Capricorn December 2017

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Capricorn (22 December – 20 January)

It’s potentially a volatile start to the month of December because of a challenging planetary aspect between action planet Mars in Libra and Uranus in Aries on the 1st. Mars is completing its journey through Libra and your career and vocation sector and Uranus is down at the base of your horoscope, ruling your home and family, your past and where you come from.

This could flag up a tempestuous time at work or a clash between your personal and professional life. It’s a good idea to steer clear of trouble and notice where you’re feeling frustrated.

If you can, let any drama or disruption settle and try and sort things out in a calmer manner on the 6th. This could be the start of some momentous changes in your life as December is gearing up to be a truly significant month for you.

This might not be obvious for some of the time, because the majority of the planetary activity takes place in Sagittarius and the most hidden sector of your horoscope. The Sun is here until the 21st and this is often a time of preparation for you, when the focus is on your inner world.

It’s rarely a quiet time of life, however, especially if you find that life speeds up in the weeks before the festive period and the holiday season. Sometimes you feel less confident when the Sun is in Sagittarius and you want to indulge the introvert side of your nature and be quiet rather than noisy. You could turn up to the festive parties but not want to be there, for example.

An ideal way of spending your time with key planets in Sagittarius is to go on retreat and to actively seek out quiet and solitude in your life. This is potentially a spiritual time of the year for you, when you’re seeking the real message of Christmas and the festivities, rather than the commercial picture that often dominates.

Plus, this desire to escape or go inward could be particularly strong this year because Mercury, the planet ruling the mind and communication, is retrograde, i.e. on go slow from December 3rd to 23rd.

This is a truly introverted combination, whether you’re hiding away doing research or study or you’re coping with more stress or anxiety than usual. Do whatever you need to prioritise your well-being and, if you want to stay home with a good book, choose it.

The truth is when Mercury is up to its tricks, things don’t work out the way they’re supposed to and you have to be extra flexible when plans change suddenly. This also flags up the theme of endings, of consolidating what you’ve done so far this year, in order to start with a clean slate. Any kind of relaxation or meditation work will benefit you now. It’s important to trust your intuition as you head into a new year.

There will be some people in your life who you’re drawn toward or want to be around more than usual. Action planet Mars enters Scorpio and your friendship sector on the 9th and this highlights old friends, people you’ve known for ever. Scorpio is perfect for 1-to-1 connections, catching up for an in-depth conversation.

Mars joins Jupiter in Scorpio and on the 3rd, Jupiter connects with Neptune in Pisces. This is gorgeous for a group activity, although it’s less about partying and socialising and more about connecting on a spiritual or meaningful level. Choose your friends wisely in the month ahead.

The other planet in Sagittarius is Venus, the planet of relating, where it remains from the 1st to the 25th. This often indicates a love affair or hidden or unrequited feelings. For some reason, you have to keep love private or you’re not ready to declare your affections. If you’re in a long-term relationship or married, you might appreciate quiet times with your other half more than anything during this period.

This changes completely on the 25th, because this is the date that Venus enters your star sign Capricorn. The festive period could be a truly wonderful time for love. In fact, for some Capricorn individuals there’s the possibility of a proposal or marriage. Certainly, you’re going to be making a big decision about your love life very close to the 25th.

This is because of a momentous event in the heavens. Your ruling planet Saturn returns to your star sign of Capricorn for the first time in thirty years on the 20th, the day before the Sun moves into Capricorn on the 21st heralding the start of your birthday month.

Being a Capricorn, you’re ruled by Saturn, the taskmaster of the heavens, hence your reputation for being a workaholic. Saturn remains in one sign of the zodiac for three years on average and it’s always a pivotal time for you when Saturn changes star sign.

Saturn is renowned as the taskmaster of the heavens. With Saturn in Capricorn, the pressure’s on to some degree at least, and the desire to make a name for yourself will swiftly take hold. If you’re a typical Capricorn, you know that hard work and determination bring rewards. As Saturn remains in Capricorn until 2020, you might choose to commit to a three year project now that could transform your life.

Saturn joins another important planet in Capricorn, Pluto, the planet of power and transformation, but also loss. This next stage in your life is not only about creating strong foundations, but it goes one step further and suggests a spiritual rebirth, transforming who you are and how the world sees you.

Saturn isn’t a light influence by any means and for some Capricorn individuals, this may mean having to face challenging experiences that test you. However, you often grow wiser and stronger through facing up to the tough times, dealing with them and ultimately overcoming them. Plus, Saturn is at home in your star sign Capricorn, which has got to be a good thing.

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  1. Thank you Sally for still thinking of me and sending your fab horoscopes, they mean a lot.

    Have a very peaceful and JOYFUL Christmas and a wonderful New Year 2018, woo hoo !!!!!!

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