Capricorn Horoscope February 2022

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Mars’ Power

It looks as if you may have your own agenda this month. In fact, you could be on a personal mission. This is because action planet Mars is moving through your star sign Capricorn. Mars is a go-getting ambitious planet and is strong in your star sign where it remains until early March.

Mars in Capricorn is the empire builder and you may be more than ready to pick up the pace and get things moving. You want progress in your life and fast with Mars in your star sign. Plan your strategy, line up some long-term goals and get things moving. It might be worth repeating the mantra ‘February is the new January’.

This could be the start of a competitive or confrontative period in your life too as Mars is a passionate influence. Channel your anger constructively and use your passion to put forward your own viewpoint or opinions.

Teamwork is essential, however, because Mars teams up with Venus throughout February. In fact, the lovers of the heavens unite in your star sign on the 16th. This could be a gorgeous date for love and romance, partnership or business connections.

Get the right people on your side this month and make successful alliances. Find the person with a big vision who can inspire you. The 23rd & 24th may be relevant in this respect.

Also, notice what happens on or around the 4th when talk planet Mercury turns direct in Capricorn. This flicks the switch back on and communications are forth-coming. Reach out to others and listen for information or truths that land in your inbox.

When planets are in Capricorn, this is about your personal goals and aims, your image and profile. The spotlight’s on you throughout February so make the most of it. What you have to say may not please everyone, especially on or around the 11th, but it’s a good month to be bold and step into your power.

Aquarius Season

Money is under the cosmic spotlight until the 18th as the Sun moves through Aquarius and your personal money sector. There’s a New Moon on the 1st that could prove pivotal for you as it falls next to your ruling planet Saturn. You may have to make a responsible decision regarding money on or around this date.

Traditionally, New Moons are a symbol of new beginnings but Saturn adds an edge. It might mean stepping in to cover a shortfall. Or, take charge of someone else’s finances.

The Full Moon on the 16th also cuts across the financial axis of the horoscope and this is a glorious date for making a major money move. The Moon’s in Leo so treat yourself and the ones you love. Alternatively, look out for an act of generosity coming your way.

And, with talk planet Mercury moving back into Aquarius on the 14th, it seems as if money remains a hot topic throughout February. Keep the lines of communication open and use the theme of second chances to try again where you failed once before.


There’s another strong planetary influence this month as one of the major aspects of 2022 takes place on the 18th. On the day that the Sun enters Pisces, big planet Jupiter in Pisces aligns with Uranus in Taurus. These two planets are entrepreneurial and freedom-loving. They represent breakthroughs and leaps of faith.

Jupiter’s in Pisces and your communication sector while Uranus is in Taurus, the star sign which rules romance, children and pregnancy, creative projects, entertainment and luck in your horoscope. 

Notice what happens in your life on or around the 4th, 8th & 18th and whether these dates coincide with a turning point or a twist in fortune. Uranus springs surprises, hopefully in a good way.

Sun enters Pisces

Once the Sun enters Pisces on the 18th, the emphasis turns towards the emotional water signs, where there’s going to be some major astrology taking place over the next couple of months.

On the one hand, this can be good news for you as it turns your attention inwards and taps you into your feelings. On the other hand, you’re one of the down-to-earth star signs and you don’t always take well to outbursts of emotion, your own or other peoples’.

Pisces rules one of the social sectors of your horoscope. Therefore, this is not the time to be on your own. Instead, reach out to people close to you. Whether you want to ask for help and support or offer fun and friendship or vice versa, encourage the flow of love and connection in your life and the lives of others.

If you’re looking for love or companionship, the last ten days of the month are ideal for making new connections, seeking out friendship and people of like minds.

There’s a gentle vibe to your communications, offering you an opportunity to connect on a deep level with people in your life. If you’re seeking a soul-mate connection, this is when you’re most likely to find it. The 23rd & 24th are outstanding in this respect when there are some positive planetary connections.

Mercury Turning Direct

Here are some guidelines for when the communication planet is moving in the right direction after the 4th:

  • try again – second chances are a classic Mercury direct theme
  • sort out any misunderstandings
  • consider what Mercury retrograde taught you, i.e. where are you wasting your time?
  • initiate a conversation, re-open the lines of communication
  • write a list – keep it short & deal with what’s most important or urgent in your life
  • handle any technological or transport issues
  • plug back in & renew your energy & focus

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