Cancer Monthly Stars April 2014

Cancer MandalaCancer (21 June-22 July)

This is a powerful and important month in the heavens and the cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are in the spotlight. This of course includes your own sign and you currently have the protective planet Jupiter in Cancer which has got to help you now.

The main planetary picture however involves a Cardinal Grand Cross in the heavens which basically means four planets squaring up to one another indicating different people with different agendas or change in one area of life triggering change in other areas.

This Grand Cross is a volatile energy and is at its peak over the Easter weekend. However, you will know what this is about early in the month and on or around the 15th is potent as is the week after Easter.

The best way to approach this month’s stars is to expect the unexpected and to choose your battles wisely. The energy is sweeping out the old to make room for the new and even though you may resist change, further down the line you can see that it’s benefitted your life.

This is powerful for you as Jupiter is in your own sign ruling your self and what you want from life and Pluto is in your opposite sign of relationships adding intensity. This is a key month for love and if you’re in a relationship or married there’s a commit or quit feel about your stars. The Jupiter-Pluto opposition brings an urgency, a desire or need to play big and experience life to the full. Whether you’re breaking free or embarking on a new adventure together, the volume on the knob of life is at full blast.

The other opposition of the Grand Cross involves planets in Aries ruling your career and vocation and Mars currently retrograde or on go slow in the partnership sign of Libra ruling your home and family. The buzzing lively action is in Aries with the Sun, Mercury (communication) and Uranus in the first sign of the zodiac. This may be a full-on month with regard to your work and career and it’s a good time to improve your techy know-how and do what you can to stay one step ahead of the game. There may however be sudden changes that you’re not aware of whether there’s a shake-up in the company you work for and personnel coming or going and it’s advisable to show willing and prove you can be flexible. If you’re at a stage in life when you know you’re ready for a change or you’ve had enough of your current situation, this month’s stars could tip things over the edge. Trying to do something new and different mirrors the lively energy in your career sector but it won’t be easy and you will have to fight or defend your position in some way.

Think about what’s happening at home too or within the family and why the energy seems either to be stuck right now or you’re going back to the past. Things will shift with regard to your home and family life late May once Mars picks up speed again in Libra but for now it feels like playing a waiting game which can be frustrating.

What’s most important to recognise with the Grand Cross is that when something shifts in one area of your life it inevitably affects other areas and other people concerned. This can play out in all kinds of ways and you will know what it means for you. You may be in a relationship where one of you has problems or issues within the family and you’re not made to feel at home. The best advice is to choose your battles wisely and only defend what’s important to you rather than picking a fight for the sake of it.

The Full Moon or Lunar Eclipse may be the turning point for you on the 15th as being a Cancerian you’re ruled by the Moon. Taking risks can be scary but don’t forget that you have Jupiter, planet of good fortune, on your side.

Another helpful planet in the heavens this month is Venus, Goddess of love, in Pisces where she’s exalted and strong. Pisces is a fellow water sign and sensitive like your own sign of Cancer. Pisces rules travel so it would be a brilliant month to escape any difficulties at home and take yourself off on a holiday. Venus in Pisces is perfect for enjoying a holiday romance.

Most importantly however with Venus in this sector of your chart is to advocate kindness and gentle behaviour towards self and others. This will be much needed in the month ahead and being a Cancerian your natural nature is nurturing and caring. It’s also important to practise gratitude and to appreciate the things in life that you do have and not to focus on what you don’t have. Children, love, spirituality and cultural activities are just some of the areas which will remind you of the goodness in life.


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