Cancer Monthly Stars November 2012

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Are you rushing through life hell for leather at the moment dashing from place to place? Mars, the action planet, is in Sagittarius the sign that rules your work and routine until the 17th and this feels busy and hectic.

However, there is a down side to all this rushing around as Sagittarius also rules your health and it’s important to look after yourself so a) you don’t have any mishaps and b) you don’t wear yourself out.

Plus, if you’re charging through life focusing intently on what’s ahead, you miss out on all that’s around you, exciting and nurturing events and experiences that you would chance upon if you were only willing to take a little detour and slow down now and again.

Venus, the planet of relating, starts the month in Libra and your home and family sector so create an atmosphere of balance and harmony, a place you can retreat to and be quiet and peaceful. Trying to do too much or take on too many commitments will work against you this month and the stars are reminding you that you are happiest when you feel comfortable and contented.

Plus Mercury turns retrograde on the 6th also in Sagittarius so this suggests another reason why you may need to backtrack or slow things down. You may find that life throws a spanner in the works in order to slow you down, whether it’s technological equipment that goes on the blink, your car that needs fixing or other obstacles or interruptions that get in your way. This may be the universe’s way of asking you to be patient and take your time.

Also when Mercury’s on go slow, you can be sure that you don’t have all the information you need. Where your job’s concerned, there may be uncertainty or confusion and if you’re looking for work, you may feel as if you’re getting nowhere fast. To be honest, this isn’t a month when you can make a lot of progress with anything new surrounding your work. Instead it’s about working the best you can with what you’ve got and waiting until next month to be more productive and effective with your job-hunting and work in general.

In addition this month there’s an eclipse on the 28th cutting across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis and this too could bring a turnaround event. Certainly it’s not the best date to begin something new where work or health’s concerned and if you do hear news on or around this date that’s something of a shock or surprise, then decide what you want to do about it and give yourself time to think things through. Slow and steady wins the race in November even though that may feel painfully frustrating to you at times.

The sign of the moment is Scorpio, a fellow water sign, and this brings a level of intensity to romance, your parenting and creative endeavours. You’ll want to sink yourself deeply into one or more of these areas and this is where you’ll discover your passion. Saturn moved into Scorpio on the 5th October and Saturn’s the planet of hard work and commitment. It reminds you that whatever you want to achieve in life requires your full attention and level of self-discipline. This isn’t to say that there won’t be moments of joy in these areas of your life and this is where you can build something that’s going to bring you great fulfilment and satisfaction for years to come. Love, children, creativity: right now these are the areas that matter and the areas of your life that are worth fighting for.

Take heart if you find you’re not making the progress you’d hoped for. Mercury does retrograde back into Scorpio on the 14th and this coincides with a second eclipse this month also in Scorpio on the 13th. A turn around event may spark your interest now and life may become more dramatic on or around these dates. If so, don’t panic and be impulsive but again wait and see what transpires when Mercury turns direct in Scorpio on the 26th.

Plus Venus enters Scorpio on the 22nd of the month so this is a new chapter for you, a new stage. For some, it’s time to make a big decision about a key relationship as Mars, the planet of action and passion, moves into your relationship zone on the 17th. You may find that you can’t drift along any longer but need to make it clear where your intentions lie. The 27th feels powerful when both Venus and Mars, the planets of love and sexuality, turn up the heat. You need to get real about love and decide whether a relationship is on or off. Remember that you deserve the best in life and as a caring Cancerian you deserve to feel loved and cared for.

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