Cancer Monthly Stars March 2013

Cancer Maldives StampCancer (21 June-22 July)

The majority of planets are in your fellow water signs of Scorpio and Pisces as the month begins. On the plus side, this brings inspiration and joy into your life but the reality is that so much water ruling emotions can feel overwhelming, and without some clear boundaries in your life it’s easy to lose your way. It’s the planetary equivalent of being lost at sea and drifting with the tide with no clear goal or destination in mind.

This is fine if you’re happy to go with the flow and see where life takes you but it may also feel disorienting. The best-case scenario with so many planets in Pisces ruling travel in your chart would be a couple of weeks on holiday and ideally on a hot beach next to the sea.

Travel doesn’t have to be a physical experience, however, and it’s as important to try out new experiences and expand your life mentally and spiritually. Do things that inspire you, whether it’s reading a novel, watching a film, listening to music, attending a talk or simply daydreaming and envisioning how you want your life to be. Pisces is a mystical sign and the more you allow yourself to enjoy the mystery of life and explore all that’s possible, the happier you’ll be. It’s about discovering what makes life meaningful for you and expanding your life beyond every-day routine activities.

There’s a New Moon in Pisces on the 11th, a wonderful day to try something new and open up your world. Your sign is the homebody of the zodiac but this month’s stars are about reaching out and doing something different.

That’s not to say that things will go according to plan or that travel will proceed smoothly and directly from A to B. In fact, with Mercury retrograde in Pisces, you will find that some plans don’t work out and you need to be more willing and flexible than usual to deal with any diversions and last-minute changes of plan. Mercury retrograde does tend to put plans on hold and delay news, so potentially frustrating especially with regard to travel, study or the Law. If you’re involved in any kind of legal issue, it’s the 17th and the 18th of the month that will bring about a resolution when Mercury turns direct followed by the Moon and Jupiter, planet of the Law, together in the heavens. This is the planetary equivalent of a green light.

There’s a shift of emphasis from mid-month onwards as well and it starts when Mars, planet of action, moves into Aries on the 12th, the sign at the top of your chart. Aries rules your career and vocation and where you’re heading in life. It puts you in the public eye and ready or not it’s time to step up and take responsibility for what you’re doing. This is good news for career ambitions and as Mars is joined by the Sun on the 20th and Venus on the 22nd, there’s a lot going your way. This is the time to focus on getting work, improving your current position, going for promotion or going freelance.

Aries is the sign of the initiator and loves a self-starter. In addition, Uranus, planet of surprises, is also in Aries so this makes technology your friend and you may experience a desire for more space and freedom in your working life. It’s a choppy combination, however, so don’t expect anything to happen in a straightforward manner and do be ready to act fast when necessary. See what happens on or around the Full Moon on the 27th. If one door closes, don’t waste any time but see what else you can do to start over. Changes at work may feel unsettling but they are giving you the chance to reassess your situation and follow your dream.

It’s also an important month for a relationship and on or around the 8th when Saturn and Pluto come together in the heavens, you will have a profound realisation that helps you make an important decision with regard to love. Saturn’s about committing to the long-term relationship although it’s as much about endings as it is about settling down. One way or another, however, it’s important to make a decision and stick to it rather than dithering.

The same applies if you and your partner either want to have children or you already have a family. You may need to make a tough decision and nothing tends to happen quickly with Saturn but what’s most important is that you make an agreement together and stick to it. The Saturn-Pluto connection helps you work as a team.

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