Capricorn Monthly Stars September 2014

Capricorn.Zeeshan A KhanCapricorn (22 December-19 January)

There’s a more relaxed feel to September as the month begins with the Sun in your fellow earth sign Virgo.

Virgo rules travel but all areas of life that allow you to expand your horizons and broaden your experience, so education, philosophy and spirituality. You often want to see the world and save the world when you have planets in this sector of your chart.

The Sun remains in Virgo until the 23rd and from the 5th-29th is joined by Venus. Venus is the planet of love so this is a wonderful time to expand your horizons with your other half by your side and if you’re looking for love this is the perfect holiday romance. Venus is not only about love but represents art and beauty so this is the time to do more of what you love, follow your passion and fall in love with life. Begin a creative course or make the time to visit art galleries, museums or take a tour around a stately home.

You benefit by putting new routines in place that strengthen your connections to a higher purpose or a deeper meaning in life. This may be a spiritual path or a course of learning. The 3rd and 14th are especially helpful dates when first the Sun and then Venus in Virgo team up with Pluto in your sign of Capricorn. Pluto can be a tough planet but when it’s in a supportive aspect, there’s a magical quality to Pluto as it’s the planet of transformation. Conjure up something special on or around these dates that’s all about you, what you’re interested in, where your beliefs lie and what inspires you.

The Sun and Venus also connect with your ruling planet Saturn in Scorpio on the 11th and 21st. This is helpful too and as Saturn is currently in the sector of your chart ruling friends, group endeavours, clubs and social concerns, it’s through other people and making wider connections that you stimulate whatever drives you. Team up with others to take a holiday, work on a project that’s dear to your heart and remind yourself that together you’re bigger and better. Any form of voluntary work or charity work is particularly well-starred this month.

If anything you may find yourself becoming disillusioned with the more everyday aspects of life especially on or around the 10th and 22nd. Chit chat and everyday chores lose their appeal and at the Full Moon on the 9th which cuts across the Virgo/Pisces axis of your chart, you may even experience some kind of existential crisis wondering what it’s all about.

Being one of the earth signs, you thrive on a regular routine, security and stability but you could start to wonder whether there’s something more and if you can do things differently now. You may encounter some mad ideas or rumours that upset you on some level. If this is the case, keep hold of your down-to-earth common sense and don’t let yourself be caught up in idle gossip or hearsay.

It’s potentially a busy month for your work and career and with Mercury, the communication planet, up at the top of your chart in the sign of Libra, expect lots of meetings, interviews and negotiations. You can achieve a lot with Mercury in this sector of your chart which is great news if you’re looking for work or want to make progress within your own career.

The only tricky period takes place from the 9th-13th when Mercury clashes with the Uranus-Pluto square. This is old news however and you’ve been here before. You may feel exhausted and realise you’ve been doing too much or find that for some reason there’s a pull towards home and family. You could be in conflict with someone close to you who doesn’t agree with your work or the way you do things.

Try not to get too heated if this is the case and remember how you’ve dealt with a similar problem or issue in the past. Don’t get dragged down or allow others to talk you out of your own dreams and goals. You’re on a roll now and with Jupiter in Leo boosting one of the money sectors of your chart, there’s a strong possibility of earning big money by following your passion.

Jupiter in Leo is good news for a business partnership, investing in property, being lucky and attracting abundance. All month, Jupiter is moving ever close to Uranus in the sign of Aries and this fire sign trine aspect blazes bright. Jupiter and Uranus are go-getting planets and together they’re about freedom, taking risks and grabbing new opportunities with both hands. As this brilliant planetary aspect falls the day after a New Moon in Libra indicating a new work project, it looks as if the last week of the month spells success.

A family member may come good and help you out financially; if you’re looking for ways of earning some extra cash, what can you do that links to your home? Sell any possessions, rent out a room, move house? Uranus benefits the new and is about change and starting over.

There’s also good news for your partner towards the end of September which gives you both reason to celebrate. You benefit if they receive a cash bonus or a promotion or something similar. You’re happiest when you’re working alongside your other half and the two of you are a team with similar goals and ambitions in life. Make the most of this month’s stars and live life to the full.

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