Equinox: A Moment of Balance


Sun enters Libra

September 22, 2021 (20:21 GMT+1)

Today is the equinox, when day and night are equal length. The Sun moves into Libra, the sign of the scales. Nature balances perfectly as the seasons begin to shift and change, a moment of harmony.

This month, seek out and and hold those moments close. The planets clash (not literally) but make awkward geometric patterns in the sky. There is tension and conflict, also opportunity and growth. 

On this morning’s walk in the cool, calm light of early day, nature was still and quiet bringing that sense of balance and harmony, if only for a fleeting moment. Back out on the busy streets, the noise of the traffic and kids shouting on their way to school disturb the calm.

Libra Season

There’s often a lot written about the first Equinox of the year in March, when the Sun starts its annual journey through the zodiac at 0 degrees Aries. Yet, this second Equinox is equally as important.

Just as Aries bursts into life embracing all that’s new, the season of Libra begins a new season, albeit in a more gentle and subtle fashion.

Libra is the star sign associated with balance and harmony and its zodiac symbol is the scales. Therefore, it’s an ideal time to consider what will nurture and nourish you moving forwards, how you find moments of balance in your own life.

In the northern hemisphere, a slower pace is called for and time spent in nature, enjoying the beautiful autumnal colours.

Time To Stop & Reflect

This is the half-way point of the zodiacal year. Therefore, stop and reflect on the six months that have passed since the Sun entered Aries on March 20th. It’s been a strange and unique year. Some of us have been in lockdown, some of us have been released from lockdown and life goes on.

How far have you come in the last six months and what do you want moving forwards? Use this unique point in the year to ponder about where you’re heading, what you love, what you want and need, what to ask for, what you have to offer, what you can to give to others.

Recalibrate your life, seek out balance and harmony and align yourself with some new values that will support you and carry you through the second half of the zodiacal year.

Keep returning to those pure moments of harmony and balance.

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