Capricorn Monthly Stars July 2012

Capricorn Maldives StampIt’s a powerful start to the month with a Full Moon in Capricorn joined by Mars on the move into Libra and your career sector, both happening on the 3rd. This is a double whammy of energy and as July begins you hit the ground running.

Full Moons are emotional but they’re also about completion and can bring success, awards or at the very least a sense of accomplishment. With Mars entering Libra, this can be good career news for some, perhaps the start of a new job or a new position of responsibility. Libra puts you in the public eye and Mars increases your ambitious nature.

Your planet Saturn has been in Libra for the last couple of years and is now on its final stretch through your career and vocation sector. Whether you’ve been enduring a period of hard work or taken on new and impressive roles or tasks, Saturn’s about building for the long term. Whatever you want to achieve in life, whether in your career or elsewhere, this is the perfect time to go for it. Mars remains in Libra until late August and Saturn remains in Libra until early October so be diligent, determined and use this extra motivation to get what you want in life.

The most testing time this month is likely to be on or around the 17th-19th when Mars clashes with the Uranus/Pluto square. If your birthday falls in December, you have already experienced this square personally. I have talked about it before and specifically in last month’s stars. Pluto is in your own sign of Capricorn, bringing some dark moments but hopefully also the chance of transformation.

Uranus is down at the base of your chart ruling your home, family and where you come from. Uranus is about change so together with Pluto this is a potentially disruptive combination. The positive side to this dynamic duo is being able to let go of past negativity and whoever or whatever holds you back in life. It’s a personal detox, a chance to get rid of the old way of doing things or an outdated attitude so you can move forward into a bright new future.

Of course it depends on your own personal situation how this mid-month clash plays out, but in brief you can expect it to be an issue about home versus work and how change in one key area of your life affects everything. On the 19th there is also a New Moon in Cancer, your opposite sign, so a second party may be involved. New Moons are about new beginnings and the chance to make a fresh start. This may be an ally at work who’s on your side or a new love relationship which changes everything. Another key date for love and work (and the two may well be linked) is the 31st when Venus, planet of love, teams up in a helpful aspect with your ruler Saturn. This is about commitment and alignment, doing what you know feels right, either in a personal or a professional setting. Most importantly, be true to who you are.

Joint finances are also under the radar this month with Mercury, planet of communication, in Leo and this sector of your chart. You can expect lots of little events or news or shifts working towards a bigger picture. It’s a good idea to take advantage of anything new that comes in which you suspect can help you financially. Be spontaneous and move quickly especially before the 15th. It may be a family member who comes into money or a property move which benefits you or the prospect of work, either part-time or freelance, which generates extra income. Dates to note are 4th, 5th, 14th, 17th, 22nd, 24th and 25th.

On the 15th, however, Mercury turns retrograde and is on go slow until 8th August. During this period, put off a major financial decision if you can and be aware that once Mercury picks up speed again in August, new information often comes to light. That’s not to say don’t take advantage of new opportunities but bear in mind that things may change shape come August. On the whole, however, this is an exciting and dynamic period for you with a lot of potential to move your life in the direction you choose.

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