Cancer Monthly Stars June 2014

Cancer Month of JulyCancer (21 June-22 July)

Communication planet Mercury is in your sign of Cancer as the month begins but whoever you need to talk or whatever you want to sort out, it’s worth acting fast. On the 7th, Mercury turns retrograde and won’t be back in your sign of Cancer until mid-July.

Mercury retrograde is notorious for messing things up and causing communication breakdown. Back up your computer and sort out important paperwork and meetings before the 7th if possible.

Mercury remains on go slow for three weeks and turns direct on July 1st. On the 17th Mercury moves back into your previous sign of Gemini and this is an indication that you need to go back over unfinished business. If there are loose ends in your life that haven’t been tied up, here’s your opportunity.

Look out for old contacts who pop up in your life as well or you reconnect with a blast from the past. This can be useful to you in the form of new information or hearing about a job that’s been re-advertised or yousimply enjoy a trip down memory lane. Yours is one of the most sentimental signs of the zodiac and you often hold on to possessions and memories more than most.

You are looking backwards rather than forwards, however, and it doesn’t feel as if you can get a lot done now. Patience is a virtue but you have to prove it in the month of June.

Try not to let any delays worry you or cause anxiety. There is a strong focus now on your preceding sign of Gemini which always turns your attention inward. Rather than let the mind race you’re wise to engage in activities which still the mind and help you enjoy solitude or silence. Quiet times bring sustenance, nourishment and in some cases relief.

It feels as if you’re in need of some inspiration or want to connect with the bigger picture in life so you know where you’re heading and why. Two other key planets turn retrograde now in your fellow water sign of Pisces, the sign that rules life’s expansiveness. In other words, anything that stirs your soul whether physically through travel, mentally through learning or spiritually.

The two planets concerned are Neptune and Chiron, both of which have links to sensitive, healing energy. You may find that it’s important for you to have a vocation or mission now which elevates your everyday life away from the mundane. Caring and compassion are key elements for both planets so think about charity work or working alongside others with a common goal in mind. Global and international concerns fit the bill and being adventurous rather than getting stuck in a rut or being held back by too much routine.

There’s a lot of planetary activity currently at the base of your chart ruling your home, family and your past or where you come from. Mars has been in Libra ruling this sector of your chart since December 2013 and you will have found your situation frustrating or been caught up in conflict more than usual. You’re rarely happy if you and loved ones are out of sorts as you need comfort and stability in your life more than most.

Something has to give right now as Mars clashes with the Uranus/Pluto square one last time. These three planets were in conflict over Christmas and New Year 2013, Easter 2014 (22nd/23rd April) and again this month on the 14th and the 25th. The good news is that this month’s stars suggest a breakthrough but not before you’ve closed a door on the past or had to battle for what’s rightfully yours.

The best advice is to let a difficult situation go or give one final push to get what you want and this is with regard to home and family matters. There are changes going on that connect where you live, your work and what your partner’s involved in. For some, it’s time to say enough is enough and to put boundaries in place that allow you to work towards a more harmonious way of living.

If you’re looking for love, up until the 23rd, friendship and love are linked whether you ask a friend for an introduction or find yourself falling for someone you already know. This fits with the Mercury retrograde theme and getting back in touch with someone from your past. The weekend of the 13th-15th is a key turning point when there’s a powerful Full Moon in the sky. Get clear about what you want and need when it comes to love and be ready to lay down the law or make a tough decision.

Jupiter remains in your sign of Cancer until mid-July so freedom and ease are key concepts for you and this may simply be doing whatever makes you happy. The Sun moves into Cancer on the 21st the day of the Summer Solstice followed by the New Moon on the 27th also in your sign of Cancer.

These two factors act as a wonderful confidence boost and you’re back on track and ready to say your piece and put yourself first. The final piece of the puzzle falls into place as July begins and once Mercury picks up speed you hear the news you’ve been waiting for.

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