Chinese New Year: Year of the Pig

Chinese New Year always begins at some point between January 21st and February 20th and aligns with the New Moon between these two dates. The dates differ every year as the Chinese New Year is based on the Lunar Calendar and follows the cycle of the Moon.  The start date is the second New Moon after the Winter Solstice on December 21st.

Therefore, in 2019, it is today’s New Moon on February 4th which heralds the start of the Chinese New Year. The festivities begin on February 5th and continue for approximately two weeks. There are many customs surrounding this auspicious time of year and red is the lucky colour.

The zodiac circle of twelve animals are allocated to the year in which you were born (n.b. the year begins at some point during the dates mentioned above, not on January 1st). Each year is linked to the attributes of the animal ruling the year and, in 2019, it’s the Year of the Pig.

I’m not an expert on Chinese astrology but I always love to read the predictions. I’m sure you do too, which is why I’ve rounded up some expert opinions on what the Year of the Pig means for us all.

Star Sign Style, astrologer, Kimberly lives in Hong Kong and she has found an expert to give you the lowdown on what the Year of the Pig means for each of the 12 zodiac animals:

More predictions over on Yahoo Style: Chinese Year of the Pig 2019

Longer predictions from The Insider: Here’s What Your Chinese Zodiac Says You Should Expect This Year

The Express share their brief predictions: All 12 Forecasts for Year of the Pig

Well & Good give us some tips on how to make the most of the Year of the Pig: The Year of the Pig kicks off a new era based on pleasure.

Jessica Adams has a comprehensive article giving you detailed information about the Year of the Pig:

In brief, it seems Snakes could have the most opposition this year and it’s not great for my animal, the Tiger 🙁 At least, it’s not if I want my career to do well and I’m not bovvered about love!

Let me know if you find any great Year of the Pig predictions and post them in the comments below. Some of them are a bit catastrophic for my liking, so I tend to veer towards the more positive predictions 🙂


Happy Year of the Pig – oink!




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  1. Snake is the opposite sign of Pig, like Taurus and Scorpio. Since 2019 is exalted in Pig, Snake will find it harder to slither above his station. Each of the 12 signs has a similar relationship – squares and oppositions like in Western Astrology.

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