Capricorn Monthly Stars September 2013

Capricorn Oil PaintingCapricorn (22 December-19 January)

The personal planets are playing tag through the sign of Libra which rules your work and career sector and the ‘back to school’ theme is prevalent for you. Venus is in Libra until the 11th so use and schmooze your network and ensure you’re on good terms with people who can help you pursue your work goals and ambitions.

Next up is Mercury, planet of communication, in Libra from the 9th-29th and the Sun is the last player to enter Libra and take up the work baton from the 22nd. The busiest period for you is the middle of the month when Mercury’s in action and it looks as if you have some key meetings or negotiations to undertake and/or what happens at work will have a knock-on effect in the other major areas of your life, i.e. yourself, family and your relationships.

This is because as the personal planets move through Libra they trigger a cardinal Grand Cross in the heavens as Libra is the fourth axis and makes a cross shape with three of the slower moving planets Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. Last month, it was Venus’ turn over the Bank Holiday weekend in the UK (24th-27th August) and next month it will be the Sun’s turn on the 2nd/3rd October. This month it’s Mercury’s turn.

The dates to note are the 14th-20th and with Mercury in Libra you need to negotiate well and endeavour to stay calm and create a harmonious atmosphere at work. This won’t necessarily be easy whether there are rumours of changes at your place of work or you’re engaged in more than one key discussion or debate. This won’t be a time when everyone agrees on the right course of action so try to be a good listener and put your own point of view across eloquently and succinctly. When in doubt, do your best.

In a way, there is some good news with this Grand Cross in that by now you know what you’re dealing with and where the disruption or challenges may come from. If life at home is changing and shifting or you’re not happy with your current work situation, then these issues will crop up again asking to be addressed. Same goes if you’re in a relationship or married and your partner has new opportunities that may take them away from home or cause you to rethink where you’re living and what’s best for both of you. Try and work towards a solution yet at the same time be aware that whatever decision is made there will undoubtedly be pros and cons and there’s unlikely to be a perfect answer.

Mars in Leo is also in the mix and in a helpful way and this is about your finances. Where cash is concerned, Mars is urging you to be more assertive and go-getting and to sort out any money issues and stand up for what’s rightfully yours. It’s a good month to sort out your finances and ensure that your cash situation is as ship-shape as it can be. If you’re negotiating payments or your salary, the 17th is a great date to do so, although you’ll be more successful going for a fair rate rather than pushing your luck.

The major turning point of the month comes on the 20th and 21st when Pluto in your sign of Capricorn turns direct and Saturn your ruling planet in Scorpio is in a sextile or easy aspect with Pluto. Saturn and Pluto are the heavyweights of the zodiac and no doubt life will have dealt you a fair few challenges whilst Pluto’s been in your sign. The good news with these two is that they’re in mutual reception, i.e. they’re in each other’s signs and therefore can potentially help one another. This translates into your own life as widening your circle and engaging more actively with a group or social and environmental issues. If you have a calling to make a difference and use your skills to help a wider audience or the world, here’s your chance.

These two planets first connected at the end of December 2012 and although they both have associations with loss or endings, it’s what comes after any turning point in your life that’s important. Sometimes we learn the most when we experience difficulties or hardship and it’s because of those experiences that we realise life is short and we start to consider our legacy and what we really want to do with our lives.

This month in particular feels profound for you as the north node, the karmic point in the heavens, is at the same place in Scorpio as Saturn. So when you look back on this chapter in years to come, you may realise how important a time it was for you, whatever came to an end and subsequently what you began.

Venus also enters the mix this month and is in Scorpio from the 11th and connects with Saturn on the 18th. Love and friendship are linked in some way and as Saturn is the planet that needs you to commit or quit, there may be a decision you have to make that concerns these areas of your life.

In a similar vein, it’s the people you meet this month who will play a key role in your life in the months and possibly years to come. Consider the bigger picture and what you want to do with your life and if that involves social, community or political concerns, you’re in tune with your stars. You may need to finally close a door on the past in order to move on but one way or another there will be an opportunity to do just that either this month or by the end of the year.

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