Cancer Monthly Stars April 2013

Cancer Rankin MissCancer (21 June-22 July)

As April begins there are four planets up at the top of your chart in the sign of Aries. These include the Sun lighting up your work and career sector, Mars (action), Venus (relating) and Uranus (innovation and change). It’s a heady selection of planets and a clear indication that this is where the action’s at.

Now’s the time to focus on where you’re heading in life and what it is you want to be doing with your life. This question may be especially pertinent depending what takes place over the Easter weekend.

Uranus is part of the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square which links work and partnership in your chart. What happens in your partner’s life has a knock-on effect in your own life and what you want to do independently affects your partner and vice versa. If you’re not currently in a relationship, then this may involve the people you work with or a professional partnership.

The most important aspect to the Uranus-Pluto square and what you need to know is that it’s out with the old and in with the new. It’s no good resting on your laurels or blaming the banks, governments or corporations for your personal situation. Instead, deal with whatever comes your way, whether that’s redundancy, personnel changes or any form of limitation or obstacle in your path or your partner’s path.

This month’s planetary activity favours wiping the slate clean, putting past issues to one side and concentrating instead on what you can do and what next. Uranus is after all the planet of reinvention so don’t dwell on your disappointments and don’t stick with the tried and tested but be willing to experiment in life and do things differently.

There’s a New Moon in Aries on the 10th which is the perfect date to apply for a job, go freelance and start something new with regard to your work or vocation. Experience counts for a lot so consider a volunteer position or offer your services for free if it gets your foot in the door. Mars represents ambition so the more you show willing and the more active you are in seeking out work, the more successful you’re going to be.

Two more dates to note are the 7th when Mars connects with Venus and the 18th when Mars connects with the Sun, all in Aries. On the 7th approach someone who can help you as it’s not what you know but who you know and on the 18th be bold and ambitious in your job search or career interests. This is a peak time of year to make things happen so don’t waste it.

Mid-month the planets start to shift signs and begin to move into Taurus ruling friends, groups, networks and society in general. This is your cue to get out into the world and catch up with old and new friends alike. The trigger for this may be bad news or a friend who’s going through a tough time. Life’s short yet being a Cancerian and one of the water signs, people matter so don’t let life drift by and miss spending time with the people you love.

Saturn slows things down from the 22nd when it opposes Venus and then the Sun on the 28th. Add to this a lunar eclipse on the 25th cutting across the Taurus/Scorpio axis and you can’t hurry love. Saturn in your romance sector puts limits on love but reminds you that being faithful is a key factor to a healthy relationship. It also indicates that you have to work at love if you want love to last.

Think back to November 13th 2012 when there was a solar eclipse in Scorpio and you may get an idea what this means in your own life. Eclipses represent turn-around events, they up the intensity of life and if you meet someone new towards the end of April, you have some big decisions to make. This may be an older partner or someone who’s not available. You may need to question whether you’re truly free emotionally or whether you’re hankering after someone from you past and finding it hard to let go and move on.

Saturn in Scorpio also rules your creativity and the planetary action in the last week of the month is the equivalent of writer’s block. Don’t knock your head against a brick wall if things don’t go according to plan but be patient instead. If the time isn’t right to create your masterpiece, it may be that your energy would be put to better use elsewhere.

If you’re a parent, you may need to spend extra time with your kids and look at ways for them to move forward into the future. Whether you have questions about their education, work or future happiness, invest time and energy in considering the options. Everyone needs dreams and vision to have faith in the future and reminding yourself and others of this fact is vital now. Hold on to your optimism and plan activities that you enjoy and which inspire you, whether travel, study, a spiritual path or hanging out with friends. Life’s for living at the end of the day so embrace what you love.

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