Cancer Monthly Stars January 2015

fireworksCancer (21 June – 22 July)

2015 is not going to begin quietly and the main reason for this is the fact that there’s a powerful Full Moon growing in the heavens and it’s in your sign of Cancer.

The Full Moon takes place on Monday 5th but as this Full Moon pulls in the dynamic Uranus-Pluto square, you will feel its effect throughout the first weekend of 2015.

Full Moons often indicate that you’re facing an ultimatum, emotions are heightened and you see your situation with clarity. The main area that’s highlighted during this powerful Full Moon is your one-to-one relationships as the Moon is in your sign of Cancer opposed by the Sun in your opposite sign of Capricorn. For some, this is make-your-mind-up time with regard to love and the beginning of a new year feels definitive for big love decisions.

However, with Uranus in on the act this Full Moon also links to your career and vocation and where you’re heading in life. Changes at work may have a knock on effect in your personal relationships or perhaps it’s the other way round; a partner’s change of status or job helps you decide what you want or what next in life. Certainly the first weekend of 2015 feels decisive and a time for ultimatums.

In fact, the first month of the year is all about partnership and your alliances and collective undertakings. You can’t avoid dealing with your emotional and financial links as there’s a strong emphasis on the sign of Aquarius and this is about your liaisons, your current partnership, your ex, your financial ties. Whether you’re trying to break free of certain arrangements or relationships or you’re ready to create new ties, either emotional or financial, this is where the energy’s at and it feels full on.

It would help you to review your finances early in the new year and to consider any arrangements that you have with an ex or a partner or with finance companies, what works, what doesn’t work, etc. Where in life do you feel as if you’re tied to another? Does that work for you? Ask yourself the relevant questions in order to gain some clarity on your current situation. This is going to be an ongoing project and it may take a few turns or a few attempts to get right.

What’s important to note is that Mercury, the planet of communication, is retrograde or on go slow in this sector of your chart from January 21st until February 11th. So make your big moves before then or at least decide what you want to do before the 21st. The New Moon on the 20th also falls in Aquarius so this is about your shared resources and your joint arrangements and setting new plans in place. Once Mercury is on go slow, you too need to slow down the pace and be patient. You may be finding out how things work in reality or you may be waiting on someone else’s initiative.

As Mercury rules the mind, it’s more than likely that you’re going to change your own mind and your lunar nature will wax and wane and at times throw you into confusion. Know that when Mercury’s on go slow, it’s invariably a period of unclarity, when you feel lost or all at sea. Sometimes however it’s important to go through such a process in order to find the answers you seek and it’s only when you’ve explored all the options or done some really deep thinking that you can emerge stronger and wiser and know what you want.

This is likely to be an emotional process for you and for some this could feel as if it’s a time of grieving and letting go. Be kind to yourself and patient with your own processes and accept that you’re learning on a deep level. Your understanding about money and finances or your emotional needs can be profound early on in 2015. Plus it’s important to know or remind yourself that ultimately you’re responsible for your own wealth and happiness and relying too heavily on others for your emotional or financial well-being often comes with strings attached.

If you feel as if you’re in need of a different perspective or a change of scene, then do what you can to ensure that you expand your horizons. Mars, the action planet, moves into your fellow water sign of Pisces on the 12th followed by Venus, the planet of love, on the 27th and Pisces is the sign that rules travel, study, spirituality and anything that enhances or deepens what life means to you. Seek out new interests and new activities, explore further afield, take yourself off for a few days, do something different. A radically different world view is sometimes what it takes to help you find meaning in the most chaotic of times.

This isn’t the easiest or most straightforward starts to a new year but if you view this as a process and see it as an exploration or a journey that’s worthwhile in itself rather than trying to seek the outcome or the destination, then magic can happen. Be willing to dive in deep and you will find the light in the dark, the moments of magic and insight that offer you clarity amidst the unknowing.

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  1. Oh dear, sounds a bit worrying for us crab types (especially when you have sun & moon there!)i hate January anyway. Off to read my Scorpio rising – it might give me hope

    1. hi Fiona, thanks for your comment and sorry you’re not brimming with joy about January’s stars. Scorpio’s stars for Jan are definitely an easier ride and I’m so pleased that Saturn is no longer in Scorpio! Use any tricks up your sleeve so you don’t descend into Cancerian worrying and deal with the facts. Good luck! best, Sally

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