Cancer Monthly Stars March 2014

Cancer JaipurCancer (21 June-22 July)

Mercury, the communication planet, is back up to speed in the sign of Aquarius and your joint finance sector as the month begins. This has got to be good news for money matters whether you’re waiting on a mortgage, news from a finance provider or any other kind of money or cash-related dealing.

Venus joins Mercury in Aquarius on the 5th where it remains throughout March and this too feels promising and uplifting where money matters are concerned. It’s a good symbol for pooling your resources, making your money go further or being able to treat yourself.

Money success may be related to your home or family now and this month could bring a new stage with regard to domestic matters. Mars, the planet of action, has been in your home sector since December and on the 1st of this month, Mars turns retrograde and will remain on go slow until July 20th 2014. This suggests a shift or a change of direction with regard to your home and family. If you’ve been having a tough time of things whilst Mars has been in Libra, this may start to calm down.

Don’t forget that Mars is the planet of anger and arguments but retrograde, it’s energy is muted. If you want to move home or you’re in the middle of building work, the next two and a half months are the middle phase of the project. Rather than push or try too hard for things to happen, you may find that if you ease off and let life take over, you’re more in the flow. For some, the next couple of months will mean a waiting game but at least you know you’re moving in the right direction and things will change again come mid-May.

Love too or a key relationship in your life may be caught up with what’s happening at home. Venus, the love planet, has been in your opposite sign of Capricorn and your relationship sector since early November 2013 but on the 5th of this month Venus moved on. So rather than highlighting romance, you’re ready to deal with more practical matters and this is where your focus lies. For some, this may mean moving in with a loved one and working out joint bank accounts and shared expenses. For others, it’s simply that other priorities are pressing, e.g. your wider family and/or your children and as the month progresses, also your work. Venus squares Mars on the 2nd and Saturn on the 29th and these are dates when you will see clearly where your priorities lie.

There’s a lot to enjoy in life this month and new opportunities abound. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, is currently in your sign of Cancer and on the 6th Jupiter picks up speed and turns direct. This is where Jupiter remains until mid-July 2014 so make the most of the lucky planet being in your sign.

Jupiter’s about movement and travel and wants to expand it’s horizons. This is a wonderful month to take or book a holiday and note in particular the 1st when the Sun in Pisces and your travel sector is in a glorious trine aspect to Jupiter and the 26th when Mercury does the same. It’s not just about expanding your life through travel, however, as Jupiter is about following your dream and pursuing your passion, whatever that may be. Wherever you find meaning in life, follow and see where life leads.

The weekend of the 15th/16th is perfect for doing something different, embracing new experiences and taking time out to travel or study a course. This is when there’s a Full Moon cutting across the Virgo/Pisces axis of your chart urging you to embrace learning and to open your mind to all that life has to offer.

The 18th-20th looks positive for you but this is about work, your career and vocation. Aries is the sign at the Midheaven of your chart, your success point, and the Spring equinox on the 20th is when the Sun moves to 0 Aries, the first point of the zodiac. Embrace all that’s new with regard to work, take on a leadership role or set off on a new path. The 18th may bring in exciting news with regard to work and money when Venus teams up with Uranus in Aries and indicates an unexpected opportunity.

As the month comes to a close there’s a second New Moon and this one falls in your career sector on the 30th. Here’s another chance to begin again with regard to your work and this is an excellent date to apply for a job, launch a new project or learn something new that will benefit your career. Online qualifications are especially well-starred.

Make the most of this month of March as there’s a lot going well for you now, you’re back in the flow and by the end of the month, your work, career or vocation will be looking peachy.

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