Cancer Monthly Stars December 2012

Cancer Month of JulyCancer (21 June-22 July)

The process of transformation regarding your relationships is well underway and at last you can start to make some key decisions about what you want. Most importantly, it seems as if you’re able to stand by those decisions and be committed to them.

This is a big change for you and it started when Saturn entered Scorpio and your romance zone early October. Saturn either brings endings or commitment – there’s no in-between ground and once a decision is made under Saturn’s rule, it’s final. Whether the questions you’ve been asking over the last two months have concerned sex, children or love affairs, you’re now in a position to find some answers and create more of what you want in your life.

As the month begins both Mercury (communication) and Venus (love) are in Scorpio asking you to go deep within and be true to yourself with regard to the areas above. What do you feel passionately about? Where do you want to make a stand? In addition, Mars, the passion planet, is in your opposite sign of Capricorn making this a potentially sexy start to the Christmas month. Again, there are no half measures when Mars is in Capricorn and this joint combination of Venus Scorpio/Mars Capricorn is sensual and powerful.However, Mars can bring arguments and disagreements especially when there’s so much passion around. At least this gives you a chance to confront any issues, take the lead in love and do things your way.

It’s only later in the month that you may have to finally close the door on a relationship or a way of loving or make a definite love decision. Certainly the last few days of the month are powerful for love and relationships with Saturn and Pluto connecting on the 27th and a Full Moon in Cancer on the 28th. You’re in for an emotional month in many respects but you’re also in charge of your emotions. If someone’s not good enough for you, close the door at year’s end or if you want to make a commitment to the one you love, stand powerful and show you mean business.

Alternatively, if you want to find love, create a new love strategy and plan what you’re going to do. Love’s not fluffy and light this month by a long chalk but the decisions you make now have the potential to be long-lasting and final. It’s time to take back your power in love and make your own needs and desires top priority. Love’s become a serious business.

This month in general feels energetic and positive for you in many different areas. There’s a chance to make your lifestyle work for you whether that means new work opportunities or looking after yourself better. The New Moon on the 13th falls in Sagittarius, the sign that rules work, health and your routine. This is a perfect day to launch a new project or begin a new routine that sees you eating healthier or getting fit. On the same day, Uranus, the livewire planet, turns around in the heavens up at the top of your chart ruling your career.

This looks fantastic for your work and vocation and if any new opportunity comes your way on or around this date, it’s a definite Yes. If you’ve been waiting to hear news about work or a new project for some time, this is your turn-around moment. Whether it’s something that comes out of the blue, an unexpected surprise or you experience a light bulb moment, take note. Uranus rules new technology and the internet, it’s about brilliant brainwaves, doing things differently and working for yourself. It’s independent, sassy and urges you to be unique and different.

Christmas Day itself this year looks quieter than usual and some of you may find you want to retreat or spend part of the day alone. Whether you benefit from gaining a spiritual perspective on what’s become a commercial venture or you’re simply ready to chill out and relax in the bosom of your family, enjoy whatever you do.

Christmas often arouses strong emotions and family life feels intensified. With an emotional Full Moon in Cancer building over the Christmas period, take care of yourself and ensure that at least some of the festivities are what you want to do. In all areas of life now, you won’t find it easy if other people call the shots or try to take over. Stand your ground, find your inner strength and be proud of the person you’ve become.

Get your relationships right as 2012 comes to an end and you can begin 2013 in the way you want to and that’s powerful. Wishing you a happy and confident year ahead.

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