Cancer Monthly Stars February 2013

Cancer Greek StampCancer (21 June-22 July)

The Sun (energy), Mercury (communication) and Mars (action) all begin the month in Aquarius and your 8th house, the sector that rules other peoples’ money and resources.

Focus on these areas of life and there’s a chance to make significant progress, whether you’re paying off debts, cutting financial ties or dealing with a large amount of money in the shape of an investment, inheritance or cash bonus.

The New Moon on the 10th falls in this part of chart and it’s an excellent date to take the initiative and set plans in motion to deal with anything financial and that includes obtaining financial advice.

Venus, planet of relating, is in Aquarius for most of the month from the 2nd-26th and on 6th & 7th February, Venus interacts with the planets Uranus and Jupiter. This feels fortunate and spontaneous whether some kind of gift comes your way or you’re able to free yourself from a past debt.

Love and money tend to be interlinked when 8th house planets are in play and financial ties signify emotional ties too. On the whole, there’s a sense that you can now make progress in these areas and once you create some firm boundaries in your life, you ensure that you don’t go back to a situation that no longer serves you.

This month, however, the majority of the planetary action takes place in your fellow water sign of Pisces. Water signs rule the emotional realm and your natural instincts, i.e. doing what feels right rather than what you think is right. It’s about trusting your intuition and being open to an alternative way of seeing yourself and the world around you. Pisces rules the part of your horoscope that is on a quest for deeper meaning in life. It’s about expanding your horizons, physically through travel, mentally through learning and allowing yourself to explore the spiritual side of life.

Neptune is Pisces’ ruling planet and Neptune rules divine inspiration so this month you won’t be satisfied leading an everyday routine existence. You want more from life and you may feel dissatisfied or disillusioned if reality doesn’t match up to your dreams and ideals. However, even though Neptune may inspire you and fire your imagination, it’s all too easy to go round in circles and end up getting nowhere. Pursue new activities, question what life’s all about, experiment with a spiritual path or philosophical debate but don’t expect concrete answers.

In the same vein, ensure that your quests are constructive and don’t lead you down a slippery slope of addiction or infatuation. Neptune rules sinners as well as saints and it’s all too easy to give in to temptation as a way and means of escaping reality.

Neptune connects with key planets on the 4th (Mars), on the 6th (Mercury), on the 21st (the Sun) and on the 28th (Venus). These are potentially good dates for romance or artistic and creative endeavours but keep a firm grasp of reality and ensure you hold on to common sense to guide you.

You may find that you want to spend more time alone this month with your own thoughts and questioning what next in life. Again this is fine if you use this period as a time to be still and to reflect and contemplate but if you find you’re starting to turn down invitations to be out in the world, check your motivation for wanting to spend time on your own. Ideally, a holiday with a specific purpose fits your stars this month, so you not only get away from the rat race but learn something new in the process.

If you’re married or in a relationship the two of you will benefit from some quality time, either on holiday or discovering a new activity together. This is especially important if you have kids, to find a way to be a couple again and not simply key components of a family unit. If you’re single, then work out what you want from a relationship before you leap into anything new. There’s nothing wrong with taking your time in love and right now getting to know someone slowly has more plusses than minuses.

Finally, Mercury turns retrograde on the 23rd so travel after this date may be subject to delays or other problems. Double check all your arrangements and ensure there are no misunderstandings. Mercury has a way of confusing any form of communication or travel issue and that includes getting from A to B. Mercury’s on go slow until 17th March. More than any other month you’re being asked to remember the famous quotation, “Life is a journey, not a destination.”

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