Capricorn Monthly Stars November 2012

Capricorn Oil PaintingCapricorn (22 December-19 January)

Saturn, your ruler, has now been established in Scorpio for the last month and you should already have an inkling of what this 3 year transit is about.

However, it has got to be said that November is going to be a tricky month especially on the communication front and whilst it’s important to take your time, there’s a sense that headway can only be made slowly. It’s the one step forward, two steps back syndrome.

This is partly because Mercury turns retrograde on the 6th and only begins to pick up speed again on the 26th. Mercury retrograde is a notorious shadow period when information is hidden from you or you’re waiting for news and have to be patient. It’s never the best time to make a key decision as new information often comes to light once Mercury turns around so instead review and revise your plans and think what next.

It is also important to remember that this is the beginning of a new chapter or new phase in your life and another good reason why it’s worth taking your time. What gets put in place at the end of 2012 paves the way for the next two or three years, taking you through to late 2015.

The astrology also suggests turning inward for insights or understanding. Do whatever you need to do in order to feel your way forward and tap into your natural intuition. Everything feels a little cloudy and blurred, however, as Mercury clashes with Neptune in your communication sector. This happens on the 14th but this is the middle point of a longer period that began late October and completes mid-December. You are either seeing life through rose-coloured glasses now or you’re peering through fog, more confused than clear, and unsure of what next.

If there’s any inner issue that you’re dealing with, especially if it’s to do with your health or well-being, answers will come but not straightaway. Look after yourself and trust that you’re on the right path or if you’re not, let your awareness focus on what you want to change at a deep level. Neptune’s the planet that transcends reality and in a good way this plays out as spirituality, romance or discovering a passion for music, poetry or art. The flip side of Neptune is addiction or any activity that helps you escape reality but not in a positive way. This may be why friends or a group are so powerfully aspected in your chart now as reaching out to others for support or teaming up with others with a shared goal in mind helps you make some beneficial changes in your own life.

The focus on society and community also suggests that for some this is where you want to put your energy now and rather than focusing on a personal or career goal for yourself, you’re ready to expand your life and help others. The last half of the month is very powerful for you as Mars, the action planet, enters your sign of Capricorn on the 17th. Mars, then leans on both Scorpio and Pluto and this is potentially transformational. It links you and the work you do with a wider network, whether social, political or environmental.

The catalyst for your new passion may come mid-month when there’s a powerful eclipse in Scorpio on the 13th. Eclipses are about dramatic, turn-around events and what takes place regarding a friend, group or club helps you see what’s important in life and where you want to focus your energy. If you are already aware that a close friend needs some support and advice, then step up to the challenge and offer your help. The events of the 27th are potentially life-changing either for yourself or someone close to you. If you’re looking for love, it may be closer than you imagine and for some, a life long friendship could develop into a more permanent and loving relationship.

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