Cancer November 2016

Cancer November 2016

Cancer (21 June – 22 July)

This month’s astrology is packed full of intensity for you and one way this can play out is through a relationship. In fact, this is one of the best months of the year when it comes to love as the planets line up in sectors of your chart highlighting romance and intimacy.

The Sun is in Scorpio and your romance sector until the 21st so this is a key month to tap into your passion. If you’re looking for love, the first two weeks of November are red-hot. You need a partner now who you can connect with on an emotional level and the 3rd and 7th are key dates to go in deep.

In addition, passion planet Mars is in Capricorn and your relationship sector until the 9th. Unlike last month, Mars makes no difficult planetary aspects so you’re in cruise control when it comes to love and partnership.

Even better, love planet Venus enters Capricorn and your relationship sector on the 12th where it remains throughout the rest of the month. If Mars rules war, Venus rules peace so this indicates it’s a good time to co-operate with other people, to work towards loving relationships, to find where you agree rather than disagree.

The mid-month Full Moon is also powerful because it cuts across the Taurus/Scorpio axis of the zodiac. The Moon in Taurus is a safe harbour, nurturing, caring yet strong. If you meet someone new on or around this date, love is likely to last. If you’re in a relationship or married, it’s a wonderful date to renew your commitment to each other, to take your partnership to the next level.

Yet not everyone you meet and not everyone in your life is good for you now and in fact, you might decide to break ties or move away from the past. The last week of November is most challenging in this respect when Jupiter in Libra clashes with Pluto in Capricorn on the 24th.

This is a major planetary aspect which pits Jupiter in your home and family sector against Pluto in your relationship sector. This can flag up an imbalance in power, where one person dominates or you have to make a choice between the two.

Love planet Venus is drawn into the mix so this clash reverberates until the 29th. Be wary of other people who try to dominate you or take control. This could be an ex or someone in a position of authority who wields their power. This might be the time when you decide to break free or move on in some way and it’s important to recognise where your priorities lie and who matters to you most.

As you’re a Sun Cancer, Jupiter in Libra lights up the most powerful sector of your chart as home and family, your past and where you come from mean a lot to you. Note too that this major theme will continue in some shape or form throughout 2017 because Jupiter and Pluto clash twice more. Saying goodbye is never easy but this is what you might be doing towards the end of the month.

Your work and everyday routine are also highlighted throughout November as the personal planets move through Sagittarius. Venus is here until the 12th when it hands over the baton to communication planet Mercury. The Sun completes the picture as it enters Sagittarius on the 21st.

So look to your health and fitness, your work and routine to keep you sane and bring you joy. The happier you are in your job or your body, the easier the rest of your life. Focus on what works well and do more of what you love.

You won’t find it easy now if you’re in a situation that’s insecure or unsettled. Neptune’s influence indicates that your working life might be undergoing a sea-change and if so, you need to launch your anchor to find solid ground.

Look for something new you can do, especially on the 5th and 26th when Uranus in Aries and your career sector teams up with planets in Sagittarius. This is about renewal, reinventing yourself and Uranus is linked to technology and new qualifications. Rather than rest on your laurels, keep one step ahead of the pack and don’t rely on your regular job to see you through.

In addition, action planet Mars enters Aquarius on the 9th and the part of your chart which rules joint finances. This is a go-getting Mars, strong and confident, so when it comes to money matters too, keep on top of your situation and use technology and modern ideas to revolutionise your finances.

The more energy you put into money and work and the more positive your attitude, the quicker you make progress. Think of the future, plan ahead, embrace modern trends.

The New Moon in Sagittarius on the 29th is a peak date to apply for a job, start a new work project or turn over a new leaf. New Moons represents new beginnings and for you this New Moon boosts your work sector and also your health and lifestyle. What you start at this New Moon can help you further your personal goals.

Note too that when planets are in Scorpio, this is not only about passion but creativity too. Scorpio rules all the things you give birth to, so it can be linked to children and pregnancy but also your personal skills and talents.

You might find a way to turn a hobby or past-time into a career or part-time job. When you do what you love and focus on your passion, miracles can happen.

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