Capricorn August 2018

Capricorn August 2018

Capricorn (22 December – 20 January)

August is a fiery and feisty month as key personal planets move through red-hot Leo. Leo rules one of the hidden sectors of your horoscope, linked to money matters but also taboo subjects, such as death and rebirth, sex and power. 

Be careful what you get involved in this month, especially while communication planet Mercury is retrograde, i.e. on go slow in Leo until the 19th. Things are not what they seem which means you’d be wise to avoid underhand activities or investments filled with promise.

Instead, use this period to review and reassess your own financial situation. Action planet Mars is also retrograde in Aquarius and your personal money sector until the 13th. Put all of this together and money matters could be unravelling. Remain patient, stoic even, if this is the case and avoid any wacky get-rich schemes or similar, especially close to the 2nd.

Your sound business head is needed to keep your own life on track and help stabilise people close to you, the ones you love. At the same time, trust your intuition when a new offer comes your way, perhaps around the Solar Eclipse in Leo on the 11th. This is a New Moon with power but its gaze is backwards not forwards, thanks to retrograde Mercury.

There’s a theme of second chances, so sow seeds and see what arises. New insights or revelations could point the way forwards to a successful second half of the month.

This is also a good month to use your connections. This is because the planet of relating, Venus, moves into Libra and your career and vocation sector on the 6th where it remains for the rest of August. Join a networking group and catch up with your contacts. Get the right people on your side and, before too long, you can move mountains.

This is confirmed because on the 13th, action planet Mars retreats back into your star sign Capricorn. Look out for a personal goal or project that you started mid-March to mid-May 2018. This is the return visit and potentially successful for you.

The date that signifies a major turning point is the 27th, when Mars turns direct in your star sign Capricorn. This is when your ambition fizzes back to life big-time and the moves you make on or around the 27th are the right ones.

Also, on the 23rd, the Sun moves into your fellow earth sign Virgo and your feet are back on the ground after a scary or exhilarating run. There’s a Full Moon on the 26th cutting across the Virgo/Pisces axis of your zodiac. This is perfect for a weekend away or being somewhere completely new to draw up your plans for what next.

There will be times this month when you’re not in agreement with people of influence – the 10th and 26th could show where your allegiances lie. However, you are the one in charge come the end of August. It’s important that you walk your path and don’t allow yourself to be dictated to by others, personally or professionally.

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