February 2023 Astrology


What’s important this month:

  1. Forward-moving energy – all the planets are now direct – there are no retrogrades until April 21st, when communcation planet Mercury switches direction.
  2. Action planet Mars is sorting things out in air sign Gemini after its 10 week retrograde phase (Oct 30, 2022 to Jan 12, 2023). Find solutions to problems. Mars remains in Gemini until March 25th.
  3. Communication planet Mercury is completing its journey through earth sign Capricorn. Mercury emerges from its shadow phase on February 7th. Focus on long-term projects and goals, make commitments.
  4. Love planet Venus flirts her way through romantic Pisces, ideal timing for Valentines Day (Feb 14th). The Venus-Neptune conjunction on February 15th is the best day for diving deep into love.
  5. On February 20th, Venus enters Aries, a symbol of ‘girl power’. Warrior Venus takes centre stage.

Power Planet Pluto

February is the prelude to the big astrology in March 2023. This is when power planet Pluto leaves Capricorn on March 23rd where it’s been since 2008 and enters air sign Aquarius.

Talk planet Mercury is leading the way with a conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn on February 10th and its move into Aquarius on February 11th. What’s coming to an end, where are you ready to close a door and move on?

Serious Saturn

The other big event in March 2023 is Saturn leaving Aquarius on March 7th where it’s been since December 2020. Saturn will enter water sign Pisces, the planet of reality in the star sign of fantasy.

The Sun is leading the way this month with a conjunction to Saturn on February 16th and its move into Pisces on February 18th. Sun/Saturn themes are about duty & responsibility, authority clashes, commitment and endings. 

The Sun’s move into Pisces is a shift from air (the head) to water (the heart). A time to be more in flow and make emotional connections.

You could say this mirrors the shift from Capricorn to Aquarius – less solitude and doing things alone, more community and collaboration.

Full Moon [16 Leo 41] – February 5th 

This month’s Full Moon on February 5th cuts across the Leo/Aquarius axis of the zodiac. The Full Moon is exactly square to unpredictable Uranus sending lively vibes out into the airwaves. 

A Full Moon brings matters to culmination or completion. There could be the temptation to act impulsively with Uranus in the mix. Be wary of doing so.

New Moon [1 Pisces 22] – February 20th

This month’s New Moon in water sign Pisces on February 20th. Make a wish, surrender to life, go with the flow and find beauty in the world. A New Moon is an ideal symbol for new beginnings, a time to set your intentions and start over.

Enjoy the month ahead and make the most of a potentially easier few weeks. Be discerning in what you’re leaving behind and where you’re getting ready to enter new territory in March 2023.

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