Capricorn Monthly Stars June 2012

Capricorn Ukraine StampCapricorn (22 December-19 January)

The themes of work, health and service dominate your life this month and with some unexpected twists and turns, it’s important to focus your attention on your well-being and everyday routine. Last month’s solar or New Moon eclipse on the 20th fell in Gemini and this sector of your chart and this month’s lunar or Full Moon eclipse on the 4th also cuts across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis of your chart.

If last month’s eclipse brought about inner change with regard to your work or health, this month’s eclipse is likely to be about external events, perhaps even things beyond your control. If you’re in work, this may concern your fellow employees or a change of office. If you’re out of work, it may be the things you do on a daily basis, such as volunteer, keep fit, care for others that require realignment. Expect what’s hidden to come to light and for one person’s gain to be another person’s loss. These are typical eclipse themes

However, there is a sense that you can take advantage of change over the Diamond Jubilee (UK) weekend. This is when the much-talked about Venus transit of the Sun takes place on the 5th/6th June, also in the sign of Gemini.

At this time, look out for someone who can help you either find work or improve your position at work, someone perhaps who’s working behind the scenes or passing you secret information. Love too is linked to your place of work whether you embark on an affair or find new love via your work contacts. It’s an exciting but potentially dramatic time, so think carefully about what you’re doing and see how you can take advantage of your situation.

Jupiter too enters Gemini on the 11th June leaving behind your fellow earth sign of Taurus, so this is another indication that your well-being and everyday routine must become a priority. Jupiter may bring new opportunities your way or a chance to break free from a rigid or restrictive routine. It’s also a good time to pay attention to your health and look at new ways of boosting your fitness or looking after your mind, body and soul.

Your ruling planet Saturn is in one of the air signs, Libra, so the emphasis is on communication, networking and social skills. Saturn turns direct on the 25th June and whether you’re offered work or a promotion or you know you need to try harder or work harder, this is where the emphasis lies. It’s about getting your career on track and when faced with unexpected twists and turns, find new ways to deal with your current situation.

Change is the order of the day this month, as the first of seven connections between the planets Uranus and Pluto takes place on the 24th June, and this powerful aspect continues until 2015. This is important for you as Pluto is in your sign of Capricorn but it’s also pivotal for the world at large. In brief, Pluto in Capricorn = corporations/govt versus Uranus in Aries = revolution/individual rights. We’re already witness to major change in many countries of the world.

For you personally, if your birthday’s in December, you’ve already experienced Pluto over your Capricorn Sun and Pluto is the planet of transformation. It can take you down to the depths and necessitates a kind of rebirth. Pluto’s about the bigger issues in life, sometimes taboo, and square to Uranus, the focus is on your self and your past, your home or family. Relationships too are brought in to the mix on the 11th/12th June and the 29th June when Mercury and the Sun in your opposite sign of Cancer connect with the Uranus/Pluto square.

This suggests a revolution of sorts and if you’re already experiencing change in your life life, it’s how you respond to change that matters. Wherever you have close links to other people in your life, remember that whatever changes for one person will have a knock on effect to other people. Do your best to keep the lines of communication open and practise compassionate listening to facilitate clear and kind negotiation. Whether it’s inner or outer change taking place, this isn’t a month when standing still and doing nothing is an option.

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