Capricorn April 2018

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Capricorn (22 December – 20 January)

There’s every chance that April is going to be an important month in the year for you, if not the most important. That’s not to say you can sit back and do nothing and, if you’re to make the most of the current astrology, you do have to up your game.

This is because of the stack of planetary energy in your star sign Capricorn. Once every two years, ambitious Mars moves into your star sign and Mars is here throughout April. Therefore, turn the focus towards you and put time and energy into your personal goals and aims.

Mars represents both passion and anger and one way or another it gets you fired up when it’s in your star sign. Plus, Mars likes Capricorn, a sign in which it’s strong.

There may be a particular reason why you need to come across as confident, bold or feisty in your life now and Mars does encounter some formidable planets as it moves through your sign. On the 2nd, Mars comes together with Saturn, your ruler, also in Capricorn and on the 26th, Mars meets Pluto in Capricorn.

This feels like a trio of powerful people coming together and, when the energy’s harnessed well, you’re unstoppable. This combination offers you high levels of endurance, resilience and stamina. Working hand-in-hand with the powers that be, it indicates that you’re not going to give up on anything or anyone easily.

You do, however, have to play by the rules and, if you’re going to get the top, you need to climb that mountain doggedly. You may be up against some tough competition in the month ahead and the beginning and the end of the month could require super-human strength.

Do monitor your stress levels and don’t take on an insurmountable challenge. Learn to work smart rather than work hard. It’s also important to note that this isn’t about your career as such, instead Mars is firing up your personal ambitions.

If you work in a corporate environment, you might be keen to rattle the cage and push to do things differently. If you can bring about change within an organisation, do so, but know that Mars is often a solo player and doesn’t always fit in easily to a conformist or traditional work situation.

If you’re setting up your own business this month, this fits the astrology. It won’t be a completely smooth ride, however, and you will encounter some obstacles or limitations. Yet, you have oodles of determination and support on your side as Mars connects beautifully with the two benefics in astrology, Venus and Jupiter.

Jupiter is particularly strong this month and is currently in Scorpio and your friendship and group sector. Find your allies as together you’re bigger and better. On the 14th, there’s a major planetary aspect between Jupiter in Scorpio and Pluto in your star sign, Capricorn. This date could coincide with a breakthrough when people power wins.

Also, both Saturn and Pluto turn retrograde in Capricorn this month, Saturn on the 18th and Pluto on the 22nd. Notice what happens near to these dates and whether someone backs off or you find a new strategy or a new angle to get ahead.

Plus, on the 15th, communication planet Mercury turns direct and this always signifies an important turning point. You don’t have all the information you need while Mercury’s on go slow and hidden factors come to light once Mercury begins to move forwards. This is a good month to work clever, be strategic, cunning and calculated to get your way.

Mercury is in Aries all month, the sign at the base of your chart and is joined by the Sun until the 20th. This highlights your home and family, your past and where you come from. At times, there may be conflict from this area of your life, especially close to the 4th/5th when retrograde Mercury clashes with Mars and your ruler Saturn in your star sign, Capricorn.

This could indicate an argument, a blow up and you may have some tricky negotiations at home or with regard to a property deal. If this is the case, bide your time until mid-month when a New Moon in Aries takes place on the 16th, the day after Mercury turns direct.

This is a whoosh of planetary energy, especially as live-wire Uranus is involved. Expect events to happen quickly mid-April and life may feel topsy-turvy for a while. Note too that Uranus will leave Aries mid-May where it’s been for the last seven years. If your home life has been unstable or an area of much change, you may find that Uranus’ move away from this sector of your horoscope heralds a calmer period.

The Sun and Uranus unite on the 18th of this month, great for spontaneous moves but also potentially destabilising. Yet with Mars in your star sign, you need to push forward your own plans or goals and find a way to make steady progress.

Love too may be in the mix this month because love planet Venus is strong in Taurus until the 24th. This is a gorgeous placing of Venus for you as it aligns nicely with your own star sign, Capricorn.

In fact, the period from the 7th to the 17th could be quite special, whether you’re falling in love, enjoying being a parent or grand-parent or you have an urge to be creative or artistic. Planets in Taurus focus on the play sector of your horoscope and doing more of what you love.

As the Sun joins Venus in Taurus on the 20th and there’s a Full Moon that cuts across the Taurus/Scorpio axis of the zodiac on the 30th, the desire for more pleasure and enjoyment will continue to grow. In fact, it may well be a lovely antidote to more disruptive events in your life.

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