Cancer September 2018

Cancer, earth

Cancer (22 June – 22 July)

Action planet Mars completes its journey through your opposite star sign Capricorn on the 11th. Capricorn rules your close relationships and Mars here is about power and assertiveness when it comes to love or a business partnership.

This can play out in one of two ways. Either you feel ready to stand your ground around a partnership decision. Or you’re involved with someone wielding their power and you find it hard to respond. 

Notice what happens on or around the 6th when your partner planet Saturn turns direct in Capricorn. This too could reveal where more boundaries are needed or, alternatively, it will add a new layer of commitment to a recent relationship decision.

This month could be particularly revealing for you with regard to your relationships, both social and intimate. In fact, it’s here where the majority of the planetary action takes place. It’s about people and learning who’s good for you and who’s not.

On the 7th, there’s a Grand Earth Trine linking planets in Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. This is an ideal time for making new friends and expanding your activities, especially in your neighbourhood or local community. 

It’s an excellent time to get involved with other people and this theme continues at the New Moon in Virgo on September 9th. Talk planet Mercury remains in Virgo from the 6th to the 21st, great for socialising.

Uranus in Taurus can bring new people into your life, friendships that are different or unusual. This might be an online group or meeting up with an alternative group of people. Don’t be too ready to judge others now. Instead, remain open-minded and make the most of this people-oriented month.

Also, if you’re looking for love, there’s plenty of potential for passion and intimacy. On the 9th, love planet Venus moves into sexy Scorpio and your romance sector where she remains for most of the next four months.

This is excellent news if you’re dating or single and want to meet someone new. Expansive Jupiter has also been in Scorpio since October 2017 but this has been more about liberation or freedom than an abundance of dating opportunities. Jupiter teams up with power planet Pluto in Capricorn on the 12th. 

This can be an incredible time of learning for you when it comes to your close relationships. Do be aware, however, that you have to close a door on the past before you can move on. This theme runs through your astrology so if you’re saying goodbye to an ex or current partner, make sure it’s final.

Also, you can make progress this month with regard to money and finances. If you’re still recovering from July and August’s eclipse activity highlighting the finance axis of your horoscope, now’s your opportunity to be pro-active and sort out any misunderstandings or delays.

September beins with communication planet Mercury in Leo and your personal money sector and it teams up with Venus in Libra and your home and family sector. Working together with the ones you love is a great way of pooling resources or taking steps that benefit all of you.

Most important, however, is Mars’ return to Aquarius and your joint finance sector on the 11th. It remains here until November 15th and you have a real chance to make some seriously good moves on the money front. Think shared resources and team up with other people to make your money go further. 

Home and family life are always important to you if you’re a typical Sun Cancer. Which is why the Equinox on the 23rd is an important date for you as it symbolises the Sun’s move into Libra and this sector of your horoscope. Crack on with property matters, DIY or family get-togethers.

The Full Moon on the 25th is about firming up your foundations and doing so on your terms. Once you prioritise looking after your own needs, the wheel of fortune starts to pick up speed and moves you forwards quickly.

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