Capricorn May 2017

Capricorn May 2017

Capricorn (22 December – 19 January)

There are some important lessons this month about security v. freedom. Your ruling planet is Saturn which represents duty, stability, long-term gain. Akin to the earth signs, Saturn works best when there are strong foundations in place to support its responsible and authoritative moves.

Yet this month, there’s a new connection in town because Saturn teams up with unpredictable Uranus on the 19th, the planet linked to spontaneity, freedom and radical moves. Whereas Saturn favours tradition and the past, Uranus favours technology and all things modern.

They are opposing forces and yet this month they work together as a team. In fact, this is one of the themes of this year because they first connected at the end of 2016 and their third encounter is in November 2017.

Saturn and Uranus together represent renewal, turning what’s old into something new. You need strong foundations but you also want to be looking at what next. Balance the past and the future. Saturn in Sagittarius and the most hidden sector of your chart represents karmic gestures so there may be a link back to your past now.

What’s gone before could reveal itself this month in a way that’s ground-breaking, revolutionary even. It’s a delicate tightrope to walk but you can begin to connect the ties from the past and link them to your future goals.

Bear this in mind early in the month when events at home or within your family could take off at top speed. Communication planet Mercury turns direct on the 3rd in Aries and the sector of your chart linked to domestics, your childhood and upbringing.

This is the planetary equivalent of a green light when new information emerges or you hear from someone who’s been quiet. It’s a positive time to take the initiative with regard to home and family affairs and after a few weeks of dithering, you may find the answer to a key question.

Yet Mercury turns direct next to Uranus so there could also be surprises in store or the unexpected makes its mark. Other people might act unpredictably or plans change at lightning speed. Hang on in there and deal with events as quickly and swiftly as you can. Keep an open mind and show willing to accept what’s new and different.

The planet of relating, Venus, is also in Aries throughout the month of May. In fact, Venus is retracing her steps where she was in February of this year. So there’s a theme of renewal or second chances here too.

This might be with regard to a family matter, a new member of the family perhaps, a new home or living situation. It’s a positive period to connect with family, to bring people together, to practise being loving, caring, kind. That applies to everyone so encourage others to heal any rifts and to be welcoming, giving, gentle.

Events around the 25th may find you let down by someone’s behaviour or actions but let this go if you can, especially if you recognise that ultimately you’re moving in the right direction.

What really helps you this month is the fact that the Sun is in your fellow earth sign Taurus until the 20th and on the 16th communication planet Mercury re-enters this part of your chart. So whatever’s going on around you, key planets in Taurus help you to stay centred, to feel grounded.

Do whatever you can to ensure that inside you feel steady, on an even keel. This might be linked to nature or activities which you find calming and nourishing. Hands-on activities could help, such as massage, sculpture, art, gardening.

Taurus is a fertile sign linked to the cycles of nature and in your chart this is about what you give birth to. This might include a real pregnancy or perhaps you’re birthing a creative project or something dear to your heart. The 9th and 31st could turn out to be especially powerful when the Sun and Mercury team up the planet of transformation, Pluto, in your sign of Capricorn.

So focus on your own needs now and do more of what you love. Work could be a curse or a crazy arena with ambitious Mars in Gemini and your work sector all month. This is great for getting ahead but take care that you don’t lose too much of your energy in work-oriented activities.

Office politics could be stressful as Mars is linked to anger and arguments. Events on or near the 11th and 29th might reveal where you feel under pressure. Notice when you feel stressed and who or what it would be wise to back away from.

Big planet Jupiter remains in your career sector however and if you can, this is a good month to clear the decks and do as much as physically possible, especially admin type work. Jupiter turns direct next month and this is your cue to set sail again in order to pursue your career goals. The New Moon in Gemini on the 25th would be a good date to set some new work and lifestyle intentions.

Finally, what about romance? Taurus rules your romance sector and the Sun and Mercury light up this part of your chart throughout May. So love too can be an area of happiness, especially if you’re with someone who helps you find the security you need right now.

If you’re seeking new love, the Full Moon that cuts across the Taurus/Scorpio axis on the 10th is looking gorgeous. Full Moons heighten emotions and the Moon represents your partner in astrology. Someone caring and kind springs to mind but also someone who’s wiling to connect on a deep and intimate level.

At times this month, life may feel hectic and you are required to respond quickly. Yet there’s much to be enjoyed too and the more you slow down the pace of life, the more pleasure is available to you.

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  1. Thanks for this months predictions Sally, it all sounds very exciting and positive, you’ve made me feel sure and secure. Wishing yourself lots of good health and happiness

  2. Thanks for this months predictions Sally, it all sounds very exciting and positive, you’ve made me feel sure and secure. Wishing yourself lots of good health and happiness

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