Capricorn Horoscope June 2023

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Gemini Season

The month of June is a good time to focus on your lifestyle and routine. Aim to do less of what stresses you out and more of what boosts your energy levels. This is because there’s strong focus on the star sign Gemini, which represents your work and routine, your lifestyle and health. 

The Sun is here until the 21st and talk planet Mercury is in Gemini from the 11th to the 27th. Gemini’s a lively star sign linked to communication so you may have more meetings or interviews than usual. If you’re involved in customer service in any shape or form, it’s likely to be a busier time than usual.

Gemini’s linked to learning so use your free time to read books or articles and get in the know, whether you’re seeking a new job or a health solution. The more informed you are, the better. Plus, as Gemini is a mutable star sign, it’s wise to learn to multi-task so you can manage your time well.

Both the Full Moon on the 4th and the New Moon on the 18th tie into this planetary picture. The Full Moon cuts across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis of the zodiac.

Perhaps, you sign and seal a new job or role. Or, maybe you choose to take time out at the Full Moon weekend to take care of yourself. There may be a theme of service, whether you’re caring for yourself or you’re helping others in a volunteering capacity.

The New Moon on the 18th falls in Gemini, an ideal date to start a new fitness routine or healthy habit. Alternatively, use the New Moon to apply for a job or launch a work-related project. It would be a good date to advertise and market your services as a New Moon is ideal for new beginnings.

There are two other planets pulled into the Moon phases and one of those is Saturn, your ruling planet. Saturn is currently in the emotional and sensitive water sign Pisces, alongside Neptune, God of the sea.

Pisces is your communication sector and rules your community and local connections. Saturn is active during the Full Moon and again on the 15th to the 17th.

Notice where you may be required to say no or turn down an invitation. Perhaps, it’s about putting firm boundaries in place at work. Saturn represents rules and regulations, paperwork and bureaucracy.

Neptune in Pisces can sometimes feel like you’re losing the plot. You don’t have a clear strategy in front of you and it’s harder to know what to say yes to and when to decline.

Neptune kicks in on the New Moon on the 18th and is active on the 19th, 25th & 30th. Neptune’s a seductive and persuasive influence in your communication sector.

At its best, Neptune is a creative source, imaginative and inspiring. You may be more in touch with the artistic or compassionate side of your nature.

However, Neptune can be disorienting too and you might be easily swayed or find you change your mind a lot. There could be a disappointment around work or your health or a sense that things are unravelling. 

Try not to slip into fear or doubt. Know that you’re in a period where things aren’t certain or set in stone. Explore your options and don’t believe everything you read or hear. Keep your earthy common sense intact.

Money Matters

Also this month, action planet Mars is moving through Leo and your joint finance sector. Wherever Mars is in your horoscope, this is where you find your drive and ambition. 

Therefore, it’s a good time to turn your attention to your finances. If you need to earn more or sort out a contract or financial transaction, get busy. If you’re in a position to help other people out, emotionally or financially, this would be a supportive time to do so. 

Plus, there’s a sense that what you give, you receive in return with planets in Leo. The other planet here is Venus the planet of relating from the 5th onwards. Certainly, it’s important to create relationships in your life which are mutually supportive, whether a joint venture or another form of collaboration.

Plus, Venus will remain in Leo for an unusually long time, until early October. Venus in Leo feels indulgent, a lover of the good life. You may receive a gift or bonus with Venus here. Or, perhaps your partnerships are linked to your good fortune.

Yet, there are certain areas where you’re wise to rein in your finances or, at least, consider your expenses. This could be about putting clear boundaries in place around a child or lover. Or, consider how much you spend on a hobby or leisure activity.

On the 11th, there’s a Venus-Jupiter clash which feels extravagant but could flag up an extra expense or a desire to over-spend. This is the same date that power planet Pluto moves out of Aquarius and your personal money sector and back into your star sign Capricorn.

Therefore, there could be a wake-up call around money. Or, perhaps a red flag that shows you where not to spend. Be attentive as Pluto is the planet linked to loss and endings, as well as power and transformation. Dig a little deeper to notice how your own motivations influence you.

Love & Relationships

Finally, love may be part of the picture this month. The planet of love Venus is in Cancer and your relationship sector up until the 5th. Then, on the day of the Solstice, the 21st, the Sun enters Cancer followed by talk planet Mercury on the 27th. 

This could be a special time for love when you want to open your heart, be loving and giving and say yes to love. Plus, you have the best planet Jupiter in Taurus and your romance sector.

There are some strong loving vibes encouraging you to be open to love and to explore your relationships fully. Jupiter’s a protective influence and shows where growth and expansion are active in your life. It’s a fertile combination too.

Jupiter teams up with your ruling planet Saturn on the 19th, an ideal date to confirm your feelings or commit to a relationship or romance. This could be about a baby, child or pregnancy.

And, the last two days of the month are promising for commitment and affirmation and the theme is relationships, both personal and professional.

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