are not going to be good for the whole tournament and the organisers are already discussing the men to play on back to back days which could get tiring. All this rain is not going to help Nadal’s campaign to win a 10th title here as his game likes the clay to be light and fluffy and the conditions hot. But Novak plays well with damp heavy clay so this will be in his favour. As for Murray he’s having to deal with the story breaking about Mauresmo. She didn’t have nice things to say about him which could be distracting for Murray. Maybe this plays out with Saturn squaring his Ascendant. Anyway, the next couple of weeks should be good fun. Thanks for this.

    1. hi Shelley, good to hear from you. I meant to mention that Andy had parted ways with Amelie Mauresmo. Reading about what she’s saying, it’s his ‘out of control’ behaviour on court that’s been troubling her. He does have a very fiery chart with a lot of planets in Aries and Sagittarius. The Aries planets in particular represent that impulsive, feisty side of his nature. I wonder astrologically whether it was the final transit of Uranus over his Jupiter at 17 Aries which triggered the split, exact on February 8 2016, as Jupiter rules his relationships, both personal and professional. I do think it might be good for him and his tennis which did show at the Rome Open on his birthday when he beat Novak. Yes, Saturn is square his Ascendant but Jupiter is very closely conjunct his Ascendant and exact on June 1st. It’s going to be interesting for sure. I hadn’t clocked about the rain, so that’s interesting and I agree it favours Novak rather than Rafael. best, Sally

  10. Hi Sally,

    Thanks for taking time out for grand slam prediction again. I am a Federer fan so I guess I just hope he doesn’t decide to retire this year. Given the way Novak has been playing, it would take a combination of really bad astrology (not there) and super strong opponent with great astrology himself (not there) to stop him.

  11. Sally, Thanks for the prediction. While I’m happy for Djokovic prediction, I just have a feeling that it will be a total surprise winner like Thiem or Nishikori or Tsonga. These are the guys outside of potential winners that you have listed but have a potential to spring a surprise. Thiem is a young gun and Tsonga always plays well at French open. I would be heart broken if Novak doesn’t win this time. But I will wait to see how this pans out.

    1. I didn’t do a Best of the Rest this time around but two I have my eye on are Thiem & Nishikori. Thiem is a Sun Virgo with Mercury at 14 Virgo so he has a lovely Jupiter transit right now and Nishikori has a Virgo Midheaven, the success point of the chart. I don’t have an exact birth time for him but I did hear between 5-6am so it’s probably going to be later degrees Virgo which means he’ll definitely be one to watch in the next two Grand Slams. best, Sally

  12. Sally,

    Thank you for the 2016 French Open astrology predictions.
    Your analysis of Nadal states that he has Saturn transits all year and he has to dig deep and a big ask. My question is that how come the Saturn transits didn’t affect his run at Monte Carlo and Barcelona.

    Thanks & Regards,

    1. hi Shrini, the quick answer is because astrology predictions are not just about one planet. It depends what else was happening in his chart at the time. Hope that helps. best, Sally

  13. Hi Sally,

    You mentioned the tournament chart shows there will be surprises.

    So here are my questions:

    1. Does it certainly mean there will be a surprise winner instead of all three favorites? Or does it indicate there will be some unexpected upsets during the tournament but the tournament winner is still the favorite?
    2. Is this tournament chart more indicate women or men?
    3. Is the tournament astrology much more important than player’s personal astrology?


    1. hi Josephine, thank you for your comment and interesting questions. The tournament chart is a symbolic moment in time and I like to use it to see what it tells us about the tournament. It’s for both men and women but I found the astrology wasn’t working as well for the women so I stick to the mens’ predictions. To make a prediction for a player, I’d start with their personal astrology but I like it when their chart links in to the tournament chart, e.g. with the New Moon Gemini on the day of the final. The Uranus factor means we can expect the unexpected – and Federer’s exit must be part of that – but no, it doesn’t necessarily mean there will be a surprise winner. It does suggest that things might not progress as planned. Hope that helps. best, Sally

      1. Fed’s exit was not a surprise. Even in his original schedule, Fed had excluded all of the clay masters and only kept RG presumably because he didn’t want to skip a slam. But ever since Rome, most had been expecting Fed to withdraw.

  14. Hi Sally,

    Here there are few points which needs to review.

    Your prediction is novak.

    Novak has huge skill and great form there is no doubt in that.

    1.Novak had a huge pressure to win a career slam.
    2.Novak had a pressure to win 4 Th grand slam in a row.
    3.Novak should not meet the top four , he must have some luck like fedex.
    4.If novak meets nadal in sf nadal has a pshycological edge over novak.
    5.He got the offer on last but he missed the opportunity.
    6.This year not sure how luck and astrology favour to him.


    1. Thanks Pavi. I do think that there’s extra pressure on Novak this year and of course it depends how he responds to that pressure which will make all the difference. He’s started in fine form. best, Sally

  15. Hi Sally,

    You are not deny about Rafa and Andy chances in RG or some surprise winner.

    All big people like Rafa,Novak,Andy and Stan almost reaches 30.I assume from next year this condition will change.A new big hitters will come front.

    Is there is any specific reason why the routine people win GS.

    Can Rafa Reaches Sf, If he Reach SF will he Trouble Novak.

    Do you have any special prediction about Rafa VS Novak Matches.

    The match has great expectation then French open final.

    If Rafa and Novak Reaches SF please give special prediction for that particular match.


    1. hi Pavi, I will look at the semi-finals next week but my prediction is likely to be Novak. best, Sally p.s. I think the tennis is already changing but will do so more as the Big Four get older.

  16. Hi Sally,

    I got a another question. There is a Solar Eclipse in September. If the Solar Eclipse conjuct the Ascendant what does it mean? Is it good or not? Will it over ride all the the problems of other transits?

    Thank you for answering these questions.

    Kind Regards

  17. Hi Sally,

    as their shouldn’t be any doubts regarding Djokovic’s birth time with major symbolic conjunctions in recent Grand Slam finals, his natal Saturn is in house 11. Doesn’t that show his challenges with the acceptance of the public?

    Kind regards,

    1. I’m not sure entirely whether it’s to do with the 11th house, Patrick, but I certainly think it’s partly the Saturn influence. The Moon is often linked to the public in astrology (an independent Moon Aries?) and the Midheaven/10th house is often how you’re seen in the public eye – Scorpio/Pluto influence. Being a Sun Scorpio myself with an Aries Ascendant, I’m always surprised when people say they don’t warm to me immediately. I have lots of Leo/Libra in my chart too! Once they know me, it’s fine, but apparently I can come across as capable/aloof/independent, all of which can be off-putting! best, Sally

  18. Hi Sally, hi Roger’s fan,

    studying the favorites and one underdog, I guess we’ll have a surprise champion, indeed this year again.

    A first time Grand Slam Winner!

    Nadal hasn’t shown as strong as years ago in my opinion for reaching ‘La Decima’. Moreover Saturn opposes his Sun with 0,56/0,07 orb at the semis/at the final. Remember, Rafa lost against Verdasco at Melbourne when, vice versa, the Sun opposed his natal Saturn.

    At the Semis, defending champion Wawrinka should suffer by Mars on his natal Saturn, located in house 6/daily work, with 0,07 precise. Neptune conjuncts his Midheaven at the semis with 0,12 orb with Stan’s natal Neptune in house 6.

    Guess that Andy Murray will beat Stan in the Semis. There are some symbolic signs for Andy in the charts: besides Jupiter on his AC, IC of the opening chart conjuncts Murray’s natal moon. At Melbourne, his Moon was hit by the opening chart’s Midheaven. Saturn squaring his Ascendant (reason for his struggling in first rounds?) is moving away during the coming days.

    As Sally predicts, Jupiter will play a decisive role for Andy Murray conjunct his AC in the final with 0,07 orb. Yet, Jupiter could decide against Murray as we see in the following:

    Jupiter is squaring the Sun/Venus conjunction in Gemini (1,02/0,35) at men’s final.

    After his last season rise with 3 clay court tournament titles, Dominic Thiem confirmed his class this season, among winning his first ATP 500 victory at Acapulco, succeeding at Buenos Aires and defending his title at Nizza last week. Jupiter 2016 in his star sign Virgo till the middle of September is supporting him these times, and for Roland Garros, moving just in time towards his natal Mercury, ruler of the austrian newcomber’s starsign – conjuncting Mercury (0,32) precisely at the final’s day. This means, besides Jupiter squaring Sun/Venus also his natal Mercury build a square to the latter conjunction in Gemini then (0,66/0,03).

    As symbolic prediction, Dominic Thiem will be in limelight at this year’s Roland Garros, his natal Venus is hit by the opening chart’s Ascendant 0,09 exact. Moreover, his natal IC is hit by North Node with 0,03.

    And it goes on: the Sun trines the Austrian newcomber’s natal Jupiter (0,14) at the final. The Venus closed to the sun will exactly trine his natal Jupiter in the early hours of the upcoming week when he might be in the world’s spotlight – Venus typically connected to limelight as I learned from you, Sally. On the other hand, Venus trines Dominic Thiem’s natal Mars in the final (0,53).

    Interesting: in the final’s chart, I noticed an almost exact square of the Midheaven in Gemini and Ascendant in Virgo (0,2). At the final, Thiem’s natal Moon symbolically is hit by one of this final chart’s axis. The Descandant, as symbol for the underdog, hits his natal Moon in Ariens with 0,13. Another strong sign for the 22 year old.

    Venus as the ruler of the final’s ascendent in Libra is conjunct by the Sun at the final. One could say, that’s another shout for a first time winner Djokovic at Roland Garros as AC stands for the favorite. Thiem’s astrology has strong Venus aspects, too, yet.

    At the semis at Friday, the Sun trines Dominic’s natal Mars with 0,84 (should it be postponed to Saturday: 0,16).

    Dominic told German sport astrologer, Jannis Orkun at his home tournament in Kitzbuhel he was born “at night”. Due to 2 Thiems tournament victories of last year, Jannis calculated a rectified time of 1:26 A.M.: Pluto conjuncts Thiem’s Descendant these times with that birth time.

    Next opponent is German shooting star Alex Zverev, which Thiem beat twice in recent weeks – seems to be a future duell of champions!

    Although Djoker has favorable astrology, I guess he must go on waiting for completing his Grand Slam collection.

    Dominic Thiem’s stunning astrology also convinces me, because all the aspects are very precise, usually strong and typical signs.

    Kind regards,

    1. Patrick, thanks for your detailed interpretation – it’s really helpful. And yes, I agree that Dominic Thiem is one to watch with Jupiter conjunct his natal Mercury. He’s definitely been rising up the rankings whilst Jupiter’s been in Virgo since last August 2015 and it’s currently peaking in his chart. I shall be watching with interest. best, Sally

    2. Hi Patrick, What an interesting analysis! Thank you.

      I hope you would kindly consider to answer my question.
      “According to Rafa’s astrology, DO you see Rafa ever winning 1 more Grand slam Or is he done?”

      Again THANK YOU!


      1. Hi Ana,

        thank you for your comment, that’s nice to read!

        Regarding your question if Rafa will win one more Grand Slam, it’s hard to tell. Looking in his astrology for future GSs is very time consuming and I wanna hold it with Sally looking at one Slam after another.

        Regarding Rafa’s general future astrology, Sally as the professional is the better contact.

        Sorry, I can not tell you more..

        Kind regards,

    3. Patrick, Nadal is out due to a wrist injury. That opens up the draw for Dominic Thiem and of course Djokovic. best, Sally

  19. Lesley Jackson

    Hi Sally, I’m very sad to say that Rafa has just had to pull out due to a wrist injury which he’s been keeping quiet. Maybe it’s that pesky old Saturn (bones/joints). Anyway it’s ruined the french open for me as I’m a massive Rafa fan and I was hoping he’d go all the way this year but it obviously, isn’t meant to be.

    1. No! Poor Rafa, he doesn’t have it easy with Saturn opposite the Sun natally and his transits this year have confirmed it. So sorry for him. Thanks for letting me know. best, Sally

  20. Sally,

    Nadal is out due to the wrist injury. It is a huge surprise, right? Totally unexpected.
    I hope it is the surprise the tournament chart indicated.

    1. Total shocker! I feel so sorry for him. The French Open is his playground and I was hoping he might be able to use the stunning Gemini New Moon on June 5th to make an impact. His middle Saturn transit was exact on June 7th. Not good news 🙁 Sally

  21. Was Fedal withdrawal the surprise element that the chart was indicating? While I’m going to keep my fingers crossed as a novak fan, I wonder if there are more surprises in the form of Tsonga, Thiem or Nishikori taking the big title.

    I hope Novak wins it once in his lifetime for he deserves this title despite being right behind Nadal on clay most of his career.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Two big surprises – Nadal and Federer for sure. I like Thiem out of the three you mentioned. Looking forward to the rest of the tournament. best, Sally

  22. Saturn does the job. Rafa out. Next year can he win a slam?. Or we have to writeoff. So sad. I am a great fan of rafa. Feeling really bad. Is he having anymore chances in futures or its end. Nole will create histroy for sure this time.

    1. Rafa has a tough chart unfortunately for keeping his physical fitness and even though he’s a brilliant tennis player, he’s been dogged by injury throughout his career. I don’t know is the quick answer. I tend not to look too far ahead but will take what’s happened now into account when I write the next set of predictions. Thanks for your comment. best, Sally

  23. Roger,Rafa out both due to injuries.
    Is this the beginning of the end for the legends?
    Wawrinka,Murray Or Djokovic?
    Who’s got the best chance now?

    1. It’s an interesting point. Roger and Rafa both have Saturn transits and next year Murray and Djokovic have Saturn transits by which time all the Big Four will have turned 30. So yes, I expect it is the beginning of a new era. Astrologically I’m backing Djokovic and Thiem. best, Sally

      1. For me personally tennis has nobody with any charismaanymore.Federer was and IS It.His injurys are the most unfortunate thingat could have happened at this time in his career as I was sure he’d go out as number 1 again or at least winning a grand slam.I know its a big job to see one yr.from now but I’m hopeful that you Sally will one day look at his chart and find a grandslam win at least one more time. There are many players with great skill and talent but the Fed is unique. I hope to have the desire to watch these matches again but for now the U.S presidential elections seem more interesting.

        1. hi Jackie, yes I think it helps to have someone you love when you’re watching the tennis. This French Open has been a wash-out with the weather and hard to keep the interest going. They’ve had all kinds of problems and some matches hardly anyone there! Anyway, Roger. I don’t look ahead that far as you know and there’s nothing that I’ve noticed amazing coming up for Roger which would be worth mentioning for another Grand Slam win. I think he does need amazing astrology, amazing luck if he’s going to win again. best, Sally

      2. Theim did play well but came up against an immovable object.
        If everything goes accordingly we’ll have the GOAT debate reignited by Sunday evening.

        1. Didn’t Thiem play well! Awesome. He really pushed Djokovic which was great to see. I’m sure it was a good experience for Thiem and he knows what to work on to improve. Definitely one to watch. best, Sally

  24. Hi Sally,

    It’s sad that Rafa had to pull out!

    What are Gasquet’s chances ? He is a Gemini too (June 18th) and has been playing really well !

    1. Yes, you’re right. Gasquet’s Sun is at 26 Gemini so it has a small pull towards the chart of the final (time depending). I do have a time of birth for Gasquet, 9am in Serignan du Comte, France. He has the planet of surprises Uranus in his 10th house (career) although if the time is correct it’s not exactly conjunct his Midheaven at 17 Aries. He reached the semi-finals of last year’s Wimbledon when Uranus was at 20 Aries so he could figure again here. Thanks for your comment. best, Sally

  25. Hi Sally,

    while Melbourne you mentioned that Pluto as ruler of Djokovic’s Midheaven in Scorpio with his natal Pluto closed to that, could be the astrologic reason for his longstanding run as it was moving towards his Ascendant in Capricorn in 2015, conjuncting it in the final of the 1st Grand Slam this year.

    When you look at Novak’s performance in recent tournaments you may recognize him still acting on very high level but losing surprisingly early at Monte Carlo and in the final of Rome against Murray with struggling severly against Nishikori and Belucci in the previous rounds. Still winning most of his matches one can see that he lost his invulnerability of earlier months.

    Well, this slight decline started in the week of Monaco when Pluto went retrograde 4 days after his Match against Vesely.

    I wonder if opponents can take up with him now at Paris. On the otherside, Pluto is moving closer towards his Ascendant again.

    Kind regards,

    1. Interesting point, Patrick, that Djokovic’ wobble happened when Pluto was switching direction. That’s supposedly the time when a planet’s energy is most unstable until it settles back into its new direction. Theoretically then, late September might be a time when Djokovic struggles as Pluto turns direct at 15 Capricorn on September 27th 2016. best, Sally

      1. Thank you, Sally, for your reply! Appreciate!
        I remember His struggles against Simon at Melbourne when his ruling planet Mercury went retrograde on that day.
        Do you think Pluto being retrograde could weaken Djokovic’s performance these days? Thanks again! Patrick

        1. Not really, Patrick, because it’s such a slow moving planet. I do think though that the periods when Pluto changes direction will be more destabilising as you suggested in your previous comment. best, Sally

  26. I know in his hay days..Federer would win even with bad transits/progressions. I think Novak is at that level now. Defeat at Monte Carlo should not mean anything..he wanted rest FO. Rome final was played by a very tired Djokovic. I doubt anyone has the game right now to take him out in best of 5, let alone stamina.

    1. He’s dropped the first set today but these rain delays are turning into a joke. There’s no rhythm or momentum. Must favour the more experienced players in the long run? best, Sally

    1. I haven’t looked at the women’s event at all. Not enough hours in the day! Will keep an eye on her progress now. best, Sally

    1. hi Faith, good point. My prediction is usually based on the player’s transits and the chart of the tournament first. If the chart of the final backs up the other astrology, then great. I did love the New Moon in Gemini on the final day for a Djokovic win, it’s true. Gemini is still strong on Monday however as there is a lovely Sun/Venus conjunction in Gemini. Once we know what’s happening, I’ll check out the new final chart if there is one. best, Sally

      1. Hi Sally,

        So next Monday still enough good for a Djokovic win? What will be this lovely Sun/Venus conjunction affect his perfomance?

        Thanks with regards!

        1. In the chart of the final (Sunday chart), the New Moon sits next to Venus at 15 Gemini and the conjunction of the Sun/Venus continues the lovely Gemini energy into Monday. So I’m still predicting good news for Gemini! best, Sally

    1. Not the main prediction, Lisa, only the chart for the final. I will take another look if it ends up being delayed a day. best, Sally

  27. Hi Sally

    Hope you are well. Can Roger’s astrology changes as the month goes by?

    I hope the second half the season will be good for Roger, this is the worse year for him tennis wise. I miss his game and art. Do you think things will get better for Roger?

    Thank you

    1. hi, I’ll look again at the astrology for Wimbledon. He needs Saturn to move on from the square to his Ascendant first and that only completes in October 2016. There will be periods in the year that are better than others though. Fingers crossed for his favourite venue next. best, Sally

  28. What Dominic Thiem may be at the men’s, Kim Bertens could achieve at the women’s championship.
    Kim came to Paris with a self confidence boost winning the tournament in Nurnberg. In first round that made her achieve the first big surprise of Roland Garros 2016 when she beat Melbourne Champ Angie Kerber.

    Bertens is a born Sagittarius at December 12th 1991 and her natal Sun in Sagittarius will be conjunct by tge IC of the Women’s final chart scheduled for Saturday 3 P.M.

    Watching transits is even more interesting: Jupiter conjuncts her natal Jupiter these days. Being exact last Monday, it will still be active at women’s final with 0,57 and is triggered by further activations at that day. At first, Mercury trines the Jupiter conjunction, her natal Jupiter with 0,09.

    More important, the Jupiter conjunction squares her natal Mercury which is currently conjunct by Saturn, the latter still active with 0,2 at Saturday.
    Interestingly, the conjunctions trigger the current Jupiter Saturn square (Saturday: 0,88) which Sally particularly describes in her blog:

    So Kim besides Jupiter squaring Kim’s natal Mercury (0,09), Saturn squares her natal Jupiter then which will be EXACT at Saturday. Picking up your words, Sally, will the tournamemt end with faith or fear for Kim?

    Kind regards,

    1. It’s an interesting Jupiter Return with Saturn in tow but I do think that Jupiter will dominate because Saturn is currently in Sagittarius, which is Jupiter’s sign. So she’s definitely one to watch. Thank you for your insightful astrology, Patrick. Always a pleasure to read. best, Sally

      1. Thank you, Sally, for your comment. Happy to read that 🙂

        I see Muguruza holding the trophy. She has the final’s Ascendant hit her natal Mercury (1,03) and the Sun trine her natal Sun (0,29) in Libra with her ruling planet Venus conjunct Sun (0,78) at Saturday.

        Sally, watch her natal Uranus/Jupiter conjunction at 6,2/7,57 in Sagittarius with the Moon perfectly snuggling in at the opening chart at 7,10.

        Moving through half sky during the two tournament weeks, the Moon exactly opposes this natal conjunction at the Women’s final. WOW!

        The Moon exactly opposes her natal Uranus (0,00) at Match start when warm up is over. At 5 P. M. , the Moon exactly (0,00) opposes her natal Jupiter.

        When Garbine feels in heaven, holding the trophy?

        Kind regards,

        1. She’s got a good shot for sure. If I get a chance, I’ll check out the tennis for the women’s final. Too much on today to check for the semis. Sorry. But loving your astrology. best, Sally

  29. hi sally due to some pressing commitments i could not give my opinion from the sidereal astrology point of view earlier. djokovic has 23.37 sagittarius rising and jupiter is his ascendent lord and jupiter is very closely aspecting his ascendent now in transit. this normally promises victory. but for murray who is havinf leo ascendent at 21.48 jupiter is exactly transiting his rising degree and his major period lord sun is transiting his 10th house. so i feel murray has got slightly better astrology and he may win rg this time.

    1. Hi James,

      Your astrology is interesting, it is similar to Juan’s. He is predicting Murray or Wawrinka to win.

      Here is Juan prediction with google translation.

      The letter tournament start is quite similar to last year, with Uranus nailed to the MC. This entrance leads me to believe that Djokovic will not have it easy to be crowned this year as surprises should be. Moreover the Moon (favorite) applies to Saturn , it is not a good sign for the favorite. His letter debut is not very auspicious, all you have for the Serbian is the Lunar Revolution . The best chart debut has Wawrinka, who also debuts with Moon VOC mmm … what you mean that? So I put it as a favorite. I reject Nadal for being Saturn in transit (swear word removed) his Sun home. And Andy Murray uttermost to my two top candidates for the title. As well pointed me in personal dialogue Franzua my friend, the Scottish are playing the tournament under great RL where he is Mercury in trine to Jupiter and Sun on Mercury native. Besides having Jupiter passing over his Ascendant (comes to lift several games to 5 sets, which at the end of the straight you can subtract naphtha). If not there will be another GS, but I see Murray winning several titles Masters 1000 and perhaps again win a major, because he started a good RS with Venus – dispositor of Sun – in regency next to Mercury – regent Ascending and MC all in trine to Jupiter on Ascending . natal in short, I bet that Djokovic does not win here and this is between Murray and Wawrinka.

      What do you think Sally out of this translation?

      1. Thanks for posting. I always love to hear what Juan has to say. I’m fairly sure he uses a different chart for Djokovic, the earlier time, so it’s hard to comment on his prediction for Novak. Murray and Wawrinka are interesting. I preferred Murray’s astrology rather than Wawrinka this time around. Re. the tournament chart, I like the Moon/Saturn conjunction in the 5th house for a Djokovic win. I think this is the favourite winning and Djokovic is Saturn-ruled. Uranus conjunct the Midheaven was the shock exits of both Federer and Nadal in my opinion. Maybe more shocks to come? I’m still leaning towards a Djokovic title. best, Sally

  30. Hello Sally! I was wondering if you could tell when Rafa’s struggles will end. Does he have a chance to be back on his best this year?

  31. Interesting turnouts for the current players–some expected and some unexpected. Overall, I like Thiem’s chances. It would be nice to see a fresh young face lift the trophy and the astrological signs point to that. If not Thiem, I would like to see Stan repeat as a champion, he truly deserves it.

    1. You have them both in the semis but up against the no. 1 & no. 2, Djokovic & Murray. Should be good tennis. Will be watching. best, Sally

    1. hi Patrick, the one thing I’d add is that the conjunction is a different energy to the square. The conjunction is powerful and great energy from Mars; the square is more likely to test you and slow you down. Although both are about harnessing the energy of the Mars/Saturn – where there’s a will there’s a way! best, Sally

      1. I see, thank you, Sally! So I misinterpreted you writing that conjunction of Mars/Saturn is a hard aspect as well..

        1. The conjunction plays out differently to the square and opposition. It’s a more concentrated energy and therefore brilliant for sports/stamina/hard work, etc. best, Sally

  32. Interesting match up for men’s semis..astrologically speaking. Sally’s two favorites are clashing and Juan’s two favorites are in other match up!!!

  33. Djokovic Vs. Thiem….who makes it to the final? if there is anymore surprise factor left according to the charts Novak should get the boot.

    Hope he gets through and plays the final. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  34. Semifinal – Djokovic in 3 sets
    Final – Djokovic in 4 sets (being conservative here) Currently his A minus game is good enough for remainder of players.

  35. Hi Sally,

    Theim is Awesome player in clay and he might do wonders against djokovic.

    DJokovic wins sf and he needs to face either Stan or Andy.

    Both Andy and Stan are real big Threat for Djokovic,

    I Already sd Djokovic needs luck that he should not face top four. Nadal is out so djoker had a luckiest draw. But he loss the luck in final. Im sure either Andy or Stan will win champion.With this presuure if djokovic face andy or stan the ball will hit in djokovic side very strongly and new champion will born.


    1. Aquarian

      It is getting boring seeing Novak winning everything again this year. It would be nice if Murray win it this time. Novak has taken a lot away from Murray.

      RG has been a really boring tournament with lack of exciting matches. Semi finals has been so poor.

      When will Novak start to slow down? He is nearly 30.

      Tennis is in a bad state.

      1. lol you’re so funny. When Federer dominated the tennis world, I am sure you didnt have any complaining. Novak achieved a lot, because he always believed in himself, he never gave up, even between 09-10. He beat Murray so many times, you cannot say he took something away from Murray. Who said those something belongs to Murray? Novak wins because he is the better player, just like you idol when he was at his prime. It is not the first time you said something which is disrespectful and unfair as well to Novak, it is not nice and you should know this is Sally’s blog, not novak hater’s. There are some Novak fans reading Sally’s blog as well, so be friendly. You don’t want him win, it is fine, he does not need you to hope he can win. He has so many fans to cheer for him. You just need to hide your dislike feelings for Novak here, because people here should respect for each other. Just think about it, if I say I don’t want Federer to win any grand slams again, what will you think?

        1. Look I am not a Novak Hater….. Stop putting words in my mouth. What I am trying to say is that RG has been boring. It would be nice if Murray win it for a change. The trouble with Novak is that the finals have been boring not exciting. I have seen Federer finals when he was dominating there were exciting battles. Novsk is a robot and Roger is art. That is the difference bewteen them. Some Novak fans are nice. It is not disrespectful. I am entitled to my view. I wish Murray to win for a change to make the game exciting. I just don’t like Novak tennis full stop. And what is wrong me saying I would like Murray to win. You are entilted to your view. I respect Sally. I don’t mind if Sally delete my comment as I respect her. I posted Juan’s Astrology.

          1. I do not want an argument on here. Every one are entitled to their views on here. Fans of all players. Whether they like them or not.

            Sally, you are welcome to delete my comment if you wish.

            Looking forward what you have to say about the final between Murray and Novak. May Murray win as it would be nice change!

          2. You’re bias and you didn’t realize. You kept saying it is boring that when Novak wins a slam and it is to rude compare your favorite player’s playing style with other people’s favorite. You said Federer is playing like an art, in mind, I love Novak’s playing style, very passionate. Most importantly, before you said that you dont want Novak win, no one else did say something similar. I think it is because other people know what should say and what shouldnt at this astrology blog. Again, if you think Novak’s playing style like a robot, I was surprised you hope Murray win, since Murray’s playing style are very similar to Novak’s, however Murray is more defensive, Novak is more aggresive.

            So I think it is very simple, you don’t want Novak win just because he beat Federer so many times in the past couple of slams, it is maybe not the hate, but very close.

          3. Everyone has their opinion, Josephine, and thank you for your comments. I love Novak’s playing style too. I’ll be rooting for him tomorrow even though I love Brit Andy. It’s so great to have a Brit who is competing at the top level. I think this is Andy’s 10th Grand Slam final which is an amazing feat in itself. I want Novak to win tomorrow to break records but I do hope to see Andy win another Grand Slam title soon. If they both play well tomorrow, it will be an awesome final. best, Sally

          4. JOSEPHINE

            Most people on here are fans of Novak. Not because Novak beating Roger at GS. You are entitled to have your opinon about Novak. I don’t like Murray but would like Murray to win for a change.

            I don’t hate Novak. But I am not bias.

            Lets get back to Astrology shall we. Sorry about this Sally.

          5. You’re entitled to your opinion, Roger’s fan, but yes, back to the astrology. Thank you. Sally

          6. I don’t see Novak’s tennis like a robot. There have been some big hitters in recent years who all they could do was serve bullets and hit hard. Bang, win point; bang, win point. Novak doesn’t play like that. Yes, he’s a big hitter but he has some awesome shots in his repertoire. I agree he doesn’t have the beautiful play of Federer but Federer was one of a kind. Yes, everyone will have their different opinions and I agree it’s not been the most exciting tennis tournament but tennis is changing. I’m really interested to see which youngsters are going to step up to the next level and Thiem was awesome yesterday. best, Sally

        2. … and Sally is a huge Novak fan. He’s won me over and I’m so hoping he achieves an incredible tennis record tomorrow. best, Sally

      2. Roger’s fan, I’m not going to delete any of the comments that have been written but did you watch the semi-finals? I had to flick between the two as they were on at the same time and the Djokovic-Thiem game was awesome. 22 year old Thiem is a brilliant young player and is definitely going to be one to watch. He pushed Djokovic to improve his game and some of their rallies were incredible. You could not call that game boring!!! Murray v. Wawrinka was less interesting in my opinion even though it went to four sets. I didn’t think Wawrinka played well at all so it never really go going.
        One more point – if Djokovic wins this French Open, he will have won the one Grand Slam he’s never won before and well deserved. He’s an awesome player and when he plays at the top of his game he’s invincible. Plus…. he will be the first tennis player since Rod Laver in 1969 to hold all four Grand Slam titles at one time – an epic achievement and one which none of the recent greats have managed to achieve. You cannot take that away from the man. I’ll be rooting for him to win this one for sure. After that, I’ll root for Andy again 🙂 best, Sally

  36. Hi Sally,

    This is from Juan, It is shame that he hasn’t come on here to give his side of the Astrology. I don’t know what he means by this:

    Novak Djokovic – Andy Murray, the 2016 Roland Garros final scheduled for Sunday “not before 15hs” This is the letter , if the rain does not delay its start: The letter I see favorable for the House VII , because I regents and X are combust without great dignities. While the regent of VII is domiciled, is a Mars in Scorpio but retro. The exact minute boot may be influential, because it depends on them Venus and Moon remain intercepted or otherwise, will be intercepted Mars . Notice how the only and last aspect of the Moon (new) will be Uranus = surprise, no? Of course, there can decipher anything because the two new champions will win in Paris. Djokovic is wearing red, the color would VII. But in the end I always remember the method of Frawley that says you have to give the favorite R and challenger VII. I’m also not sure that Venus so close to the Sun is negative, so based on the letter I can not say much more than what was said days ago.

    He didn’t say who will win though.

    1. Hmm, the translation does that prediction no favours! He’s basically saying as his first prediction, i.e. he favours Murray over Djokovic. best, Sally

    1. I rarely change my prediction throughout the tournament (in fact I don’t think I have ever!). I do love that Murray has Jupiter conjunct his Ascendant. It was exact on Friday so still very close for the final. Jupiter rules freedom as well as success and the Ascendant is the personal point in the chart, linked to the physical body. He’s playing well and it seems to have been a good move for him splitting with his coach Amelie Mauresmo. I’m still going for Djokovic though. Jupiter is in a lovely aspect to his Midheaven, the career/success point of the chart and this Grand Slam would mean a lot to him. Plus I still like the tournament chart for Novak, Moon cnj Saturn in 5th house. The 5th house is often associated with luck and linked to the favourite in sport. Novak is Saturn-ruled – there’s my winner. I’m also presuming the final will go ahead tomorrow as scheduled so there’s the nod to the New Moon in Gemini, so again my money’s on a Gemini winner, Novak. If they both play well tomorrow, it should be a great final. best, Sally

  37. Hi All,

    This is what Juan said days ago:

    The letter tournament start is quite similar to last year, with Uranus nailed to the MC. This entrance leads me to believe that Djokovic will not have it easy to be crowned this year as surprises should be. Moreover the Moon (favorite) applies to Saturn , it is not a good sign for the favorite. His letter debut is not very auspicious, all you have for the Serbian is the Lunar Revolution .

    Andy Murray uttermost to my two top candidates for the title. As well pointed me in personal dialogue Franzua my friend, the Scottish are playing the tournament under great RL where he is Mercury in trine to Jupiter and Sun on Mercury native. Besides having Jupiter passing over his Ascendant (comes to lift several games to 5 sets, which at the end of the straight you can subtract naphtha). If not there will be another GS, but I see Murray winning several titles Masters 1000 and perhaps again win a major, because he started a good RS with Venus – dispositor of Sun – in regency next to Mercury – regent Ascending and MC all in trine to Jupiter on Ascending

    It is all confusing.

    1. Juan prefers Murray but Juan also uses a different time of birth for Djokovic so our predictions are going to differ. best, Sally

  38. my first prediction of nole andy final has come out correct. they had the best between the two i feel andy has got a slightly better astrology (only slightly)because jupiter is transiting exactly on his ascendent point and for novak it is about 2 degrees away from aspecting his ascendent point though applying. now let us see what happens in the final.

  39. Murray will be surprise winner tomorrow!! He is playing well and has confidence to beat Djokovic on Clay.

  40. At first I have to admit, as my predictions were so bad for tennis and it seems that it doesn’t matter for Novak Djokovic if he has good transits or bad transits or if he has no at all, I quit with tennis predictions a longer time ago.

    But with a view on Jupiter conjunction Jupiter of Bertens at QF and Jupiter conjunction AC at Murray (Sally, I wonder that you fix this transit on date since it depends on the exact minute of Murrays birthtime and 1 minute difference gives 2 days difference of the transit..)

    Also Thiem has Jupiter close to his Virgo planets. Hope he can go to the Top soon. He told me that he is born at night. I favour Cancer rising and rectified to 01:26:13 (

    I rememeber my forecast for the next 8 Slams + Wimbledon from September 2014 (cited here in the French Open thread 2015 here and in this forum:

    I wrote:
    “French Open 16:
    Maybe end of Nadals unbelievable row of victories. He is very close to Saturn opposition sun. Jupiter conjunction Murrays Ascendant! But will he really win on Clay? Also maybe Jupiter Trine Ascendant of Djokovic. Federer has Monknot (Charma Point!?) Conjunction Venus during semi final. Bertens may go very far in the Women’s competition (semi finals) with Jupiter conjunction Jupiter.”

    Bertens was a real surprise. She actually went to semis and Nadal quit from tournament and strong Murray goes to final. But such prediction was/is unfortunately not my standard… Just picking every time on Djokovic, I could call me an amazing astrologer without lookin to the stars…

    1. hi Janni, thanks for your comment. Fair point about Murray’s Jupiter transit of his Ascendant – he does seem to have a new lease of life at the moment though. It feels like he’s really enjoying his tennis as well as playing well too. Looking forward to the mens final. Bertens came strong on her Jupiter Return and I have seen Jupiter transits work well for tennis predictions consistently. I wondered who I had got Thiem’s time of birth from and now I know – it’s you! He’s doing well with his current Jupiter transits too. He played fantastically against an on form no. 1 in the semi opposite Djokovic. A joy to watch. Well done on your predictions. best, Sally

  41. I’ve read the surprise winner comment would like to add that if Novak does win tomorrow won’t it be a surprise considering holding four slams at a time has occurred only twice in tennis history.
    But if surprise winner also means that anybody other than the favorite than I’m not putting forth my point.

    1. I wouldn’t really count Murray a surprise winner, would you? It was always likely to be a Djokovic-Murray final if play went to form. Yes, perhaps you could see the breaking records as a surprise but I also think the big surprises this tournament were losing Federer and especially Nadal at the French Open, as he’s dominated in recent years. best, Sally

  42. Thank you Sally for your wise words. Like you, I want history tomorrow. He is deserving of this. After that I will root for Murray for wimby and AO.
    I was very happy when Fed and rafa made their histories and Andy at Wimbledon.

  43. As predicted, Muguruza wins the Championship, just 3 Minutes after 5. P.M. when the Moon exactly opposed her natal Jupiter 🙂

    The Moon started between her natal conjunction of Uranus/Jupiter and ended opposing these two, exactly opposing Uranus at Match start.

    Stunning astrology.

    1. Big congrats on your prediction, Patrick. I’ve just had a quick look at Muguruza’s chart, no time of birth, but another Sun Libra, the same as Serena, b. October 8th 1993 from Caracas, Venezuela. Her Venus is at 20 Virgo so Jupiter will be moving closer towards it throughout the summer and I also noted her Pluto at 23 Scorpio, the degree at which Mars turns direct on June 29th so she could do well at Wimbledon too. A balanced chart on the whole and she seemed very calm considering the level she was playing at. Born on a lucky Sun-Jupiter conjunction. Definitely one to watch. best, Sally

      1. Thank you, Sally! ☺ Honestly said, I mixed up 1993 with 1983 when watching Muguruza’s chart. Wondering hiw this particular day olayed out so accurate with the (false) Uranus/Jupiter conjunction. The Sun Sun trine was valid, yet.

        Sounds very interesting with Mars turning direct on same degree as her Pluto. Recently I have read planets do not turn retrograde in fact in the sky but it’s the Sun gaining speed and thus making the impression of. Yet, Mars shows decreasing degrees day per day in the charts. Could you be so nice to explain what I can’t see?

        I see Muguruza has few fire in her chart. Does she lack anything in her personality then? Thanks Sally for a short answer of my questions. Love to learn from your blog.

        1. hi Patrick, It was a moment of clairvoyant magic your prediction 🙂 Many people lack an element in their chart, fire, earth, air or water. This is usually about qualities that you find harder to access rather than lacking something. Therefore you tend to compensate for the missing element by being around people who embody the element or getting involved in work/activities which are typical of the element. Fire rules spark, spontaneity. I’m not sure it matters too much in a tennis player if it’s a missing element. Air and earth seem more important elements to have strong. Retrograde planets give the illusion of moving backwards in the heavens because of the way the planets orbit around one another. What matters for astrology is the fact that the planet is retreating through the zodiac so going back and forth over the same sign. The turning points are most important because this is when the planet’s energy intensifies or peaks. Mars rules athleticism so Mars turning direct at 23 Scorpio on June 29th is powerful if you have planets/angles at that degree. No doubt this will come up in the astrology for Wimbledon. I did notice too that one of the national charts for Spain (November 22nd 1975, 12:45pm, Madrid, Spain) has a Sun/Mercury conjunction at 29/25 Scorpio conjunct the Midheaven (success point) also at 25 Scorpio. You’ve got to like that combination for them doing well at Euro 2016. best, Sally

          1. Yeah, must have been! ????
            That’s powerful insights. Thank you very much for your detailed explanation, Sally!
            Wao, that sounds exciting for Spain at the Euro 2016!
            Still don’t get how planet go back and forth through the same sign without moving backward?


            This might explain it better. If you think of the zodiac as a circle, a belt that orbits the universe, when a planet changes direction it’s against the backdrop of the zodiac. Sometimes it’s how we see the movement of the planets from earth as well which is our own unique perspective on what’s taking place above. Hope that helps! best, Sally

  44. Hi Sally and everyone, I’ve been abroad but have been catching up on the comments. I’ve been watching the tennis on Eurosport in Portuguese so have managed to keep up to date. Well done to Patrick and a great prediction he made for the women’s final. I’ve felt for some time that Mugurtha is the next big thing. She is very poised and graceful and she didn’t make a big deal about beating Serena. The women’s game is ready for a new champion. She kind of reminds me of Steffi Graf very cool and collected. As for Murray v Djokovic it’s a hard one to call. We did get a surprise winner on the women’s side. So can Murray be the surprise winner too? I’m not sure if the gods of Roland Garros are on his side. It seems like Djokovic has a date with destiny here as he has been flirting wth holding all 4 grand slams for a few years. I like the prediction that Sally has made so I ‘m going to agree with her. Also the moon will be in Gemini which has to favour Djokovic. I expect Djokovic to fight like a dog so it will probably be a very physical match.

    1. I love that you call Muguruza poised and graceful because she is a Sun Libra. She did seem cool and collected during her victory. Yes, Serena like Federer turns 35 this year so you can’t expect either of them to keep playing at the top level for much longer? I’m hoping for a Djokovic win today. As I wrote in an earlier comment, a Murray win wouldn’t be a big surprise and I love the idea of Djokovic breaking records. Looking forward to it. best, Sally

  45. I feel Novak will win but I am rooting for Andy. I like tennis in general but not these two players. However, I am excited about the new crop of players that are coming up–exciting!

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    1. tennis addict

      You get the cigar. Good prediction and right on the nose.Congratulations to Sally Kirkman also for getting it right once again . She is my go too for all of the slams. Keep up the good work Sally.

  47. Why not predict a calendar slam now itself? We all know Novak is going to do it, with Fed and Nadal no longer in the picture. You don’t have to be an astrologer to predict a Murray loss to ND. The guy doesn’t have the game. And it looks like Novak isn’t going to get a better player than Murray in any of the remaining slam finals this year.

    1. That was my prediction at the start of the year for Novak. You’re right, he seems invincible right now but it’s still fun looking at the astrology for each Grand Slam. That was the one he wanted – the French Open, his missing Grand Slam & a record which no-one has broken since Rod Laver in 1969. Incredible! best, Sally

    1. … not an astrologer then? There’ll be more ‘guesses’ (predictions) in the months to come 🙂 best, Sally

  48. Thank you Sally,
    You were real.
    We in Serbia, Belgrade celebrate.
    Excellent from yours.
    All the best from the heart!!!

  49. Excellent astrology Sally. I think Juan should use the birth time you have for Nole.
    Hoping Andy can steal one this year and RG next time.

    1. I really wish that birth time could be double confirmed. I’m waiting for the day Nole gets in touch to let me know. Now wouldn’t that be special 🙂 Thanks, Faith. best, Sally

  50. Dear Sally,

    Congrats for a great prediction again! You are simply amazing!
    Keep going with the good job!
    And I am sure you’re very happy now just like us Nole fam.

    Thanks with regards,

  51. Fantastic prediction Sally. I’m happy for king Novak on completing his career slam and 4 slams in a row.

    But feel sad for Andy. He is a great champ. He will Win more for sure.

  52. Superb predicting once again, Sally!!!

    I always learn something new every time you do your tennis predictions.

    I can’t wait for your Wimbledon predictions, just 3 weeks away?

  53. Dear Sally

    Well done for predicting Novak winning it. Poor Murray another GS lost.

    Look forward to Wimbledon Prediction. Hopefully a new winner.

  54. Novak won again–and you are right. This site makes me curious to look at astrology differently–it is a unique perspective. I applaud your efforts. However, Novak wasn’t my pick and I am disappointed. On to the next slam and hopefully a new champion will rise and make the sport interesting again.

    1. Thanks Mac. The pressure’s off Novak in a way because this was the one he really really wanted. Will be interesting to see if he stays committed to the Grand Slams. He’s got a way to go yet to equal the Grand Slam wins of other big players. Always good to have a goal. best, Sally

  55. Destiny fulfilled for Djokovic. Well done Master Astrologer Sally.! Murray needs to get rid of Delgado, I know he wants to support his friend but he needs to get back to Lendl or someone who has been at the top of the game who can help transform him. Djokovic found Becker and look at the difference that made. I hope Murray goes onto win Wimbledon he really deserves a win.

    1. Thanks Shelley. They showed some interesting stats for when Murray had Lendl as coach. His forehand was way more aggressive so yes, I expect you’re right. best, Sally

  56. hi sally congratulations to both nole and you for your triumph. you have proved that what novak is to tennis you are to astrology. that is no 1. keep it up.

  57. Dear Sallyy

    This is what Maxi said. Good news for Novak fans but bad news for Federer fans.

    Today is born a legend. Novak Djokovic has entered the gallery of tennis greats by winning Roland Garros 2016 and complete the Grand Slam.
    Nole is living his “Return of Saturn “. In astrology , Saturn delay in giving a full turn around the Zodiac between 27-30 years which is when first returns to its original position the day of birth of a person. It is the stage of maturity. And act according to their natal determination. In the case of Nole, Saturn in 19 ° of Sagittarius is in harmony (trine) to your Jupiter in 18 ° Aries . Thus during the Saturnian return has very Jovian experiences: honors, successes, fortune . Something that was very well Franzua.
    And will continue acting during the 2016 and 2017 much of the time in which the will reign in the tennis world. This year, back in September when Jupiter in the sky out of Virgo and enters Libra you will be making a trine to his Sun in Gemini. Surely win the US OPEN 2016.

    In the Solar Revolution Nole is opposite Mars orb closed his Sun in Gemini. That could also put more irascible with a tendency to slightly more violent gestures, something he does not usually do.
    For the Serbian something negative could come in the Olympics when Mars again beat his sun

    And Andy, opposite Mars closed in ORB to her natal mercury in the midheaven.
    The Scottish must be attentive during Wimbledon when Mars make you squaring your Sun and Olympics when also receive the martial aspect to their mercury in Gemini.
    However Murray has an extra help in the Solar Revolution: Venus in conjunction to the Sun; and Jupiter and the North node both omen of expansion and fortune are about your Virgo ascendant.
    It is generational to Nole and has the same trigone Saturn and Jupiter. As well as this living saturnino return I think that them two will be between the struggle for the No 1 this year and much of the 2017

    Kind Regards

  58. Some peole really need to grow up here. Roger’s fan why is that Novak win/good times are considered bad news for Federer fans? Your posts are borderline between immature and childish filled with hate. Someone had earlier pointed this out and you seem to be peeved that Novak is having the time of his life.

    get a life. Learn to appreciate greats and be happy when you witness history. More than anything please grow up!

    1. I think you got the wrong end of the stick. I posted Maxi astrology. I am only saying it is not good news for Roger in the astrology for next year.

      Your comment is rude. I don’t hate Novak. I just don’t like his tennis. But Congrats to Novak for winning. Remember not everyone like Novak brand of tennis but are entitled to their opinion but there is no need to call someone immature.

      My comments are not childish and not full of hate. Sally stated her views and I respect that.

      It is a shame Murray lost.

  59. Thank you very much for another Grand Slam blog and answering our questions in a passionate and warm manner Sally! ☺ Your blog enriches every Slam!

    Congratulations for predicting Novak as Champ!! ????

    Kind regards,

  60. I think it’s for Andy to make some reflection why he loses every important final against Novak.

    It’s isn’t about his class, he could beat Djokovic multiple times. He showed in first set as he showed several times before.
    It ‘s clearly simply a mental thing. Somehow, subconsciously, a strong part of hin doesn’t want to be the best/get out of his comfort zone being Number 2.

    He crashed when finals were getting to a crucial point at Melbourne/Miami 2015, losing 0-6. That’s not a fitness thing, as he’s maybe the fittest player. Dominating in first set, he got very passive in his game, again, yesterday.

    If he doesn’t change it might break him somewhen.
    Wish he can ioen himself for futute GS titles.

    1. I agree that it seems to be a mental instability with Andy at times. He seems his own worst enemy when he lets things get to him during the big matches. However, once Djokovic started to play well, it also put pressure on Andy and he was the one who started to make more errors. I hope Andy gets a new coach soon because he’s playing brilliantly and deserves to win another Grand Slam title. best, Sally

  61. Dear Sally,

    Greetings for the day !

    Please do let me know whether Roger has a favourable astrology this year or next year in Majors ?


  62. Lendl is again his coach. With his title in Queens yesterday, he has to be one of the two favorite to win Wimbledon with Djokovic. And on grass, I think he has the game to beat the serbian this time. I expect Sally your prediction in few days. Cheers!

  63. TBH, Sally you can bringup the predictions given Djoker and Murray are top 2 seeds. They are not going to meet before the final.

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