Capricorn Monthly Horoscope December 2015

snowflakes, CapricornCapricorn (22 December – 19 January)

As December begins the focus is on you and your personal well-being. This includes your physical health but also your self-esteem and understanding what you need to do in order to feel good inside. If there’s a personal issue which leaves you feeling unstable or unsettled, this is the month to tackle matters head on.

However, one thing you need to be aware of now is that your ruling planet Saturn is out of the picture and Saturn represents boundaries, limitations. This can stop you in your tracks but it also means you know where your limits lie and you know how to defend yourself from other people and negative vibes.

This might be missing in the month ahead especially if you’re trying to extract yourself from a situation that’s deeply personal and linked to your past. This is because the key planetary player this month is Uranus and early in December there’s a lot of volatile fire sign energy.

Uranus is the planet of freedom but also unpredictability and Uranus is currently in Aries ruling your home and family, your past and where you come from and this is where any instability stems from.

It’s worth considering where or how you want to break from the past or perhaps you need to sort out your family Christmas so you’re not charging here, there and everywhere and trying to keep everybody happy. For some, this might be a time when you feel rootless whether you’re in-between accommodation or you’re getting used to a new family, one that has more or less members than previous years.

What’s really crucial with all of this is that you put your own needs first before you try and help others or keep family members happy and this is a common theme which runs throughout the month.

It starts off as an internal issue but once Mercury (communication/mind) and the Sun (identity) enter your sign of Capricorn on the 10th and 22nd respectively, it’s time to come clean and communicate your needs openly and honestly.

When you tap into the compassionate side of your nature and speak from the heart, this is easy to do and the 14th and 29th are especially powerful for heart-felt conversations.

With both Mercury and the Sun in Capricorn, this is prime time to focus on your personal goals and aims for the year ahead. Take the time to overview your life and draw up a plan for 2016 or longer if you wish. This suits your Capricorn nature. Your zodiac symbol is the mountain goat and you feel more determined to reach your goals when you can clearly see a new vista ahead, a new target to aim for.

Plus Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and growth, remains in your fellow earth sign Virgo encouraging you to consider the bigger picture and to use visualisation goals to turn dreams into reality. This is the perfect month to look at where you want to travel or go on holiday in 2016 and the same goes for study, courses and self-improvement.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day itself, the 24th and 25th December, are brilliant dates to focus on what next and come up with some exciting plans and new experiences. Be adventurous and bold heading into the New Year.

One area of your life that could be challenging now is your career and vocation. Action planet Mars remains at the top of your chart throughout 2016 stoking your ambitious nature and on its own, Mars is a clear symbol of success, pushing ahead.

Yet from the 6th-11th, Mars is caught up in a volatile planetary pattern with the Uranus-Pluto duo. This spells drama and volatility and if there are any difficult emotions surrounding work or tricky office politics, this is when they’re like to erupt. Choose your battles carefully during this period but at the same time stand up for what you believe in as long as you keep out of trouble.

Uranus and Pluto are both in people sectors in your chart; Uranus, your home and family sector, and Pluto, your close 1-to-1 relationships. This might indicate an issue with one particular individual at work, someone you don’t see eye-to-eye with, e.g. a competitor or enemy, someone who doesn’t have your best interests at heart.

Yet the other alternative is the fact that you’re being held back by your personal life for some reason or other. Your loved ones might not be happy with what you’re doing work wise or they’re challenging your authority.

For some, you might find that you have to put your personal life first and this will have a knock-on effect in your career. One area that’s not wise to enter into is an affair at work as this could turn messy during this volatile planetary period.

Yet love on the whole can be enjoyable and deeply pleasurable now. Love planet Venus is in sexy Scorpio and your friendship sector from the 5th-30th which is good news if you’re looking for love. Plus if you’re in a relationship or married, this can be a time of intimacy when you and your other half are best friends and saucy lovers.

The icing on the cake is a glorious Full Moon in Cancer and your relationship sector which takes place on Christmas Day, 25th December. Emotions are heightened during a Full Moon and you see your situation clearly.

It’s a lovely day for declaring your affections and you can make any relationship decision with full confidence. Yet remember that putting yourself first remains a key theme of December throughout the festive season.

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