Capricorn Monthly Horoscope October 2015

Tree & LeavesCapricorn (22 December – 19 January)

Take your time as you move into a new month. You might be itching to make some big decisions or feel irritated if other people are holding up your plans.

Yet caution is advised at least until communication planet Mercury turns direct in the heavens on the 9th.

This has been an important Mercury retrograde phase for you because Mercury is currently in Libra, the sign at the top of your chart, ruling your career and vocation, your future and where you’re heading in life.

When Mercury’s retrograde, you can feel disoriented or unsure of your next steps. Sometimes you’re waiting on other people to make a decision or you have to cover old ground. It’s not advised to make any major decision or purchase whilst the planet of mischief is up to its tricks.

There are other factors too this month which indicate that at times your confidence might be low, your intuition is out or there are personal reasons stopping you make progress. It’s important to note whether these reasons are genuine or whether you’re letting fear or doubt get in your way.

The 6th and 7th of the month look especially challenging in this respect so pace yourself and don’t let your questioning mind run away with you. Sometimes you can ask too many questions when you know there are no right or wrong answers and being kind to yourself and patient is a much better strategy.

The turning point comes on the 9th and once Mercury’s back up to speed, you might find that new information comes to light or you hear from someone which helps you make up your mind or be decisive.

Mercury is a quick-moving planet and you can make fast progress throughout the rest of the month. Talk, negotiate, set up meetings, interviews and use the planet of communication in your career sector to the full.

Plus this month there’s a glorious New Moon in Libra and your career sector on the 13th. This highlights new beginnings and the chance to make a fresh start. It’s a great date for initiating a new project or launching a business or product. It’s a go-for-it date when the New Moon lights up your future sector.

Plus on the 13th there’s a positive planetary aspect between Mercury and your ruling planet Saturn. This indicates you have a chance to finalise a deal or to come to an important agreement. You can get people to say Yes to your plans and pin someone down who’s been elusive.

There will be times this month when you find that life at home or personal issues get in the way of your career or ambitions. Note in particular the 12th and 25th when key planets in Libra are opposed by Uranus in Aries. Aries rules your home and family, your past and where you come from.

Last month’s eclipse on September 28th cut across the Aries/Libra axis highlighting the work/life balance but not in an easy way. Depending what took place at the end of last month, you might still be feeling the reverberations.

Perhaps you have family who want to have their say on your plans and not everyone will be supportive or agree with what you’re doing. You could be juggling home and work responsibilities and at times you feel pulled between the two. At the end of the day you have to do what feels right for you even if you are juggling different balls all at the same time.

This is a month when you’re more than ready for a break and if you can grab a holiday or some time out from work and family responsibilities, go for it. This is where the excitement lies in your chart as there’s a host of planets in your fellow earth sign of Virgo.

Virgo rules travel, study, freedom and all the things in life which expand your horizons and add meaning to life. If you’re ready for an adventure, then you’re in tune with your stars. Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and growth, is now firmly established in Virgo and encouraging you to step beyond your comfort zone and embrace new experiences.

The most important date in this respect is the 11th when Jupiter makes a stunning trine aspect to Pluto in your sign of Capricorn. Together these two planets equal big (Jupiter) power (Pluto) and they have the potential to transform your life for the better.

Look out for a new opportunity that comes your way on or around these dates and be willing to say Yes to life. This kind of planetary combination can help you turn dreams into reality and your power to manifest and attract what you want in life is especially strong.

Mars, the action planet, is also in Virgo throughout the month so here’s the energy and drive. Mars teams up with Jupiter and Pluto on the 16th and 17th, a great weekend for an adventure. Throw yourself into life with enthusiasm.

The other planet gracing this sector of your chart is Venus, the love planet, which enters Virgo on the 8th. If you’re in a relationship or married, you couldn’t pick a better month for a romantic holiday or doing something special together with your other half. The 25th looks gorgeous for combining love and adventure when there’s a stunning Venus/Jupiter conjunction in the heavens.

Plus love picks up towards the end of the month as the Full Moon on the 27th falls in the other earth sign of Taurus. Taurus rules your romance sector and the Full Moon is a symbol of completion, fertility and success. The end of the month is especially heart-warming for love and relationships so look out for meeting someone new and note too that love and friendship are linked.

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