Cancer Monthly Stars August 2014

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There’s a movement away from your sign of Cancer and the last personal planet to be in your sign where it remains until August 12th is Venus, planet of love. The beginning of the month marks a key turning point for a relationship or your own self-image.

On the 1st Venus trines Saturn but squares Uranus. Either way, this puts the focus on you and your connections to the people closest to you. When changes affect one of you, this inevitably has a knock-on effect upon the other person so it feels as if your destiny is closely intertwined with someone close.

If your partner or an ex loses a job or experiences changes at work, for example, this means you have to reorient your own life to fit in with them. It may be your own work situation that is shifting and getting the balance right, especially where childcare is concerned if you’re a parent, takes time and patience.

However, this is the end of the Cardinal Grand Cross which has dominated the heavens throughout the first half of 2014 and you will feel less pulled emotionally. You can start to focus on your own projects more and with a host of planets in Leo, this is about finding your feet and being independent.

Leo is the sign that rules your personal finances and it’s important to earn your own money whether you’re in a relationship or not so you can spend your money as you choose. Leo is a generous and giving sign and if you’re doing well financially, this is a month when you may decide to help out someone close to you. Take note of what happens on the 2nd and 18th when first Mercury (communication) teams up with abundant Jupiter in the heavens and second Venus (love) teams up with Jupiter when money flows in and out with ease.

Jupiter moved into Leo mid-July 2014 and this is an interesting shift for you. If you’re a typical Cancerian, you can hold tight to your money and you have a tendency towards hoarding or being frugal. Jupiter in Leo feels more abundant but it’s also about developing a positive mind-set around money and being open to receive wealth and riches. Treat yourself to something special because you deserve it and value yourself highly if you don’t already. Money and values are closely linked in astrology.

Not every Cancerian is going to win the lottery whilst Jupiter’s in Leo but you are advised to take more risks and recognise the flow of money that’s deeply ingrained in universal law. Read a book on wealth management, attend a course on abundance and play around with money as much as is financially feasible whilst this new astrological journey is underway.

Jupiter remains in Leo until August 2015 but it’s this month that’s especially powerful as the Sun, Mercury and Venus all spend time in the sign of the lion. The Full Moon on the weekend of the 9th/10th is when everything comes to a head as this Full Moon cuts across the Aquarius/Leo axis of your chart. You may be required to make some key financial decisions on or around the Full Moon as you begin to realise how money and your emotions are closely linked.

The Full Moon weekend is the perfect time to consider your outgoings and your own relationship with money. If you continually hand over money to a child or lover, consider putting new boundaries in place. The same goes if someone close to you isn’t pulling their weight financially and you may require to get tough to ensure that cash transactions are equal and not out of balance.

With all this emphasis on Leo, it’s got to be good news for you financially and you’re wise to try something new and different. If you’ve thought about emigrating, look again at how it would benefit you financially. If you want to have a book published, now’s the time. If you’re involved in any kind of legal issue, push things through this month and more than likely you’ll be successful. Even asking for a raise could work in your favour, especially around the middle of the month.

Saturn is undergoing its long transit through Scorpio and this month it’s joined by the action planet Mars powering through your fellow water sign. This is passionate and dangerous in equal measure and for some it’s about a love affair that’s a strong temptation. Take care what you wish for as it may come your way in spades.

Certainly with Mars in this sector of your chart, you’re going to be very determined when it comes to love, sex, parenting and your own creative pursuits. This combination means you can make things happen but with Saturn in on the act, you’re also aware of your limitations and the restrictions that life sometimes puts upon you. The key date is the 25th which is also the day of the New Moon in Virgo when Mars and Saturn conjoin in the heavens.

If you need to lay down the law with someone close, speak your mind but if there are real limits around a love affair or a creative talent, then you’ll know about them. Whatever happens on or around the 25th is likely to be decisive although it will take until the end of the year for events to filter through. Saturn does leave Scorpio in December 2014 and it’s the bold moves that are made this month which will determine what the rest of the year brings especially with regard to the areas mentioned above.

Wear your negotiating hat in the last week of the month and try and sort things out on your terms. You don’t want to have to close the door completely on an exciting opportunity but if you hold on tight with your Cancerian pincer claws, you can strike a deal that suits everyone.

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