Capricorn July 2017

Capricorn July 2017

Capricorn (22 December – 19 January)

The month starts in dramatic fashion with a major face-off between Mars and Pluto on the 2nd. Pluto is the planet of transformation and it’s taken up residence in your sign of Capricorn for a long stay. Mars is the planet of anger and passion and is currently in Cancer, your opposite sign.

This combination feels volatile and you may not be able to hide away from an argument or dispute. In fact, at the start of this month you might already feel that you’ve reached a crossroads in a significant relationship, either personal or professional. This will only intensify throughout July and you have to make some important, perhaps tough decisions.

Both Mars and the Sun are currently in Cancer until the 20th and 22nd respectively. So you could be up against tough opposition now and you need to tread carefully in any major interactions. The key date for you is the 9th when there’s a Full Moon in your sign of Capricorn.

Full Moons heighten emotions and you often see a situation clearly when the light of the Moon is at its brightest. This Full Moon is packed with a punch because it pulls in some of the slower moving planets. A pattern is forming and at the Full Moon, something’s got to give.

Look at who or what you need to let go of in your life and consider carefully where you’re channelling your energy. If you’re feeling drained or you’re caught up in power games, these are the types of situation where it’s important to consider your next move. Do you want to continue in a relationship or situation that’s fraught with difficulty or would you rather consider a clean break?

The Sun’s movement throughout July reveals more about what’s happening. The first planetary aspect takes place on the 6th when the Sun in Cancer is square Jupiter in Libra and your career sector. Look out for the person who’s over-confident or even losing touch with reality. Keep your own feet firmly planted on the ground and be a stabilising influence.

The Sun encounters Pluto on the 10th, the day after the Full Moon. This is when the all-or-nothing energy is at its most extreme, so consider your options carefully. You’re changing on a personal level now, especially if your birthday is 7th or 8th January. Go deep within to deal with what’s happening and don’t avoid the dark side of life. This is where the gifts lie if you’re willing to seek them out.

Later in the month on the 21st, the Sun clashes with Uranus in Aries, three days after Mars makes a similar planetary aspect on the 18th. This feels unsettling as Uranus can rock your foundations. This pulls in your family, your home, your past and it’s another indication that the decisions you make this month and the events taking place are major.

Note too however that your planet Saturn isn’t involved in any of the clashing astrological activity. So it might be that what’s going on in your life is to do with other people and you need to step in to help out when changes take place. The key areas are work, home and relationships.

Be there for others if it’s the right thing to do but don’t caught up in other peoples’ problems if it’s too much. Know too that this could be a big month for your 1-to-1’s and your significant relationships require special attention. Trust your instincts and do what feels right rather than what you think is right.

There are definitely areas of your life that are easier and more flowing now so perhaps this month is about turning your attention to what’s working and what makes you feel happy and secure.

Venus, the planet of relating, is in Gemini and your work and lifestyle sector from the 5th onward so team up with others, have fun at work, socialise with colleagues. You benefit by asking for support at work and finding people who can help you, whether this is via outsourcing what you do or talking about what’s happening in your own life.

The only blip comes on the 24th when your planet Saturn opposes Venus in Gemini. You might find someone lets you down around this time or perhaps you feel disappointed with someone you work with or see a lot of in your daily life. On the whole, however, you can work well alongside other people now so look out for people of influence and create new networks and connections.

In addition, communication planet Mercury is strong this month in Leo from the 6th to the 25th. Leo rules joint finances and shared resources in your chart so this is a good time to negotiate money matters. Look out for a new business partnership or find an expert or adviser who can help you improve your finances.

Mercury, Venus and lucky Jupiter make some lovely interactive connections this month which suggests that other people are on your side and your fortunes are on the upswing. Some promising dates are the 7th, 14th, 18th and 19th.

Then it really takes off towards the end of the month because active Mars enters Leo on the 20th followed by the Sun on the 22nd. One day later, there’s a stunning New Moon in Leo on the 23rd, a symbol of new beginnings.

Look out for new opportunities around money matters or someone who steps in to help you out. This adds up to a confident picture for finances, investments, savings, gifts. Of course, it depends on your personal situation what this means for you but be bold with money and notice the person with a generous heart who offers to help you.

It’s also important not to procrastinate if you’re involved in any kind of financial or property deal. Push for answers and be proactive, especially close to the 27th when the Sun and Mars align in Leo.

Next month there will be powerful eclipses cutting across your financial axis so get your finances straight before the end of the month. Be dynamic, determined and bold.

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    1. Sally Kirkman

      Based on your Sun sign only, I would say yes as both the Moon and studious Mercury enter Virgo and your higher education sector on the day. Let me know 🙂

      1. Thanks Sally. You already predicted(in our session last year) that I have good chance this year and same time next year for the final exam. So Hoping for best.. I will post it if I pass..

        1. You actually made my day+Next 25 days and also hoping good prediction for Nadal and that will make my 2 weeks 🙂

  1. Hi Sally,
    i am a 7th jan born capricorn. Please predict something about my Career this year. When will i get a suitable job?

    1. Sally Kirkman

      You currently have Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, in Libra and your career sector. It’s moving forward since early June and remains in Libra until October 10th. So now is the time to pursue new opportunities. Spread your net far and wide with Jupiter, use your connections. Good luck!

  2. Hi Sally,
    i am a 7th jan born capricorn. Please predict something about my Career this year. When will i get a suitable job?

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