Capricorn Monthly Stars December 2014

Winter Berries in SnowCapricorn (22 December – 19 January)

The 1st of the month is an important date for you as Mars, the action planet, is in your sign of Capricorn and it teams up in a supportive aspect with your ruling planet Saturn in Scorpio. Capricorn represents you, your personal goals, your image and your name. Scorpio rules your friendship sector, your group connections, clubs and the wider society.

This planetary configuration is the last aspect both these key planets make before they leave their respective signs. So Mars leaves Capricorn on the 5th and Saturn leaves Scorpio on the 23rd.

The 1st of the month therefore is an important date to finalise a matter that can help stabilise your reputation or further a personal goal. The support of other people is crucial to your success and knowing where to place your commitment and where to let go and move on is essential. It’s a good day to take decisive action.

Mars moves on into Aquarius the money sector of your chart and this is an area of your life where you can make considerable progress this month. Mars adds drive and determination to the mix and an assertive approach to money-making activities pays off. Cash success is linked to your family or your home so look out for a way to make your money go further on or around the 21st.

The other planet in a financial sector of your chart is abundant Jupiter in Leo and the sector that rules joint finances and shared resources. Jupiter is active this month and on the 4th, 12th and 14th, Jupiter makes a positive aspect to the personal planets Venus (love), Mercury (communication) and the Sun (self).

All three planets are currently in Sagittarius, the sign before yours and this links to your past. It’s about what’s hidden, something that’s secret to you or confidential, private plans and behind-the-scenes activities. You may receive a bonus, a gift or help from a benefactor, a favour that’s repaid or some other form of abundance. Remember that what you give out you receive back in return and having faith in the Law of Attraction or universal law can deliver greatly at this time.

Again there’s a link to your home, family or your past as Uranus is in the third fire sign of Aries and also connects with the Sagittarius planets on the 4th and the 6th. Pooling resources to save on Christmas expenses is one example of how this symbolism could help you in your own life but there may be other ways in which a change to your family set-up or your place of residence can help either you or someone close.

Tap into the charitable, philanthropic, caring side of your nature. For some, this is a time when you’re willing to sacrifice your own success to some extent to benefit other people. Look inside your heart and see what you’re willing to give and what you want to offer. This may be connected to charitable work or sharing your own abundance with others. Christmas values have become so commercial over time but essentially it’s a time for giving and sharing love and kindness.

It’s not all smooth sailing this month, however, as there’s another repeat of the Uranus-Pluto square that’s dominated the heavens since June 2012. Since then, these two mighty Titans have clashed not once but five times and on December 15th they have their sixth encounter. In only a few months time, they will meet for the seventh and final clash mid-March 2015.

It’s likely that you know what this is about for you personally. Pluto is in your own sign of Capricorn sometimes exposing you to the darker side of life and more difficult emotions; Uranus is in Aries at the base of your chart ruling your home, your family, your past and where you come from. It’s these areas of your life that have potentially brought about the most disruption and been challenging for you in recent years. Having to move home, for example, losing someone you love, or feeling unsettled or unrooted in some shape or form.

There may be a recurring issue that raises it’s head this Christmas and family relations are particularly intense during the holiday season. Know who or what pushes your buttons and your reactive triggers and try and avoid them or at least distance yourself from them if you want to escape an argument.

Venus clashes with the Uranus-Pluto square on the 20th and Mercury on the 25th, Christmas Day itself. So this is when the energy is most volatile and best not to say anything that could be deemed provocative. Love the ones you’re with but know that sometimes it’s best to love from a distance rather than too close by.

It’s also important to ensure your own needs are met this month and that you don’t end up being dictated to by other people, especially family. The New Moon is a powerful one on the 22nd as it falls right at the beginning of your sign of Capricorn with five planets in this one sector of your chart. This is brilliant for setting new intentions and focusing on your personal wishes for 2015.

New Year’s Eve too looks particularly perky and an indulgent and sensual evening will suit you well. If you’re looking for love, here’s your opportunity. Raise a glass as one year ends and a new year begins, let go of what’s outdated or past it’s sell by date and clear away and make space for fresh new energy to pour in. Welcome in 2015 in style.

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