Christina And Sally Talk Astrology

coffee, chatIt’s a New Year and the ideal time to try out some new technology and find new ways of talking astrology.

Christina (Rodenbeck), the Oxford Astrologer and I will be starting a new monthly podcast that we will launch on iTunes on the spring equinox. We are going to make astrology as simple and accessible to you as we can.

We will be talking about the star sign of the month and highlighting the major astrology coming up. As we both love to do, we will be relating the astrology to what’s going on in the world, in a light and informative way, using celebrity examples and the big events in the month ahead.

Two astrologers chatting over a cup of tea or coffee about their favourite topic, the language of the stars. We’d love you to listen in. Make yourself a cuppa and join us.

Our first ‘trial’ podcast is a discussion about 2018 and the main astrology coming up in the year ahead. We talk about the major astrological shifts and which star signs will be most influenced by them. This will become a key theme of our monthly podcasts, looking at what the astrology means for you, depending on your Sun sign and Ascendant sign.

This first podcast lasts for 33 minutes. Please do listen in and add your comments below. Thank you.

13 thoughts on “Christina And Sally Talk Astrology”

  1. Very interested in the Uranus move into my sign of Taurus. I am not averse to change in fact in many ways welcome it although in every other way I am a typical Taurean. Will be very interested if an old flame turns up as I am single but would like that to change despite the fact I am getting on in years. I am hoping the change will be very positive as 2017 was Annus Horribilus for me. I thoroughly enjoyed the podcast and look forward to hearing them regularly, it would be good when the monthly email comes in the date of the podcast is included. The tone was relaxed and it was very much like sitting in on a couple of friends chatting,next time I will definitely make a coffee as well!

    1. Thank you for your comment, Jenni. Always lovely to read positive feedback. I’m excited to see what 2018 will bring Taurus :). Sending best wishes.

  2. Just beautyfull!
    Lovely and interesting 33 min.
    As an Aquarian I just soaked it all in..
    Looking forward to the next pod.
    Thanks .

  3. I really enjoy listening to you both. A very interesting and informative discussion – regardless of our own signs. I hope you will do more. Thank you.

    1. Thank you, Jan. Yes, the plan is to start monthly podcasts from the spring equinox and we will upload them to iTunes and other hosting sites too.

  4. Lovely to hear you both talking. Thank you Sally. Thank you Christina. What a great astro’ roundup of this year’s major themes. Looking forwards lots to your next podcast. xx

    1. Thank you, Pamela. We’ve had some lovely feedback so far which makes us all the more excited about a regular monthly podcast 🙂 Sending best wishes.

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