Capricorn April 2020

Henri Matisse, Sun Capricorn – b. December 31, 1869

Mars & Saturn

Your ruling planet Saturn is now in Aquarius and your personal money sector where it remains until July 1st. This month, Saturn is joined by action planet Mars making money matters red hot.

When these two planets come together, as they did on March 31st, you know that this is an area of your life which needs your attention.

Mars remains close to Saturn until the 11th which could feel pressured for you. You may have to make some tough choices because of money. Saturn can sometimes coincide with lack or hardship.

However, this combination is also full of determination and a survival instinct. And, once Mars is able to move more freely, then you can get motivated and set new plans in motion fast.

The date to avoid for anything new is the 7th when Mars clashes with unpredictable Uranus. This could coincide with frustration around your current situation and it does feel like a boiling pot ready to explode. Rein in your desire to be impulsive and wait for better stars to get ahead.

Work & Next Steps

Plus, there is strong emphasis throughout April on your work and money sectors. The Full Moon on the 8th falls in Libra and your career and vocation sector.

Full Moons are about culmination, things coming to completion. They are a great time to make key decisions and balance your head and heart in making the right move.

Also, Venus, the planet of relating is in Gemini and your work and health sector from the 3rd onwards. Venus remains here for an unusually long time until August 7th. This is because Venus will turn retrograde, i.e. be on go slow, from next month.

Venus in Gemini is about teamwork, coming together with other people to make your life easier. The air signs – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius – are all about communication and collaboration.

Find new and innovative ways to work together with other people and lean on your girlfriends – Venus rules women – to seek enjoyment in these unprecedented times. Ensure you have enough people around you who offer you new ideas and bring laughter and good advice into your life.

The Venus-Saturn trine aspect on the 4th is gorgeous for starting an online initiative or getting or offering the right kind of support.

Home & Family

Home and family affairs are also a key part of your month ahead, not surprisingly for many people, yourself included. The Sun is in Aries down at the base of your horoscope until the 19th and talk planet Mercury is in Aries from the 11th to the 27th.

Therefore, it’s at home where there’s a sense of the new, keeping the lines of communication open, finding new ways to live and work together.

The 11th is a key date in this respect, also the weekend of the 18th/19th. You might be bringing family together online. Or, work alongside other people in your local community. Either way, there’s a sense of collaboration and staying connected.

Jupiter Pluto Conjunction

You may also be taking on a prominent role this month, whether in a work situation or at home or in your community. This is because of the major Jupiter-Pluto conjunction which falls in Capricorn on the 5th.

This powerful combination takes place twice more throughout 2020 on June 30th and November 12th and this is the backdrop to your year, the theme of the year.

Jupiter and Pluto together are a power duo, linked to wealth and transformation. Ultimately, they represent rebirth and renewal, digging deep to transform your current situation.

Jupiter rules truth and justice and Pluto was God of the Underworld. You may step into a leadership role during this period or feel compelled to use your voice to bring about change.

This does also expose you to the dark side of life. Some of you may be dealing with difficult or challenging situations. Pluto turns retrograde in Capricorn on the 25th, so this adds intensity to this month’s astrology.

It’s unlikely that you’ll be the same person at the end of this journey as you were starting out. Pluto is the planet linked to self analysis and personal development.

Earth Sign Joy

It is important too to find joy and pleasure where you can. The Sun enters Taurus and your fellow earth sign on the 19th followed by Mercury on the 27th. Taurus rules romance in your horoscope, children & pregnancy, entertainment, creative projects and luck.

Uranus is strong in Taurus on the day of the New Moon, the 23rd, again on the 26th and 31st (May 1st in some countries). Therefore, things could happen fast in these areas. You may want to take more risks than usual, to ring the changes, to turn life around.

Keep close tabs on the ones you love and, when necessary, step in without being over-controlling. These are fast and furious times we live in and the key is to know when to use your power and how to use it for good effect.

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