Capricorn Monthly Stars October 2012

Capricorn MandalaBeing a Capricorn, you’re ruled by Saturn, the taskmaster of the heavens, hence your reputation for being a workaholic. Saturn remains in one sign of the zodiac for 2-3 years and it’s always a pivotal month when Saturn changes signs. That’s what is happening this month as on the 5th, Saturn leaves behind the sign of Libra and enters Scorpio.

This is an important shift but it’s one you’ve been building towards for some time. Libra is the sign up at the top of your chart so it focuses on your career, vocation, your reputation and status. It’s about where in life you take on responsibility or a leadership position. For some, the last couple of years will have been a hard slog.

Perhaps you’ve been in a job that you haven’t enjoyed or which has been exhausting, You may have worked with a difficult boss or felt that you weren’t fulfilling your true potential. Whatever your personal situation, there’s now a real chance to turn things around to suit you better.

This may start with saying no rather than yes, whether you turn down a leadership position or let go of a responsibility that’s weighed heavy upon you. Some of you may have made the decision to change careers and to aim for a lifestyle that focuses on a better work/life balance. Quality of life is important and if you have been the archetypal workaholic Capricorn, here’s your chance to change.

When Saturn moves on there’s a symbolic closing of doors and this coincides with Jupiter turning around in the heavens on the 4th. Jupiter, planet of opportunity, is also in a work sector of your chart but it’s about more mundane work and working to live rather than living to work. These two factors together seem tremendously significant for you, urging you to put your health and well-being top of your list of priorities and to find a lifestyle that suits you.

Two dates this month look potentially very successful for finding your dream job or starting a new work project and they are the 9th when the Sun and Jupiter combine in the heavens and the 15th when there’s a New Moon in Libra, signifying a fresh start.

Venus in your fellow earth sign of Virgo from the 3rd-28th also backs up the theme of taking care of yourself and following your dreams. This is a wonderful month to book a holiday, take a trip away or sign up to study something you’ve always wanted to learn. There may be a key person in your life encouraging you to live life differently and discover what makes you happy. This may be your partner or a female friend.

Talking of friends, Saturn, your ruler moves into Scorpio on the 5th where it’s joined by Mercury, planet of communication. This is a green light to catch up with your old friends and to initiate new friendships and alliances. This may simply be about prioritising your social life and making the time to visit friends in your own country and abroad. It’s about creating community and finding your place as a helpful member of society. Doing your bit for the world and the environment and joining together with other people to find your common voice.

With regard to work, this is your cue to stop playing lone ranger and create a successful team of people working alongside you. It’s about using networks and professional associations to make your life easier and to enjoy sharing your vision, your skills and expertise with others. It’s about what you give and what you receive from the wider community as ultimately this is where your happiness and fulfilment lie.

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