Capricorn Monthly Stars May 2014

Capricorn.15th centuryCapricorn (22 December-19 January)

There’s a lot going well this month which has got to be good news after April’s potentially disruptive stars. However, that’s not to say you can sit back and relax but if you’re a typical Capricorn, you’ll already know that hard work produces results and you’re more than willing to knuckle down to ensure you achieve what you want.

Your ruling planet Saturn is in action early in the month when it opposes first Mercury (communication) on the 3rd and then the Sun (self) on the 10th. Both Mercury and the Sun begin the month in your fellow earth sign Taurus putting the spotlight on entertainment, fun, creativity, children, love affairs, laughter and good times.

This feels productive and sensual in an earthy way. Whatever you’re working hard at in the first two weeks of May, you’re passionate about and you want to ensure that you’re doing a good job. For some, this includes looking after a new baby, working on a creative project or arranging a social event for friends and family.

Yes, this will take more of your time and your energy but the rewards are more than worth it even if you end up spending your weekends busy on the project. The Full Moon on the 14th brings things to a culmination as it cuts across the Taurus/Scorpio axis of your chart and this is a wonderful date for a party or celebration. Full Moons are emotional and can be dramatic but this highlights the part of your life that makes your heart sing. It’s time to let your passion out and your spirit soar.

This is an excellent month for your love life too whether you’re looking for love or you’re in a relationship or married. You currently have the planet of opportunity Jupiter in your opposite sign of Cancer, and Jupiter represents plenty. This is about being happy and spending time with people you love and who make you feel good about life.

If you’re in an unhappy relationship then Jupiter can free you from those bonds and allow you to move on to a new and better place. The significant date for love in April is the 24th when Jupiter and Saturn make a wonderful connection in the heavens. This would be a brilliant day for a wedding, a proposal or for meeting someone new. What you begin will feel hopeful and more importantly is likely to last. Jupiter and Saturn combine to give you hope for the future and help you lay strong foundations to create a better future for yourself and the ones you love.

For some, this includes a partnership that’s professional or a significant 1-to-1 that nourishes and nurtures you. Think about the people in your life who care for you deeply and make sure that they know you care too.

This is all good because there is a possible blip mid-month when Venus in Aries triggers the Grand Cross that dominated April’s stars. This lasts from the 11th-18th and it’s a powerful Grand Cross for you as it involves four key areas of your life: your self, your relationship, your home/family and your work. Four into one won’t go and if there’s change in one area of your life it affects all the other areas. You may find that someone behaves badly at this time and wants to stir things up or cause trouble. It’s a possible flare up of a situation that peaked last month over the Easter weekend.

However, by staying calm and collected, you dampen things down quickly so refuse to become emotionally involved especially if someone at home or in the family is on the warpath.

The good news about Venus in Aries is that outside of this mid-week month, things are looking up for home and family affairs. You may want to beautify your surroundings with a DIY project or organise a family get-together. All good whilst Venus is in Aries from the 3rd-29th.

Finally this month, work is on the move as well and you can make quick progress if you put your mind to it. Mercury, the planet that rules communication and the mind, is in Gemini from the 7th-29th ruling your work and everyday routine. You can make things happen fast whether you’re applying for a job, arranging a meeting or interview or brainstorming ideas with your team.

Plus Mars, the planet of action and ambition, turns direct in your career sector on the 20th. This is a green light moment and suggests a significant turn-around. Mars has been on go slow since early March so wherever you’ve felt stuck or held back, you can now begin to pick up the pace and get things moving again.

This run of positive work energy peaks on the New Moon in Gemini on the 28th, a brilliant day to apply for a job or to start a new work project. New Moons represent new beginnings and a chance to start afresh.


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