Cancer October 2018

Cancer, October 2018

Cancer (22 June – 22 July)

The Sun is in Libra until the 23rd, the star sign at the base of your horoscope. This puts the focus on your home and family life, your past and where you come from.

In addition, talk planet Mercury is in Libra until the 10th. This is your opportunity to catch up with family members and to get everyone organised at home. You might be involved in DIY or be arranging a big family event. 

The other major planetary event in Libra is the New Moon on the 9th. This is a symbol of new beginnings and a perfect time to set your intentions or take the initiative around your home, family or loved ones. 

You may want to cast something out of your life too and this is why you’re involved in a major clear out or redesign. This is because of Pluto’s role this month. Pluto clashes with Mercury on the 3rd and the Sun on the 12th. What do you want to eliminate from your life? What are you dealing with that’s connected to the past?

There may be some sadness or grief around you during this time. If so, it’s important to do whatever feels right to nurture and care for yourself. Relationships are rarely an easy ride when you have both Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn and your partnership sector. It’s all-or-nothing in love, although it can make you more open towards commitment.

Know that you might find it hard to give someone up with this combination and, being a Sun Cancer, you do like to hoard and hold on to the past. Be honest with yourself if you recognise this quality inherent within you.

Also, being a Sun Cancer, you are one of the water signs and water is linked to emotion. Therefore, your first mode of response is always going to be emotional. This could be particularly true for the month ahead as the planets pour into your fellow water sign, Scorpio.

Talk planet Mercury is here from the 10th to the 31st and the planet of love and relating, Venus, is in Scorpio all month. Finally, on the 23rd, the Sun joins the Scorpio party and big planet Jupiter has been in Scorpio for almost a year.

Scorpio rules your creative self-expression. It’s about finding out who you are through doing more of what you love. This is excellent for hobbies and artistic projects, using your emotional nature to access your creative nature and bring something new into the world.

Children and pregnancy are part of the Scorpio picture so you may be caught up more than usual with children, grandchildren, godchildren or nieces or nephews. You want to do your bit to help,  although wherever Scorpio goes, you can become obsessive about your goal or mission. 

Bear this in mind in the month ahead. It’s great for bonding with a child but be careful that it doesn’t tip over into clinginess or neediness on your part.

The big Scorpio motivator for you is love and passion as Scorpio rules romance and love affairs in your horoscope. Therefore, this could turn out to be an especially sexy and seductive month, whether you’re falling in love or enjoying numerous flirtations. If you want to bring out your saucy side, here’s your opportunity.

Venus does turn retrograde on the 5th and dives deeper into Scorpio and it remains on go slow until November 15th. On the one hand, this is great for soul-searching and self-analysis, especially around love and personal relations. You can learn a lot about yourself and your inner motivations during this period.

Sometimes, people from your past pop back into your life when Venus is on go slow, old lovers or a childhood sweetheart. Sometimes, you find yourself reminiscing about the past and it would be easy to get back with someone now you were with before.

Venus in Scorpio is rarely rational. Instead, Venus pursues passion and her strong appetite for love, sex and excitement. Be aware that you’re heading into murky territory this month and secrets and intrigue could abound. Nothing is quite what it seems until Venus re-emerges from the dark. Therefore, this isn’t the best time to make any major love decisions.

The Full Moon on the 24th could also be a peak date for close relationships. This promises both excitement and topsy-turvy events. The Full Moon cuts across the Scorpio/Taurus axis of the zodiac and pulls in Venus but also unpredictable Uranus.

You might be caught up in a friend’s romantic life or need to keep close tabs on a child. There are some highs, especially close to the 26th when the Sun and Venus unite, and possible lows when Uranus directly opposes Venus on the 31st. It doesn’t matter what you want, if another person has their own agenda.

Use the wonderful Mercury/Jupiter conjunction on the 29th to have a heart-to-heart and discuss anything and everything. Be bold and venture into taboo territory together. The deeper you go this month, the more you may discover hidden riches.

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