Entrepreneur Astrology: 2013 Year Ahead

Happy New Year and here’s to 2013! Let’s make it a good one…

[my Entrepreneur Astrology 2013 stars originally written and published for entrepreneursoul.com, the good news about self employment]


Aries (21 March-19 April)

Your planet Mars teams up with Uranus on 1st January and welcomes in an exciting year, which includes genius ideas and innovative learning. All forms of communication are your passport to the world so choose one you do well in the spring and excel at it. Life’s lessons come via adversity and it’s a loss that has the potential to teach you the most and transform the direction in which your future’s heading. The ability to switch tracks and do something different is an asset in March and events prove that miracles do happen in July when property, an investment or even a baby brings a new sense of security to your life. Gather the people you love around you at work and embrace your clan or new family.

Taurus (20 April-20 May)

Go-getting Mars begins the year in your career sector so start as you wish to carry on and show you mean business. The first half of the year feels dynamic and what you put in place determines how much you achieve. February through to June are amazingly prosperous months if you’re prepared to take risks and go global. A business partnership is your biggest learning and love them or hate them, you can’t work without them… or can you? You need the right professional associations to guarantee success but you may have to experiment with the Disney equivalent of kissing a few frogs before you find your prince/ss. Autumn’s road twists and turns and there’s a chance to extend your stay on a trip away.

Gemini (21 May-20 June)

Mercury lines up with Neptune on 1st January and you see the future clearly when you’re open to new forms of communication, spiritual, creative or psychic. Be guided by life and you pave the way to a joyful future. With Jupiter in Gemini until late June you prosper when you do the things you love and enjoy life to the full. In the summer your career takes a quantum leap forward as a cash bonus or vocational calling sets you on a new path. Be prepared to work hard to achieve what you want but the knowledge that what you’re doing inspires both you and others is your reward. At times you take one step forward and two steps back but trust that when you follow your heart, magic happens.

Cancer (21 June-22 July)

Putting others’ needs before your own is a Cancerian trait but your 2013 stars can change all of that. The Uranus/Pluto square advocates independence and innovation as winning ways in your career and vocation whether through choice or obligation. At the spring equinox, there’s madness in the air and you shock yourself and others with a bold move at work. Jupiter’s move into Cancer late June increases your need to be audacious and daring and a triangle of planets in water signs in the summer feeds your inspiration. If you feel that your life lacks joy, turn yourself into Renaissance Man/Woman and take a road trip, immerse yourself in culture or increase your knowledge through online learning.

Leo (23 July-22 August)

The Moon is in Leo on New Years Eve/Day picking you out as star of the show but you may want to play less of a star role in the coming year and focus on different aspects of your personality. For many of you, there are major changes ahead regarding your work and vocation, whether you decide to switch jobs or a new career path beckons. Events in the second half of April prove significant. What happens behind the scenes or with regard to home and family cannot be ignored in the summer and you may feel the time is right for a lifestyle swap or to alter your priorities. A strong calling back to your roots dictates events at the end of the year and for some, an escape from the rat race is a viable solution.

Virgo (23 August-22 September)

Don’t hold back as the year begins because with Jupiter in your success sector lighting the way forward, you can make the greatest moves within your career in the first six months of 2013. It’s the perfect time to be courageous, confident and make the most of what life has to offer. A famous brand said ‘just do it’ and the stars tell you to ‘go for it’. This is your chance to advance a notch up the career ladder or take on a new position of responsibility that’s not only respected but fun too. The second half¬† of the year turns your attention to others, a second party or a network or group in which you’re involved. The greatest gifts are received when you give openly to others and with no conditions attached.

Libra (23 September-23 October)

Sort out home, family and money matters in January and this leads to key changes in your lifestyle at turning-point eclipses in May and November. To make progress, you first have to let go of the past and shed what’s old before you can embrace what is new. It’s important to finish this process as Jupiter’s move into your career sector on 26th June is a once-in-a-12-year experience to grab success with both hands and enjoy a new vocation that involves travel, knowledge, publishing or the Law. Your financial situation improves slowly but a spiritual approach ensures work flourishes and produces the results you desire. Being open to and tolerant of a partner’s antics completes the picture.

Scorpio (24 October-21 November)

There’s no point holding tight to the past in 2013 as the quicker you initiate key changes that benefit you financially, the faster you make progress. The internet, social media and freelance work are all well-starred but self-discipline and grit are your greatest assets. In the first half of the year you discover that a benefactor, an investor or life itself is on your side and miracles do happen. Once Jupiter moves into Cancer late June, you’re ready to broaden your horizons and do things differently. Staying put is not an option; it’s boring and it kills your fighting spirit. Instead tackle life head-on and embrace any new work opportunity that comes your way. Whatever the outcome, it’s worth the experience you gain.

Sagittarius (22 November-21 December)

When Jupiter turns direct on 30th January, your relationships prosper and the more diverse your team, the easier it is to breeze through life. Trade skills and ask for advice and support and you fast-track your route to success. Come the spring, pinpoint any drains on your money, cut your losses and escape. The eclipse on 25th May is pivotal too and signals a turning point for a working partnership; you’re either in or you’re out. In the summer months, your family or a link to your past remind you that it’s people who matter to you. A slower pace of life, doing work you love and sharing your compassion benefit you not only emotionally but financially as well. By year’s end, it feels as if you’ve come home.

Capricorn (22 December-19 January)

It’s not so much the work you do in 2013 that matters, it’s the impact it has on other peoples’ lives. Your ruling planet Saturn finds you playing a major role in a group or association that you believe in and working alongside others to create a better world is more important than climbing the career ladder. A craft or talent makes you money in the spring as you choose a healthier work/life balance, and love has the potential to turn your world upside-down in the summer whether it’s romance or a spiritual path that calls to you. Changes in your personal world and the world around you affect you deeply. The eclipse on 18th October determines whether you will continue to follow your dream.

Aquarius (20 January-18 February)

Action planet Mars is in the traps and raring to go as soon as the New Year begins and it’s your original ideas that deserve your attention. Don’t dismiss a brainwave because other people aren’t enthralled with it. Many genius inventions would never have seen the light of day if their creators had waited for approval. 2013 requires you balance both sides of your Aquarian personality: experiment with new ideas plus work slowly and steadily towards your work goals. Saturn in your career sector promises reward but only if you prove your staying power and dogged nature. Show you can survive the eclipses in spring and the autumn, stay the course and the money and satisfaction is considerable.

Pisces (19 February-20 March)

Neptune in Pisces conjures up the dream maker on the 1st and the time you spend in the New Year envisioning your future paves the way for a fertile year ahead. You can’t progress if you don’t have a clear vision and specific goals to measure your results against. New growth emerges in the spring in the shape of a course or training but it’s a circuitous route that only takes you home when you finally realise what you want. Summer’s a major turning point when you discover what truly inspires you and suddenly you’re on a roll. What brings you fulfilment also teaches you and offers you new experiences. Anything less is just a job and in 2013 so much more is accessible to you. Follow your dream.


3 thoughts on “Entrepreneur Astrology: 2013 Year Ahead”

  1. Blessings Sally, always good to read my stars (sagittaraus) Interesting one of my intentions this year is to slow down and do less and just focus on what I enjoy doing the most and move towards outsourcing the rest and unsubscribing from a lot of newsletters which I don’t read so I can focus properly on getting to know and be with people who I really connect with. So, it was reassuring to read my stars and see it is in alignment with my thoughts. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Ntathu. Always appreciated. Wishing you well for 2013 and I’m with you on slowing down. I plan to flow with life and enjoy each day as it comes. Sending love, Sx

  2. Blessings Sally, always good to read my stars (sagittaraus) Interesting one of my intentions this year is to slow down and do less and just focus on what I enjoy doing the most and move towards outsourcing the rest and unsubscribing from a lot of newsletters which I don’t read so I can focus properly on getting to know and be with people who I really connect with. So, it was reassuring to read my stars and see it is in alignment with my thoughts. Thank you.

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