Cancer October 2016

Cancer, lunar lake

Cancer (21 June – 22 July)

This month’s astrology is about getting on with things and taking action. This is especially good news after September when you might have found it more difficult to make important decisions or you were worrying more than usual.

Communication planet Mercury leaves Virgo and your communication sector on the 7th where it’s been since the end of July. So the time for thinking is over and the time for action is now.

Yet you don’t have to wait until the 7th to take the initiative because on the 1st there’s a glorious New Moon in Libra. Libra is one of the cardinal signs and this is important because your sign of Cancer is also a cardinal sign.

Cardinal signs are the leaders and motivators of the zodiac meaning you’re at your best when you take charge and organise other people. Libra rules your home and family, your past and where you come from and it’s these areas that are under the spotlight not only on the 1st but throughout the month of October.

A New Moon symbolises new beginnings so change is on the cards whether you’re moving home, you’re involved in DIY or family or friends are coming or going. Be positive about the changes taking place even if you feel emotional or sentimental. The biggest planet Jupiter is currently in Libra where it will remain for the next 12 months so this is where you can experience opportunity and growth.

Wherever you find Jupiter in your chart, it’s not wise to stay stuck. Instead, think big, explore your options, open up your world. Another key date for you in October is the 11th when communication planet Mercury teams up with Jupiter. This indicates good news, connecting with family both at home and abroad. This is a wonderful date for a meeting or get-together, for getting in touch with someone you love.

Another reason why your foundations are shifting now is because of other key planets dominating the cardinal signs of Aries and Capricorn. So you might find yourself at a crossroads and the Full Moon on the 16th is likely to highlight your personal situation.

The Full Moon is linked to Uranus in Aries and your career sector. Uranus is the planet of change so it’s hard to stay put at work with this planet/sign placing. You have to reinvent yourself or do things differently. Keep on top of new technology, consider working freelance or from home.

You might find too that what you want for yourself and the ones you love begins to shift this month. Key events in one area of your life have a knock-on effect in other areas. What’s important to you requires reevaluation. You need to rethink what next and why.

This is linked to work once the planet of relating Venus enters Sagittarius and your work sector on the 18th. This is also where you find Saturn, the slow planet, so even though Uranus is urging you to do things differently, you still have to pay attention to your responsibilities.

This might play out as having a 9-to-5 job but pursuing your true vocation outside of work hours. Or a similar scenario. Saturn’s not the most exciting planet so on some level, you have to keep going with routine matters, but at the same time don’t lose sight of your bigger goals. Don’t get lost in the boredom of everyday life.

If you feel slowed down or held back especially on or around the 30th when Venus connects with Saturn, tap into your creative or artistic nature. Do something you love, that gives you pleasure. Find your passion.

Both the Sun and Mercury enter Scorpio and the most creative sector of your chart on the 22nd and 24th respectively so look to role models, new activities to inspire you. Take up a hobby, line up some fun entertainment. The New Moon on the 30th also falls in Scorpio, the perfect date to start afresh, to turn over the page and do more of what you love.

Scorpio also rules romance in your chart and love affairs so one possibility is a new surge in your love life, meeting someone new, rediscovering your passion.

This fits with what’s happening on the relationship front this month and it really is a full-on time for your 1-to-1’s. This is because the planet which rules passion but also anger, Mars, is in Capricorn and your relationship sector throughout October.

So if you want to boost your love life, here’s your opportunity. In fact if you are in a relationship or married, it’s unlikely that you can let things be or opt for a quiet life. This is a full-on energy which means you have to confront what’s working but also what’s not working in your close relationships. Mars demands action.

Yet do ensure that you’re not hurt by someone close this month and don’t venture into a relationship that’s potentially unsafe or volatile. Go for it if you meet someone new and you’re caught up in the throes of passion but stay away from anger and control, as this has no place in the world of love.

Mars is off the leash on the 5th, 19th and 29th when it clashes with Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus respectively. This indicates that you’re up against strong competition in the month ahead and it’s up to you whether you to choose to fight or you take flight.

Relationships, your 1-to-1’s dominate and what happens in this area of your life also determines what next for you with regard to your home and family, your work and career. There are no right or wrongs as long as you aim for equality in your relationships and stay away from anyone who wields power and control to get their own way.

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