Capricorn Monthly Stars September 2012

Capricorn Ukraine StampThe start of the month necessitates a reality check when your ruler Saturn squares Venus in your opposite sign of Cancer. This slows things down in a personal or professional relationship and you see the reality of your situation.

Both these planets are nearing the end of their journey through their respective signs so there’s a theme of endings or closure. Remember that sometimes saying ‘no’ is as powerful as saying ‘yes’ so you may decide you can no longer put up with a certain situation or a particular person in your life.

This aspect coincides with a powerful connection between Mars and Pluto in your own sign of Capricorn and this confirms that you must put your own needs first and step into your power. Mars is currently in Scorpio, the sign that rules friends in your chart so turn to your friends for strong support and wise advice.

This whole month has the potential of being an incredibly powerful month for you and a significant turning point. Pluto is the planet of transformation and it’s been slowly working its way through your sign of Capricorn since 2008. If you have a December birthday, you’ve already experienced the Pluto factor in your own life. Pluto is the planet of extremes, it’s an all-or-nothing energy that takes away and strips you bare so you have to confront your deepest and darkest issues.

On the 18th, Pluto turns direct in the heavens, which is especially powerful if you’re born on the 27th/28th December. Pluto’s energy is intensified, plus the following day there’s the second Uranus/Pluto square. The first of these squares took place late June so think back to what happened at that time for greater insight and understanding. This volatile energy breaks things down so they can be rebuilt new and shiny.

Uranus is at the base of your chart in the sign of Aries and whether you’ve moved regularly over the last few years and not had a secure base or whether you’ve broken away from the past, Uranus is about change. This duo won’t let you sit still; it whisks you back to the past for some deep learning and then whisks you forwards at top speed again to re-envision your future. Change is necessary and inevitable so hold on tight for the ride and most importantly decide what you need for your own personal development.

It’s often by going back to the past and gaining insight and understanding that you can then move forward in a new way, ready to break habits and automatic patterns in your own life. This is a key month for your career and vocation as Saturn your ruler is coming to the end of its journey through Libra, the sign at the top of your chart. On the 5th October Saturn leaves Libra behind for the first time since 2009. Some of you may already have decided to let go of a position of responsibility or due to external circumstances your position at work is changing. This whole process speeds up as the month of September progresses but once the Full Moon appears on the 30th, the process is almost complete.

Again the best advice is that you need to embrace change and be aware that a shift in one area of your life automatically changes other areas too. There is a chance to reinvent who you are and some of you Capricorns will want to create a healthier work/life balance. If you’ve been working alone, you may want to be part of a sociable team of people working towards a common goal. Some of you will decide that you need less responsibility and are happy with a job that pays the bills and allows you the space to pursue other activities and dreams. The times are a changin’ and you’re in the midst of things.

Finally, everyday work and money look blessed this month so hopefully there’s good news coming your way. Venus, the planet of good things, moves into Leo on the 6th and a stroke of good fortune may bring money your way that you weren’t expecting. Think a bonus, inheritance or lucky break.

You may see and value what you have differently and experience a sense of gratitude for the simple things in life. As the bigger changes take place around you, you can simplify and streamline on a personal level. This could be about de-cluttering, growing your own veg, spending less or buying second hand. As your values change so too does your lifestyle and with Jupiter in Gemini boosting your daily habits, here’s your chance to put your well-being first and look after no. 1. Create some positive changes in your life that have a knock-on effect for you and your family.

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