Cancer Monthly Stars July 2014

SunsetCancer (21 June-22 July)

If you’ve been finding it hard to communicate or find the time to do what you want to do in the month of June, things start to shift as soon as July begins. This is because Mercury, the planet of communication, which has been retrograde in Gemini ruling the most hidden sector of your chart, turns direct on the 1st. Hooray!

This means that the inclination to pick up the phone and talk or arrange a get-together with friends or extended family is there yet you still find you’re taking your time. If you’re a typical Cancerian, you enjoy some quiet time, curled up with a good book or watching a film with the family and there’s certainly more opportunity to do that as July begins as not only Mercury but Venus is hidden away in Gemini.

Venus in Gemini makes you crazy for the things you love in life and wanting to do more of them. She wants you to feel pampered and happy and at peace with your thoughts. She may also want you to indulge in a love affair or a romantic liaison, unrequited or otherwise. She’s distinctly romantic in the sign of Gemini and loves sweet talking in private.

Take note of what happens on the 7th when Venus kisses Uranus and on the 13th when Venus cosies up to Mars. Both these events are wonderfully flirtatious although nothing’s out in the open. This all changes on July 18th when Venus enters your sign of Cancer and you’re more than ready for some full-on loving and good times.

Venus in your sign puts the spotlight on you; when you look good you feel good, you care about your image and you enjoy being the centre of attention. Venus in your sign acts like a magnet and attracts others to you boosting your popularity. Whether you want to be the star of the show at a party or social event, whether you want to attract a new lover or whether you’re in the mood to schmooze an influential business partner, here’s your opportunity. The 24th is especially romantic when Venus merges with Neptune in Pisces and your dreams and fantasies roam far and wide.

The weekend of the 12th/13th is worth taking notice of as there’s not only a Full Moon cutting across the Cancer/Capricorn axis of your horoscope but Mercury enters Cancer. This is a decisive weekend for love and relationships and it’s important to know and understand your needs and to ensure that they’re met.

Mercury was in your sign of Cancer when it turned retrograde on June 7th and on the 16th, Mercury is back at the same point in the heavens. This is your cue to speak again and to look out for second or even third chances. What didn’t work out on or around June 7th can now be revisited. This may link to work or family or a personal project.

On the same day, the 16th, Jupiter leaves your sign of Cancer where it’s been since June 2013. Jupiter is the planet of luck and opportunity and also the planet of freedom. At its best, Jupiter is a breath of fresh air and you feel more able to chase your dreams and do whatever makes you happy.

It’s not been the easiest of journeys for Jupiter through your sign, however, as he’s been caught up with the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square which has dominated the heavens since 2012. Pluto is in your opposite sign of Capricorn ruling relationships and Uranus is in Aries ruling your career and vocation.

This whole combination suggests breaking free, whether from a situation that’s old and outdated or a situation that makes you unhappy. Life may have stepped in and thrown you a curveball whether that was a job loss or a relationship split. Uranus at the T-square of the opposition is the planet of reinvention but it’s only when you wipe the slate clean and begin again that you can move forward.

Some of you may currently be in a situation that’s testing you and challenging you big-time. Going for personal or work goals and playing big isn’t always easy especially if you have one foot in the past or you feel attached to a second party. There’s still more work to be done this month as the Sun in Cancer clashes with Uranus and Pluto from the 4th-8th and Mercury in Cancer clashes with these outer planets from the 22nd-25th. Finally on the 28th Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto.

If the letting go process isn’t complete, here’s your second chance. Know too that life’s asking you to fight for what’s important to you. Remove yourself from any situation and put your own well-being first.

Jupiter enters Leo on the 16th where it remains until August 11th 2015. Leo is the sign that rules money, your personal finances and what you value highly. Over the course of the next year, there’s an opportunity to boost your finances and to lead a wealthier and more abundant lifestyle.

For some, this coincides with a final shift concerning a property or family matter as Mars is on the move this month after being stuck in Libra since late December 2013. Libra is the sign that rules your home and family, your past and where you come from.

On the one hand, this has intensified your connection to these areas which isn’t a bad thing for you being a Cancerian, as these areas are important to you. However, Mars retrograde has created stops and starts and made life unpredictable. Mars is now moving smoothly through Libra until the 26th and this indicates you’re at the last hurdle. One final push and you can nail that property, home or family-related matter.

Keep a close eye on what happens towards the end of the month as the Sun and Jupiter connect powerfully in Leo on the 24th followed by a New Moon in Leo on the 26th, both positive factors for money and abundance.

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