Cancer Monthly Stars August 2012

Cancer Zodiac StampThe Full Moon on the 2nd spotlights finances and makes money an emotional issue whether your cash is tied up with the past or you’re finding it hard to make ends meet. Notice how you feel at this time and, as the Full Moon is always a powerful marker for you being ruled by the Moon, acknowledge your emotions but be aware that by being logical and rational you can start to make wise cash decisions.

Mercury, planet of communication, is currently in your financial sector and remains there all month. This planet’s been on go slow since July 15th but turns direct on August 8th. This suggests new information coming to light on or after that 8th that helps you, good news about finances and a step in the right direction.

It suggests this is the perfect month to become cash savvy, whether you learn how to look for bargains on the internet or learn more about attracting wealth and abundance into your life, and the more knowledge at your fingertips, the better. Other key dates are the 18th and 22nd when Mercury teams up with Uranus and Jupiter respectively and this feels especially lucky for you with regard to money and work but don’t sit back and do nothing. You may receive good news but it’s a positive time to be alert to new opportunities or to follow up a conversation that began on or around late June/early July.

This is the third time that Mercury teams up with these two planets so it suggests second and third chances and you benefit by being spontaneous and using your contacts. Network, follow other peoples’ advice, read and find inspiration on the internet or in the local paper. Think out of the box, be original and innovative and you open yourself up to all that life has to offer. Begin a volunteer position, a part-time job, an online course and trust your instincts to find the right environment to bring extra luck your way.

The love planet Venus is on the move this month and on the 7th enters your sign of Cancer where it remains until early September. Venus in your sign enhances your well-being and it’s a great time to make the most of your appearance, to socialise and be popular. Venus is the planet of love so good news for you, whether you’re married, in a steady relationship or single. Venus is an ‘attractive’ influence and you attract people into your life during this period. It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet someone new and the 9th in particular feels especially romantic.

However, relationships are not without their challenges especially mid-month when Venus clashes with the Pluto/Uranus square on the 15th and 16th. Plus Mars encounters Saturn in Libra on the 15th and Saturn is your partner planet. This will play out in different ways depending on your personal situation but it could mean an ex is back on the scene or an ultimatum is issued. This combination suggests a need to face reality and deal with issues head on. Take care what you reveal or decide at this time as there’s a sense of finality about things. If you’re closing a door on the past all well and good, if it means you’re ready to move on to a better and more fulfilling future.

A difficult couple of days are followed by the New Moon on the 17th which links with your partner planet Saturn and this is perfect for renewing your vows or recommitting to love. Certainly it’s about new beginnings and making a fresh start.

The end of the month also highlights relationships as Mercury links with Saturn on the 30th and there’s a second Full Moon on the 31st that links with Pluto in your opposite sign. These are good days for a significant conversation either with an ex or your current partner. Honest and clear communication benefits all one-to-one relationships and helps you create common goals and a shared vision for your future.

Finally, both Mars and Saturn are in the part of your chart that rules home, family and domestic matters for most of the month and as mentioned above, these two planets meet on the 15th. This is partly about relationships but also highlights home or family developments or a property situation. You are at the end of a three year period when Saturn’s been in Libra down at the base of your chart. This is coming to an end so there’s a theme of closure and bringing matters to completion. If life’s been tough at home or within the family, this month helps you come to terms with what’s been happening and you can make a positive decision to move forward and build new foundations for your future.

Mars and Saturn together aren’t light and breezy but after the 15th you start to feel as if you able to let go of the past, whether an area of life that’s been trapped or restricted or you literally move away from home. For some of you this month is going to be a pivotal turning point and it’s about doing what’s necessary to ensure your own and your family’s security and happiness. It is a month of two Full Moons and the Full Moon on the 31st is a called a Blue Moon. This feels powerful for you and being honest with your own emotions is the catalyst you need to make progress and shift a stuck situation.

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