Capricorn December 2016

Capricorn, Christmas

Capricorn (22 December – 19 January)

Communication planet Mercury enters your sign of Capricorn on the 2nd and up until the 19th, it’s a good month to get ahead. When Mercury is in your sign, you can get organised, have the conversations that matter, get busy. This is an excellent opportunity to tick things off your ‘to do’ list in plenty of time before the Christmas madness kicks in.

However, it is important to note that on the 19th Mercury turns retrograde in your sign of Capricorn and remains on go slow until January 8th 2017. So things might not go according to plan from the 19th onwards and if anything, you’re wise to slow down the pace.

Mercury retrograde can flag up misunderstandings so it’s an important period to double check arrangements and to know that often you won’t hear the full truth of the situation. Use this Mercury retrograde phase to take some time out if possible and reflect on the year that’s past and the year to come.

One area of your life that’s especially dynamic this month is money because of two planets in this sector of your chart. Action planet Mars is in Aquarius and your money sector until the 19th and is joined by Venus on the 7th. Lovely Venus remains here until the end of the year and is especially prominent on Christmas Day.

So this is a go-getting period for money matters and with opportunity planet Jupiter strong in Libra and your career sector, this could be one of your most successful months of the year. Nothing risked nothing gained is a good mantra for you, especially up until the 19th.

Plus Venus in your money sector means other people are there to help you. Seek out joint ventures, use technology to good effect, join forces with family or loved ones and hopefully Santa will pop some welcome presents in your Christmas sack.

Yet it is important to balance all areas of your life now and not overdo it especially on the work front. The Full Moon on the 14th will highlight any imbalance in your life and show where you need to pull back.

This is because the Sun is in Sagittarius until the 21st along with your ruling planet Saturn and these two planets get together on the 10th. Sagittarius rules a hidden sector of your chart so you’re dealing with private confidentialities, secrets or personal issues.

You have things to sort out on an internal level, perhaps dealing with emotional baggage or undergoing an inner stock take. If there’s anything you wish to confront, an issue from the past, it’s the ideal time to work towards resolution.

Sometimes when Saturn is in Sagittarius, you seek out solitude in your life. This is the placing of the Hermit in the tarot pack who takes time out from the busy-ness of life to gain wisdom. Listen to your intuition now and see what’s stirring.

With Saturn in Sagittarius, you can do one of two things. You either try and repress the call of the wild, the side of your nature that wants to run free or you do the opposite and start planning for a big adventure and create order out of chaos.

It’s your choice but if this month you sense that a new calling is being awakened that’s been dormant for some time, get ready for the off. This is likely to be on a spiritual or vocational level.

One of the big planetary aspects linking in to this inner change is Jupiter in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries on Boxing Day, December 26th. Events often shift when the freedom planets highlight your foundations.

This symbolises the total opposite of a traditional work path and it’s about doing something you love, something different. It might come about through changes beyond your control , the end of a contract for example, but remain positive and turn the situation to your advantage. Embrace what’s new over the festive period as this is an exciting time of change when you can implement a new way of working.

In addition, one of the most amazing planetary aspects for you this year takes place on Christmas Day, December 25th and this is when the old and the new combine.

Your ruling planet Saturn in Sagittarius makes a stunning trine aspect to Uranus in Aries on Christmas Day, when the past and the future come together in this powerful connection. It feels karmic and you could feel strongly connected to your childhood, your family, your ancestors.

Putting new plans in place at the end of 2016 is highly recommended. You might literally be on the move or it might be a symbolic act that enables you to combine the old and the new. The New Moon on the 29th takes place in your sign of Capricorn, an ideal date to plan ahead.

In some respect, you’re leaving the past behind you now, i.e. ditching what’s old or outdated yet without losing valuable memories or treasured possessions. This could be a deeply meaningful experience for you.

Uranus in Aries also throws up changes on the domestic front as it’s the key planet over Christmas and on the 29th when it turns direct. A spontaneous visit from long-lost relatives, a dash back home, fundamental changes which stir you to the depth of your soul.

Be ready for the unexpected and learn to adapt to any new situation quickly. Flexibility is Uranus’ byword and the more prepared you are to go with the flow, the easier Uranus’ key transits.

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  1. Thank you Sally, I truly appreciate your kindness once again over the past year.
    Sending you and your family magical wishes of love, peace, joy and many blessings for 2017.


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