Cancer September 2020

Your Relationships

As September begins, the planet of love and relating, Venus, is in your star sign Cancer until the 6th. Yet, Venus clashes with Saturn and Mars on the 2nd and 4th respectively. You may not see eye-to-eye with someone close. Or, perhaps external issues are causing a rift or creating extra challenge between you.

Feeling constrained or restricted when it comes to love and relationships won’t suit you now. This theme plays out throughout September. On the 13th, Jupiter, the planet of freedom, turns direct in Capricorn and your relationship sector. This is a good date to spread your wings and fly free.

Or, put fresh energy into an old relationship. In all partnerships, the more you can focus on what’s working rather than what’s not working, the better. Mid-September would be a good time to get away for a few days with the one you love. Alternatively, choose the Full Moon in Pisces on the 2nd.

Home Comforts

On the whole this month, happiness lies close to home. The Sun is in Virgo and your local community sector until the 22nd. Plus, talk planet Mercury moves through Libra and your home and family sector from the 5th to the 27th. This is where the Sun moves as well, on the 22nd, the day of the Equinox.

If you’re a typical Cancer, you’re happiest when things are harmonious at home, when you’re getting on well with your loved ones. This is where balance can be found in your life, so choose this month to work at family relationships and create beautiful surroundings in your life.

Venus moves into Leo on the 6th and your personal money sector. This can be a time when you’re able to treat yourself and the ones you love. Certainly, you’ll be aware of the things in life that you value highly and they may be less grand than you think.

Communication & Selling

Keep reaching out to others this month. Virgo rules your communication sector and this is Virgo season. Get to know people close to where you live and in your local community.

You could make waves marketing or selling this month. Virgo rules the written word and loves organisation and structure. Create a plan to reach other people through social media or regular connections.

The New Moon on the 17th falls in Virgo, a day when you could hear good news. Also, an excellent date to meet up with people close to home. Enliven your conversations, share ideas, use your clever brain.

Career Goals

There is a lot going on at the peak of your horoscope and not just in September. This is where you find Mars in Aries, a powerhouse planet adding drive and ambition to your career and vocation sector for the second half of the year.

You could feel fired up and ready to rock and roll. Or, you might need to be more competitive or find yourself in a conflict situation. Either way, there’s vitality, passion and anger spurring you on to get things moving.

This month, however, requires a shift in pace. This is because Mars turns retrograde on September 9th and remains on go slow until November 13th. Use this timing carefully because, once Mars is in retreat, it’s not the best time to push forward.

Mars rules your get-up-and-go and likes to move at a fast pace. This means that you can still get ahead but you need to adopt a different tactic and consider reworking your strategy.

With Mars in retreat, it’s a good time to review and reflect on your situation. You may choose to take time out, go on a sabbatical or rethink where you’re heading and why. You may be working in a job or vocation where things have slowed down, giving you chance to pause. 

The work arena isn’t the place where you can currently find harmony and quiet. Therefore, ensure that elsewhere in your life, you have a place you can retreat to.

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